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Horseback Riding at Hacienda Porvenir
Family Trip to Galapagos and Ecuador

We met our horseback riding guide and got fitted in chaps and ponchos for the ride. I was worried about Matthew riding by himself, but he did great despite my hesitancy (and his own). The guide led Matthew's horse and Hailey gamely took hers by the reins without help. We headed straight up the hill for a stunning view over the hacienda.

After the ride, we relaxed at the hacienda and then headed back to Quito. There we met Betty so that we could take all the kids to a movie together at the mall. We couldn't find anything kid-friendly to watch but they had the most amazing drop off daycare there. The kids entered through a tunnel (like a rabbit hole out of Alice in Wonderland) into a private world of trampolines, games, and even a full beauty salon. Hailey came out an hour later with a full head of ringlets, make up and a jewel attached to her forehead. If only our daycare here was so much fun!