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Quito & Galapagos Multi Sport Land Trip June 2012

Looking at CotopaxiLooking at Cotopaxi (Edward Quinlan)
A beautiful day in Ecuador
Roasting cuy
Local children playing in a fountain in Quito
Smoking Cotopaxi?
Local musicians in the street
A local selling his weavings in the market
Hats in the market
Breaking in a popular square
3 Days touring around Quito followed by 7 days of a land-based Galapagos tour with Adventure Life. Naturalist Cezar Salazar was superb. We lived on land on three different islands in comfortable accomodations and freindly neighbors. During the day, we took day trips on land and water, with snorkeling every day. Land based activities including hiking, biking, and exploring nature preserves. A very memorable trip.