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So Close (in more ways than one)
Galapagos Cruise - 11 islands in 8 days

The morning weather started off a bit on the dreary side which didn't make for spectacular photography, but that didn't stop me from shooting a lot of flamingo photos. One of my ''so close'' moments was during our visit on the island it appeared we had just missed a turtle returning to the ocean from laying her nest. There was also a false crawl which looked very fresh as well. SO CLOSE! One of the most awe inspiring things to witness in life is watching a turtle dig a nest, lay her eggs, cover the nest and return to the ocean.

The other ''so close'' moment came at Post Office Bay where, while we were sorting through all the postcards dropped into the whiskey barrel, we found a card being sent to a woman that lived down the beach from us in Florida. She was SO CLOSE that we drove it to her and hand delivered it when we returned. How neat is that? We're now facebook friends!