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Neko Bay and Whale Watching
The White Continent onboard the Antarctic Dream

What a great day! We visited Neko Bay. A large piece of a glacier fell into the bay and created such a large wave. All of us saw the penguins run for higher ground. Our guides and naturalist all yelled to get away from the shoreline -- so we joined the penguins. A few minutes later, huge glassy waves of seawater and ice were pounding the shore where we had just been standing. It was quite a sight. The next excursion was whale watching. We received quite a show from a family of humpback whales. They played with the bottom of the boat for about an hour -- rubbing their backs and surfacing right next to the boat. I was entranced. We found a few other whales, but that family certainly seemed to be the most curious.

Every night I stayed up with my new friends that I made on the boat. We were able to drink wine, talk about the places we came from, and our view on life and how the world should be. I was one of 5 US citizens, amongst a boat full of people from all around the world. It is certainly a great place to hear so many different points of view -- along with similar viewpoints.