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Antarctica 2008

Ushuaia 54º48’ S 68º17’ W
Breakfast at 6:30AM, and disembarkation at 7:30AM. Crazy bus ride again through the custom. Left the baggage at the store room and headed for a walk with Ann, her mother, Michael and others. Only one place open at so early hour; we didn’t want to blend with other ship’s passengers, but later returned to the same café for hot chocolate. Met Chrisy and Allan, and Steve for lunch, went back to Tango B&B, tried to take a nap, and back to town for a dinner, at La Cantina Fueguina at San Martin, took a walk down the shore, at the longest day of the year for this hemisphere!

Suma sumarum
Total Distance Traveled: 1584 nautical miles
7 species of penguins – gentoo, king, rock hopper, macaroni, adelie, chinstrap, emperor young one
sea lions
sea leopards
one night of camping at the continent
9 landings
5 kayak trips
everything else - priceless