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Giant Squid and Polar Pictionary
Antarctica, the Falklands, and South Georgia

A full day in the Drake Passage and nothing to do but hang out, listen to presentations, and try to keep food down. Last night my roommates and I had taken the regular Dramamine (i.e., the 'more drowsy' Dramamine) and it had worked like a charm without putting us into cryosleep for the entire day. Third drug's a charm. Being awake allowed us to listen to presentations by Historian Dave, and Derek the Naturalist, who was kind enough to include a giant squid reference in his cetacean talk for those of us who could not help but ask him every morning if we'd see one that day. (Poor Derek, I don't know if I'd want to be stuck on a ship that long with me.) The women beat the men at a competitive game of Polar Pictionary in the lounge, and we mingled about the boat with shipmates we had grown quite comfortable with over the course of our adventure.