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Going South
A Fuller Antarctica Adventure

Crossed the Antarctic convergence during the night,62 58.0 S , 61 51.2'W. Calm settled weather is a pleasant surprise for these landlubbers. Then the 5 humpback whales come to play with our ship. Flukes, pectoral fins, bubbling, fish scented breath out the blow holes into our faces. Mom and baby dive and surface. The blue color foretells of them surfacing. The white underside of the fins express a gorgeous blue color through the water, this allows us to prepare our cameras for a surfacing. I feel that when the captain and crew bring their cameras and stand with us in awe of the sight, we have hit a nature mother lode. The big giants seemed to enjoy their encounter with us as much as we did with them. How magical the moment was! Not to mention the birds that arrived to take advantage of the disturbed water and abundant food- Albatross, petrels and more. During dinner we spotted 3 Fin Whales.
This was our first iceberg sighting too. Now it is getting cold on deck.