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Deep blue waters await you on your Caribbean cruise
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Snorkel the clear, tropical waters
Adventure Life
Snorkel with sea turtles
Windward Islands Weather
Part of the popularity of this region with holiday makers is the high year round temperatures and tropical climate. Summers and hot and humid and winters cool with minimal rainfall. The south …
Windward Islands Cuisine
Caribbean food is similar across most of the islands. Chicken in spicy (Jerk spice for example) or fruit sauces served with vegetable sand rice. Goat, lamb and beef are also common in meals. Fish is …
Windward Islands Overview
The Windward Islands are the southern islands of the West Indian Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. These islands are called Windward because they are more windward to arriving Caribbean cruise …
Windward Islands Culture
Due in part to the colonial efforts of Europe the demographics of the Caribbean islands is very diverse with British, French, Chinese, Indian and a small number of descendants from the original …