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Calafate Day 1
Awesome Argentina and Mendoza

We drove 5 hrs over the pampas, but about halfway from the east coast to the west side of Argentina, a varied landscape began with mountains and hills which helped to break up the vast expansiveness of the flat plains. We arrived at our Estancia (ranch) 30 km outside of Calafate. Calafate is considered by all Ags to be very expensive—so much so that they cannot visit this part of their own country. The town reminded us of a combo of Santa Fe, North shore Tahoe, the Australian alps, etc. Very cutesy and very new. The town grew from 7000 5 yrs ago to 22,000 now. All new and beautiful alpine/texmex construction with views of Lake Argentina and the Andes. Our estancia use to be a working sheep ranch and is now a spa –like ranch with fabulous amenities.