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SCUBA Rain and Flat tires
Not Just a Canal

We haven't read great things about the diving in the Bocas but we've scheduled 2 dives anyway. We check in first thing in the morning and the process seems somewhat chaotic - should have been a sign! I have brought along a camera, housing and flash that I haven't used before and I'm worried that the flash isn't going to work. It doesn't. My rental regulator free-flows as I back roll off the boat and they decide to swap out my tank as I hang precariously on the side of the boat. The water is murky, the reef is awful and the flash isn't working - then I check my air - or lack thereof. I should have had over 1000psi - not so! It was the end of the dive anyway. It's raining and the diving was worse than poor so we cancel our second dive and go back to the hotel and cleanup and dry out but not for long.

The rain has let up so I convince the boys to rent bikes and see how far inland we can explore before we tire out (pun wasn't intended there). Off we go. About 6 miles into the ride with the skies looking very threatening again I get a flat tire. We have to turn around and walk the bikes back 6 miles in the once again ever-present rain. The vendor was at least willing to refund 50% of our rental. But hey, I know where we can get a cold beer and visit with the locals... we cleanup and dry off again and go quench a thirst. Dinner at the hotel later on.