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See Blue-footed Boobies on your trip to the Galapagos

North Seymour Island - Galapagos Travel Guide

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This island was formed when a series of submarine lava flows were uplifted. The arid vegetation that highlights most of this island make it home to numerous sea birds. The ever-popular blue-footed booby lives here, and the largest population of great frigatebirds can be seen inflating their distinct red pouches here as they try to call the attention of a female soaring overhead. Although land iguanas have had a troubled history here, always on the edge of disappearance from the island, the conservation efforts of the National Park have helped stabilize the population around 600, 200 of which were actually born in the wild. If you choose to snorkel from this island, you might see garden eels, rays, reef sharks, and various tropical fish.

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