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A Fuller Antarctica Adventure \ Photos

Antarctica 2012 the Fuller Family
First Rainbow of trip
The digital age
Ushuaia, Argentina
Mary at the Worlds end
March of the penguins
Local beer at Dublin pub
Rufous collared sparrow, tierra del Fuego national park
Parque Nacionale
Katys serenity at the end of the world
Katy and Becca
Becca at the end of the world
Sea adventurer on the Beagle channel
View from my room
Sea birds and the setting sun
Anchors aweigh
One humpback whale
Cape petrels
Looking for food the whales made available
Another humpback whale
A fishy smell from the blow
Spy hop
Light mantled sooty albatross
Humpback fluke
Two humpbacks
Pectoral slap
Get ready for the picture, here I come
More humpbacks
Humpback, up close and personal
Cape petrel
Icebergs afloat
Omar and the girls
Mary made it to continent #7
Becca boarding her kayak from the Zodiac
Us in the water, birds overhead, alls right with the world
Me taking picture of Becca taking picture of me
Home away from home
Katy watching penquins
Katy and Ken, first time on Antarctica land
Gentoo entering the water
The penguins were so close. Who needs this lens?
Gentoo penguin
Gentoo penguins and their eggs
Temperature regulating
Gentoo on nest
Knitting, reading and photography.
Gentoo penguin swimming by us
A minke whale under my kayak
Minke whale
Minke whale
Antarctica the way I saw it-waterlevel
Ice berg blue
Ice of all sizes
Cruising along the ice
Waiter in tuxedo
Gentoo penguins on an iceberg
Cruising through the channel
Kayaks at the ready
The tip of the iceberg
Here come the penguins
Becca the solitary paddler
Weaving our way through ice floes
Gentoo profile
Katy and Becca leveling for tent
Alice, Katy and Becca camping in Antarctica
Midnight hike
Preening gentoo
Sunset  over the campsite
Penguin tracks
Mary tracks
Will the sunset here??
Mary at a depot from former times
Midnight purple on the ice
Moon on right, sun on left
A hike into the unknown
What long wavelengths of light can do
A camping experience to remember
Following Phil to the end of the earth
Mountain top magic
Camping in Antarctica
Resting Gentoo at our camp
Young elephant seal at our camp
Mary and her young elephant seal
Campsite from above
Adelie penguin
Mom and babe
ice berg before it collapsed in front of us
Crab eater seal
Krill dinner on the rocks
Where Ozone hole was discovered
Marzipan Christmas
Mary and Katy enjoying the sun
Two eggs, one warm mom
Pebble nest for the eggs
Leopard seal on ice berg
Penguin highway
Alone on the penguin highway
Katy and Becca
Who needs a sled on this ice?
Adelie with egg and baby
Baby bird and Mom
 Katy's Handstand
Beautiful blue icebergs emerge from the ocean.
Mom, can I come out now?
Peek a boo baby adelie
Chinstrap penguin
Happy pink feet of the Chinstrap
Scratch that itch
Where are our heads?
A solitary Macaroni penguin
Kayaking half moon bay
Deception Island
Fur seal on Deception Island
Fur seal
Brittle star fish
That feels so good
Gentoo feet
Ready! Follow the leader
What a place to picnic for Christmas
The bluest blue I've ever seen
Sunset in Antarctica
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Iguazu Falls
The falls are everywhere
The falls
Get wet!
Vultures waiting for dinner
The Fuller view of Iguazu Falls
Top of the falls
Nature's rainbow
Devils throat
Double rainbow
Rainbow on Garganta del Diablo
Birds at the Falls
Rodent in the park
Mural in Iguazu
Confluence of three countries
Three countries meet
Mary, Katy, and Becca in Argentina with Brazil and Paraguay
Bus ride back to Buenos Ares
Argentine wine, wildlife and water
Puente de la mujer in BA
Evita in BA
New Years Eve 2012
Welcome  in 2013
Yerba mate
Home of the tango
Bamboo bikes- green travel
Meeting at the wharfside
La Boca
A painted horse
National past time fotbol
Becca in the artist quarters
Argentine Tango
Caminito, La Boca
Painted windows
My bike doesnt work like the others
Plaza de Mayo

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