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Darwins Toilet
Galapagos Adventure

Sea Lion BonesSea Lion Bones (Diane Meixner)
Very beautiful black lava formations, including one named Darwins toilet because of the ebb and flow of tide causing a flushing sound just like a toilet ( I kid you not),

Breath taking black sand beaches and sea lions abound. I find our tour guide Jamie very knowledgeable and informative. He tells us of how territorial the male sea lions are and how they have to fight for a territory and if they lose the fight the difficult climb up the rocks to a safe place to lick their wounds and get strong to fight again for a territory. Sadly, some of them don't survive.

(Rabida, Galapagos)

The dark red sand beaches are very beautiful. We came to shore in pangas to snorkel. I was very surprised to see a large hogfish come right up to me as I was standing in knee deep water.

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