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Amazon River Cruises vs. Staying in an Amazon Lodge

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Deciding whether to explore the jungle of South America on an Amazon River cruise vs. staying at an Amazon lodge is mostly a matter of travel preferences. Each has specific qualities that the other lacks and both visit many of the same regions and destinations.
  • Covers More Ground
Amazon River Cruises have the luxury of visiting more destinations along the main rivers in a shorter period. In Ecuador, ships travel from Coca to Peru’s border, visiting areas not accessible when staying at lodges. In Peru, cruises start in Iquitos, only reached by air or water, and travel to regions of national parks where visiting is only allowed by the government’s permission.
  • First-Class Amenities
Another advantage of Amazon River cruises is that the ships have a range of amenities that reflect the elegance of travel by boat. Spacious suites, gourmet food, high-end service, and spa facilities bring a new aspect to active days on land, finding the creatures of the jungle, or exploring remote lagoons by kayak.
  • Expert Naturalists
Cruises have an array of expert naturalist guides that accompany clients on discovery journeys where wildlife is around every bend in the river or twist in the trail. These are local guides who are well-versed in the region’s creatures and trained professionals who are handpicked for their ability to adapt to their guests’ needs and interests.
  • Community Driven
Many of the Amazon lodges that we work with have strong ties to local communities, giving the people along the Napo and Amazon Rivers a new avenue toward making a sustainable income and adding a vital aspect to the experience. Guides and staff have a deep connection to the jungle, making day trips an immersion into both the region’s creatures and culture.
  • Flexibility
Staying at an Amazon lodge gives guests more flexibility to plan their time according to their interests. While some lodges have set itineraries, most give guests a variety of options for each day. These can include canoe trips to parrot licks and observation towers, night hikes, time spent with local communities, and even fishing for piranha. 
  • Wildlife Immersion
A stay at an Amazon lodge puts you are arms reach from the wildlife of the jungle. Lodges sit on the edge of dense forest where monkeys howl in the distance and swing from the trees, macaws fly overhead, and caimans come out and slide into the water when on night time excursions to see the nocturnal. Other highlights are spotting pink river dolphins at sunset when they surface offshore of lagoons.
For more information about visiting the jungle and your options on land on the water, contact one of our travel experts.

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