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Bolivia Tour: Chalalan Lodge & Lake Titicaca \ Photos

Pigs on Sun Island
plane I took to Rurrenabaque at the airport on the runway
the airport in Rurrenabaque
bananas on a van in Rurrenabaque
My impromptu transportation to the boat to Chalalan
the River Beni in Rurrenabaque
Rio Beni
careful, the current is very fast
Richard, my guide en Chalalan
On the shore
Richard caught a fish
Catching a fish in Bolivia
Ted with a large catfish that weighed more or less 80lbs
in front of a big tree in the jungle
snake skin, that looked bigger than in the photo
swimming in the lake in Chalalan
Goofing around while staying at Chalalan Ecolodge
looks like a praying mantis
my bed with mosquito net
my cabin in Chalalan
waiting at the gate at the airport
this man made the boat in his hands, which I bought!
ferry boat to Copacabana in Lake Titicaca
ferry boat to Copacabana
Copacabana, Bolivia
la iglesia en Copacabana
Copacabana street market
Copacabana street market
Copacabana street market
reed boat
el Lago Titicaca
sheep in Isla del Sol
Ruins in Isla del Sol
Navigating Lake Titicaca in a traditional reed "balsa" boat
Isla del Sol, Bolivia
A local woman and livestock in Isla del Sol
Street in Isla del Sol.  There are no vehicles
The donkeys carry our gear
life is difficult
Drying potatoes y plantains
Trekking around Bolivia
A pig and donkey in the shade
Houses in Isla del Sol
Sun Island
Life on Sun Island
A pair of domestic pigs in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
The donkey
A woman leads her sheep through the streets of Isla del Sol
I hate to admit that I did eat llama--3 times!
drying fava beans
Looking across Sun Island
A street in Isla del Sol
Isla del Sol
Looking across Bolivia
Sun Island
fountain in Isla del Sol
Escalera del Inca
Sun Island
Dancers outside when I returned from Copacabana
more dancers
Street party with beautifully costumed dancers on the drive to La Paz
Dancers at Copacabana
Dancers at Copacabana
Ruins of Tiwanaku from 600 B.C.
Tiwanaku Ruins in Bolivia
Ruins near La Paz
Tiwanaku ruins
Ruins near La Paz
I like the traditional clothing
Musicians in the street during the Oruro Festival
a stadium in La Paz
this boy wanted a photo
Exploring Bolivia near La Paz
welcome in 3 languages: Quechua, English, Spanish
A local dancer with her cell phone & beer
Celebration in Bolivia
decorations on a car to be blessed
Exploring a market in La Paz
near La Paz
The Moon Valley, near La Paz
La Valle de la Luna
it looks like the moon, yes?
La Paz
La Paz at dusk
in front of the Presidential Palace
Plaza Murillo en La Paz

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