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Plenty of wildlife and birdwatching in the Galapagos Islands

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Also known as Tower Island, this small island, which is an eroded volcanic caldera that created a stunning U-shaped island. Millions of years ago, this large volcano caldera was much bigger, but as time has passed, it has gradually sunken back into the ocean from whence it came, leaving only the upper rim of the volcano and a few small plains that have become a veritable birder’s paradise. Your boat will actually take you into the sunken caldera of this long-extinct volcano, where you will anchor for the day’s hikes exploring Darwin's Bay, El Barranco, and Prince Philips Steps are the best place in Galapagos to observe the endemic short-eared owl and the home to massive numbers of red-footed boobies, blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, tropicbirds, and more.
Best Galapagos Cruises & Tours

10 Best Galapagos Cruises Visiting Genovesa Island for 2024-2025

Best Galapagos Cruises & Tours

10 Galapagos Luxury Cruises Visiting Genovesa Island for 2024-2025

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
North & Central Islands$58455May 28, 2024Enjoy an extensive adventure into the unique world of the Galapagos on this incredible 5-day journey. Admire the incredible natural beauty of this …
Volcanic Wonders$97508May 26, 2024On this comprehensive 8-day tour of the Galapagos Islands aboard the M/V Origin, see unusual wildlife such as marine iguanas, blue-footed boobies, …
Northern Islands$61954Apr 3, 2025Embark on a 4-day North & Central Islands cruise aboard the Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise. Observe Santa Cruz Highlands' giant tortoises and lava …
Southern & Northern Islands$116957Apr 14, 2025Join the 7-Day Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise in the Eastern & Central Galapagos, beginning on San Cristóbal Island. Explore Tijeretas, Gardner Bay, …
Northwestern Islands$129958Apr 3, 2025Embark on an 8-day Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise in the Northwestern Galapagos Islands. Explore unique wildlife, including giant tortoises and lava …
West & Central Islands + Genovesa$94908Jun 16, 2024Enjoy an exceptional trip to the West & Central Galapagos Islands as you sail across one of the most magical destinations in the world. Discover the …
Northern Galapagos Catamaran Cruise$51905May 28, 2024The Ocean Spray luxury catamaran takes you on a 5-day Galapagos Northern Islands cruise, exploring Genovesa, South Plaza, Mosquero, and Santiago. …
Central Islands Cruise$94908Jun 1, 2024Discover the highlights of San Cristobal, Española, Floreana, Santa Cruz, Santiago, and Genovesa islands on this incredible 8-day adventure aboard …
Private Charter - Northern Islands Aboard Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise$1177054Apr 3, 2025Embark on a private 4-day North & Central Islands Galapagos cruise aboard the Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise. Observe Santa Cruz Highlands' giant …
Private Charter - Northwestern Islands Aboard Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise$2469058Apr 3, 2025Embark on a private 8-day Hermes Ultra Luxury Cruise in the Northwestern Galapagos Islands. Explore unique wildlife, including giant tortoises and …

Visitor Sites on Genovesa Island

Darwin Bay is a fantastic spot for snorkeling or swimming from the white coral beach. Here, you will get to snorkel right over a cleaning station for the hammerhead sharks. In one of nature’s most interesting displays of symbiosis, the massive predators swim right into the shallows of Darwin Bay to be cleaned by the fish which eat the dead skin cells, parasites, and bacteria. There are also other interesting species to be found, including rays, starfish, and other tropical fish. A short hike on the beach will take you past large rocks and into an area colonized with an impressive population of the distinct frigatebirds. In addition to the frigates, you will likely see Galapagos doves and sea lions lounging on the beach.

El Barranco (Prince Philip’s Steps) – A dinghy will leave you at the bottom of these steep stone steps carved right into the rock wall. Once you reach the top, you will be met by a sweeping plateau of birds of all species. Nazca & red-footed boobies can be seen doing their curious mating dance here, and a short walk will take you across the arid mesa to a stunning trail where storm petrels, frigates, boobies, and other native and endemic land and sea birds soar through the air. If you have a sharp eye, you might even catch a glimpse of the camouflaged short-eared owl, a dangerous predator for anything unfortunate enough to be on this stealthy predator’s menu.

Genovesa Island Facts and Highlights

  • Genovesa Island is a haven for birdwatchers. The variety of unique and endemic bird species that inhabit it include frigatebirds, red-footed boobies, short-eared owls, and the iconic swallow-tailed gull in their natural habitat.
  • Prince Philip's Steps is one of Genovesa's main visitor sites. Enjoy a guided hike through a stunning landscape of lava cliffs and unique wildlife. 
  • Stunning Darwin Bay on Genovesa Island is home to a variety of marine life, including sea lions and rays. Go on a guided boat tour or enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters to observe the diverse underwater ecosystems.
  • El Barranco is another visitor site where hikers have the opportunity to explore a landscape of volcanic cliffs and lush vegetation. 
  • Genovesa Island is one of the more remote and untouched islands in the Galapagos archipelago, offering visitors a unique and authentic experience of the natural world. Its lack of human development and pristine landscapes make it a true natural wonder.
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