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On a cruise or land tour to Iceland, you'll experience a land steeped in Nordic tradition, with sweeping landscapes of glaciers, geysers, fjords, and steaming volcanoes. In the capital of Reykjavik, admire whalebone artifacts from the medieval Norse period and the impressive Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral. This land, carved over millennia by glaciers, is home to historic towns and stunning natural wonders that can be explored through expedition cruises, luxury cruises,  and land tours. A cruise through the remote Icelandic regions will introduce you to one of the most isolated and pristine wildernesses in the northern hemisphere, as well as other natural and cultural treasures. Iceland also serves as a departure point for Arctic expeditions, including trips to Norway & Greenland. Contact us to get started!
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6 Best Iceland Cruises 2024-2025

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8 Top Iceland Tours for 2024-2025

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8 Exceptional Luxury Cruises to Iceland for 2024-2025

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Discover Iceland$27878Jun 25, 2024Explore the best of Iceland on this 8-day tour, covering Reykjavik and the highlights along the famed Ring Road. Visit a shimmering glacier, …
Best of Iceland$32258Jun 25, 2024Explore the best of Iceland on this exciting 8-day tour starting and ending in Reykjavik. As you visit the Golden Circle and drive the Ring Road, …
A Circumnavigation of Iceland$1128510Jul 4, 2024On this active 10-day Iceland cruise aboard the National Geographic Explorer, you'll circumnavigate Iceland and witness glaciers, geysers, thundering …
Iceland Trek | Landmannalaugar to þórsmörk$27868Jun 25, 2024Trek the Laugavegar Trail from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork on this 8-day hut-to-hut trekking tour in Iceland. This remarkable landscape has caused …
Strútur Trek$21915Jul 5, 2024Join this 5-day hiking and trekking tour to traverse the Volcanic Trails, which will take you through breathtaking landscapes and secluded regions of …
Wild Iceland Escape$62556Jul 13, 2024On this 6-day Wild Iceland escape, embark in Reykjavík. Discover the beauty if Iceland’s geology - glaciers, geysers, thundering waterfalls, …
Icelandic Mosaic$77208Aug 3, 2024Le Bellot hosts this 8-day Arctic cruise of Iceland, departing from the artistic capital city of Reykjavik. Bird lovers rejoice at the wealth of …
Iceland in Depth$1098010Jun 12, 2025Embark on a 10-day cruise aboard the SH Diana to explore Iceland's island, witness breaching whales, and visit the world's puffin capital. Encounter …

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Top 8 Iceland Cruise & Tour Deals

Trip NameSaveFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Greenland OdysseyCustom Label$1779517Jul 6, 2024Experience the world's largest island on this 10-day Greenland Odyssey Cruise aboard Sylvia Earle. Discover the grandeur of Greenland featuring …
Hot Springs and Eternal Ice - Tour 1Savings$1265519Jul 11, 2024Experience a 19-day cruise adventure on the MS Seaventure to Iceland and Greenland. Explore Reykjavik, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Isafjordur, Husavik, …
Iceland & Greenland PassageCustom Label$1259912Aug 21, 2024Explore Iceland and Greenland on a 12-day cruise aboard World Navigator. See the colorful streets of Reykjavik and the majestic glaciers of …
Greenland Explorer: Sail and Soar the Alpine ArcticCustom Label$799511Sep 14, 2024Explore South Greenland on this 11-day Explorer Cruise roundtrip Reykjavik aboard Ultramarine. This Greenland Explorer trip is intended for …
Villages of IcelandCustom Label$1299910Jul 3, 2024Embark on a 10-day Reykjavik roundtrip cruise aboard World Navigator and explore Iceland's captivating landscapes. Spot puffins along the shoreline …
Arctic Complete: Svalbard, Greenland & IcelandCustom Label$2569524Jul 20, 2024Come see the Arctic with Greg Mortimer on a 24-day expedition cruise across the archipelago of Spitsbergen. This cruise shows off the area's varied …
Jewels of the ArcticSavings$1969515Jul 25, 2025Join a 15-day expedition cruise aboard the Greg Mortimer from Reykjavik to Oslo. Explore Svalbard's endless daylight, meet polar bears and sea ice …
Jewels of the ArcticSavings$1969515Jul 12, 2025Join a 15-day expedition cruise aboard the Greg Mortimer from Oslo to Reykjavik. Explore Svalbard's endless daylight, meet polar bears and sea ice …

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Iceland Cruise Tips & Travel Guide

Getting to Iceland: How to get to Iceland? 

There are three ways of getting to Iceland, by airplane, by ferry, and by cruise ship. Approximately 20 airlines fly to Iceland’s Keflavik International Airport all year round from main cities in Europe and North America. For visitors driving into the country, the Norröna ferry sails weekly from Denmark via the Faroe Islands. Finally, many cruises from Scandinavia and Greenland include stops in Iceland, giving visitors a chance to explore this wonderful country.

By air: Direct flights to Iceland from Europe are about 4-5 hours. From North America, they are 5-6 hours. From other countries, you will have to transfer in Europe. Most flights arrive to the Keflavik International Airport.By ferry: Board the M/S Norröna that sails from Denmark if you happen to be traveling with your own car, bike, motorcycle, or camper. 

By sea: Many of our Scandinavia cruises and Greenland cruises include stops in Iceland.

Iceland Cruise Highlights

Home to the northernmost capital city in the world (Reykjavik), Iceland is the home of legends & landscapes. On an Iceland cruise, you will follow in the ancient footsteps of explorer Leif Erikson, as you discover some of the most isolated and unspoiled natural sites in the world.

Highlights of any Iceland cruise excursion include:
  • Navigating these fascinating sites aboard luxurious and intimate ships & boats.
  • Learning about the rich human history from expert guides. 
  • Witnessing the geysers that burst from the ground.
  • Trekking across the glaciers that shaped Iceland.
  • Exploring the distinct fjords that can only be found in this part of the world.
  • Visiting the isolated fishing villages & learning about the villagers' lifestyle.
How much does a trip to Iceland cost?

Iceland is a remote and isolated destination that offers all modern comforts in almost every corner that you decide to visit, the upside of the country’s high cost of living and the fact that they have to import most of their supplies and fresh produce. Iceland can be considered pricey, however it depends on the type of experience you are looking for. 

Prices also vary depending on the time of year you decide to travel. Summer, or peak season from May through August is usually more expensive, as the weather allows for certain activities that cannot be enjoyed in the winter. Winter is less pricey as well as less crowded, which some prefer, and offers opportunities for other activities, such as observing the Northern Lights. 

Approximate cost for roundtrip flights at the beginning of the peak season: 
  • Manchester, UK, to Reykjavik, from $390 to $570.
  • Boston, USA, to Reykjavik, from $350 to $1,550.
  • Toronto, CAN, to Reykjavik, from $830 to $1,400.

NOTE: Keep in mind flight prices vary from month to month, depending on when you book your flight.
Top Places to Visit in Iceland by Land
  1. Reykjavik: The northernmost capital of a sovereign state in the world, offers a blend of modernity and Icelandic charm. Explore its vibrant cultural scene, iconic landmarks like Hallgrímskirkja, and the lively streets filled with cafes and boutiques.
  2. The Blue Lagoon: Nestled in a lava field, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa known for its milky blue waters. Relax in the warm, mineral-rich pools while surrounded by stunning volcanic landscapes.
  3. Tingvellir National Park: Thingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a geological wonder where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. Explore the Almannagjá gorge and witness the historic Alþing assembly site.
  4. Geysir: Geysir is home to the Great Geysir, after which all geysers are named. Experience the thrill of watching Strokkur, a nearby geyser, erupting with scalding water up to 30 meters high.
  5. Gullfoss: Also known as the "Golden Falls," Gullfoss is a powerful two-tiered waterfall on the Hvítá River. Admire the sheer force and beauty of the cascading water as it plunges into a rugged canyon.
  6. Vik: Vik boasts stunning black sand beaches, dramatic basalt columns, and the iconic Reynisdrangar sea stacks. Explore the otherworldly landscapes and enjoy panoramic views of the North Atlantic.
  7. Jökulsárlón: This breathtaking glacial lagoon is filled with floating icebergs. Take a boat tour among the ice formations or witness the Northern Lights shimmering over the glacial expanse during winter.
  8. Akureyri: Iceland's second-largest city is a charming town surrounded by mountains. Visit the botanical gardens, explore the Akureyrarkirkja church, and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.
  9. Landmannalaugar: This remote and geologically fascinating area is known for its colorful rhyolite mountains. It's a paradise for hikers and offers natural hot springs for a relaxing soak.
  10. Skaftafell National Park: Part of Vatnajökull National Park, Skaftafell is a haven for glacier enthusiasts. Hike to Svartifoss waterfall, surrounded by hexagonal basalt columns, and witness the awe-inspiring Vatnajökull Glacier.
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Iceland Travel & Cruise FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to Iceland?
A visa is not required for traveling to Iceland from Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand. If you are traveling from South Africa, you will need a visa in advance. It's always safe to check with your state department about travel requirements several months before departure.

Is tipping customary in Iceland?
No, tipping is not expected or necessary, and service charges are usually included in the bills already.

What is the internet access like in Iceland?
While major cities and towns do have WiFi hotspots and cyber cafes, most of our itineraries that visit Iceland are cruises, which do not usually have (consistern) internet access. Remote destinations away from the cities tend not to have internet.

Can I use my cell phone while in Iceland?
If you enable mobile roaming before leaving home, you should have coverage in most of the big cities and towns of Iceland. On open water during cruises or in the more rural destinations you will not likely have coverage.

Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Iceland has 220-240 volt electricity and uses Europlug/ Schuko outlets. You will need a plug adapter for Type C & Type E/F sockets and a step-down transformer for 110-120V electronics. 

What are the toilets like in Iceland?
Throughout Iceland and on cruise ships you will have modern flushable toilets. You may have to pay a small fee when using public bathrooms.
Approximately what will it cost for:
Beer - $6.00
Snack - $2.00
Simple lunch - $9.00
Dinner - $27.00

Can I drink the water in Iceland?
It is safe to drink the tap water in Iceland unless you are specifically told otherwise.

What is the most common way of paying for things in Iceland?
Iceland's currency is the Krona (ISK). 1USD=113ISK. You will be able to pay for nearly everything, from restaurant bills to taxi fares, with your credit card. It's also easy to find ATMs.

Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
We always encourage travelers to purchase insurance. For more information and deals, check out the Once I've Booked page.

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