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Adventure Life
Listen to the cultural steel-drums of Brazil
Adventure Life
Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro
Jen Barile
Adventure Life
The beautiful waters of Ilha Grande
Adventure Life
Explore the jungle regions of Paraty on your Brazil tour
Romance Around the World
Love is all around us.  Or perhaps it is more truthful to say that boxes of chocolate, heart-shaped balloons, sappy cards, and battles for restaurant reservations are all around us.  The …
Reflections of 2013
As the sun rises on 2014, we all remember and are shaped by what occurred in the last year.  Good and bad, exciting and disappointing, encouraging and frustrating - much has happened in the …
Beautiful Brazil
Brazil is by far the largest country in South America. From the Amazon to the coast, it hosts a vast array of wildlife and landscapes within its borders. Rio de Janeiro, the nation’s capital and …
A hidden coastal gem is Santa Catarina, which is also known as Florianopolis or Floripa. This island is located roughly 200 miles southwest of Sao Paulo, or about as much further along the coast from …
Cool Art - Brazilian Carnival
I received this update from one of the coolest shopping sites on the Web - Novica features indigenous art from around the world and in honor of Carnival in Brazil today, they're …
Current Politics
Democracy was fully re-established to Brazil in 1988, ushering in the current Federal Constitution. The Brazilian Federation is composed of four autonomous entities with no power hierarchy: States, …
Give Generously - Travel Gift Ideas
Your friends will be happy this holiday!   Apparently, we are not the only ones who are travel enthusiasts.  According to the UN World Tourism Organization, international travel was 5% …
Amazon Travel: Legend of the Chullachaqui
Artist impression of the Amazon's Chullachaqui by David Hewson. Spot Chullachaqui yourself on an Amazon tour! A little local legend, compliments of the Amazon... The Chullachaqui is a …