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Perito Moreno Glacier...Awesome!
En Voyage - South America Trip

Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the few glaciers that is stable and not receeding. Although it keeps providing a continuous amount of fresh water, it is also receiving enough snow to keep it's current size.

As our boat took us from one side of the lake directly to the base of the glacier, all you could see was this massive blueish mountain. Once at the base of the glacier, we left the boat and strapped on some crampons... we got the opportunity to walk on the blue monster. I've tried coming up with some words to describe the panaroma, the feeling, the amazing sites and sounds... all I can come up with is AWESOME! The glacier is really blue... and has been sculpted by winds, seasons and time.

Walking along crevaces, shallow and deep alike, tinted with differening hues of blue.. simply AWESOME!

Towering columns of ice, several stories high, that, with a thundering rumble, tumble into the water, rolling over and over in the waves it created to finally settle and just float quietly along, slowly melting away. AWESOME! There is no other word than that except perhaps ....

..... CHEERS!