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J.P. and I Reconnect
Sharma Hikes Peru's Famed Inca Trail

On the third day, my dear brother, feeling guilty for charging ahead so relentlessly, doubled back to walk with his slower, dumpier sibling. It was a great time for us to be together -- the further along you hike on the trail, the more ornate the masonry becomes, so that you have to battle between watching the incredible views over the mountains and the incredible trail underneath your feet. To think the Incans constructed this highway without having invented the wheel. Very impressive. J.P. and I had a lot to chat about.

Everyone one already knows about the great food on our treks, so I won't go into it, except to say that it was like a Culinary Tour. The mulled wine was a nice touch on the second night, when the rain came down in sheets. I was a moron wearing a cotton t-shirt -- make sure to stick with the synthetics. My naive clothing choice left me shivering for quite some time until the mulled wine hit my belly and warmed me up. Thanks to Vidal and our cook, Miguel!