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Bolivia Tour: Chalalan Lodge & Lake Titicaca

Estaba triste esta mañana porque tuve que salir de Chalalán. Me causó una buena impression de la vida de los indigenos, su pasión y respeto de la naturaleza. Regresé a Rurrenabaque en menos tiempo que necesité para llegar porque la corriente estaba con nosotros. Volé a La Paz que está un mondo completement diferente. Es una ciudad grande con mucha actividad. ¡Comí llama por la cena, que a mi me gustó!

TRANSLATION: Teary this morning because my time in Chalalán came to an end. Hard to explain my emotions, but suffice it to say that Chalalán is a special place with amazing beauty, which is allowed to exists because of the deep respect, appreciation, and love by the people who live here. Returned to Rurrenabaque by motorized canoe again & then to La Paz by another little plane. La Paz is a whole different world from the rain forest. Got right into the swing of things though and walked around, exploring, speaking Spanish and getting another taste of life in Bolivia. Had llama for dinner! A first & quite good!!