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A Final Farewell

(Espanola) Sea Lion checking me out!
(Espanola) Sea Lion checking me out!
Lobos Island was a great spot for some final photo ops before heading back home. Took one of my favorite sea lion pup shots there, as well as some more frigate bird and marine iguana photos.

Our arrival back at San Cristobal island met us with a surprise, and sadness. As we approached the dock we could see about 5 scientists/vets with a sea lion in a net. One was sitting on her up by her head, one was pushing on her lower abdomen and at least three more were at her back end. Apparently what was happening was a breach birth. As we found out later from one of the people helping with the birth (as far as we could tell since he was telling us in Spanish) is that she had been in labor since 7:00 AM (we arrived on scene around 10:00 AM) and was having difficulty. The breach pup was dead when they finally pulled it out, but the mother was going to be okay. It also sounded as if she had two pups. I don't know if the one we saw being delivered was the first or second pup. Went back to the dock later, and mom was gone, so I packed up my photo bag, drank the last of my mojito, and headed off to my next adventure!

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