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Morning SCUBA Diving and Transfer to Floreana Island
Darwin's Islands and Quito Add On

Divemaster, Richard, introduced me to Galapagos below the waves after breakfast while the rest of our group toured the Santa Cruz highlands by bus. We saw an abundance of multicolored fish as well as a Pacific Green turtle calmly paddling somewhere he needed to be. Clearly there is lots more to explore under water and there are many dives sites. But those will have to wait for another time. After lunch our small group sailed to Floreana Island, about an hour and a half trip and settled into the Floreana Lodge which is comprised of small cabins. Each had ocean views and mine was certainly quite comfortable. The afternoon was spent snorkeling at the beach where we saw several good sized Pacific Green Turtles feeding below the surface. We had an evening wine and beverage reception and briefing shortly after sunset and were able to spot the Southern Cross from the Deck. Dinner followed at Lileana's family owned restaurant and most of our group elected to enjoy a walk back to the cabins and do some more stargazing on the way.