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On a cruise to Iceland you'll experience a land steeped in Nordic tradition, sweeping landscapes of glaciers, fjords, & volcanoes that highlight this magnificent country. In the capital of Reykjavik, you’ll see whalebone artifacts from the medieval Norse period & the impressive Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral in the Old Town. Explore the rugged coastlines, carved over millennia by glaciers and now home to stunning geysers and fjords that can be explored by Zodiac. A cruise through the Western Fjords will introduce you to one of the most isolated and pristine wildernesses in the northern hemisphere. Here, you'll find Ísafjörður, considered one of the most beautiful inlets in the country. Iceland also serves as a great departure point for Arctic expeditions, including trips to Norway & Greenland. Contact us to get started!

10 Best Iceland Cruises & Expeditions

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Iceland Cruise Deals for 2017-2018

Trip NameSaveFromDaysLevelSummary
The Saga of Erik The Red33%$1073013RelaxedStep aboard Le Soléal in Reykjavik for a 13-day expedition cruise to the remote and beautiful southern Greenland. Cruise across the Arctic and discover Viking ruins on this incredible voyage following in the footsteps of Norwegian explorer Erik the Red.
Greenland Explorer: Valleys and Fjords$3000-$4000$699515RelaxedDiscover Greenland on this 15-day cruise aboard the Ocean Adventurer. Sailing along the coast is the best way to sample the rich history and diversity of this beautiful country. Kayaking around fjords, cruising Cape Farewell, and soaking in hot springs offers an exclusive Arctic immersion experience.
Iceland and Natural Wonders of Greenland20%$399512RelaxedJoin the Ocean Diamond for a 12-day expedition cruise from Reykjavik, Iceland to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Take in the magical scenery of Iceland’s volcanic landscape and the inviting, immense fjords of Greenland. Learn about these countries, their people, and wildlife on your unforgettable journey.
West Greenland: Disko Bay$1500-$2500$439510RelaxedThis 10-day voyage on the Ocean Adventurer focuses on Disko Bay, an area famous for its icebergs & whales. Explore the natural wonders of northwest Greenland, including visits to Itilleq Fjord, Ilulissat Icefjord (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Baffin Bay, Equip Sermia, Uummannaq, Disko Island, and Sisimut.
Iceland Circumnavigation20%$259510RelaxedBoard the Ocean Diamond for a 10-day cruise around Iceland. Along the way, you'll discover both natural wonders and the Icelandic way of living via a range of shore excursions that feature bird & whale watching, Zodiac tours, and hikes that lead you to exotic geological formations that have inspired the country's nickname: Land of fire & ice.
Arctic Adventure: Norway, Greenland, and Iceland$1500$1549515RelaxedExplore the captivating shore of the Arctic north on this 15-day Arctic cruise. Sail along the coasts of Svalbard and Greenland and the pristine fjords of Iceland, disembarking in remote coves to explore the beautiful and varied landscape. Keep your eyes open for polar bears, as well as walrus, Arctic fox, and immense bird life.
South & West Greenland$617$579512RelaxedStart your 12-day Arctic sailing expedition aboard the Sea Spirit, from Kangerlussuaq, and make your way to Reykjavík, Iceland. You'll visit Qeqertarsuaq, Ilulissat, Sisimiut, Nuuk, Paamiut and more as you explore the massive icebergs, mountains, green hillsides, wildlife, history and culture.
Journeys in the Land of Ice & Fire10%$26908RelaxedTravel around the west and north coast of Iceland, a Nordic island nation. Explore dramatic volcanic landscapes of geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, glaciers, and black-sand beaches in the comfort of the elegant Panorama on this 8-day fascinating cruise adventure.

Iceland Luxury Cruises

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
The Icelandic Loop$57808RelaxedExperience this incredible voyage of discovery in Iceland and the Arctic Circle for a truly exotic cruise on the trail of the Vikings. For 8 days, Le Boréal takes you to extreme lands and breathtaking scenery. Glaciers, lava fields, geysers and steam baths – this is undoubtedly the place of all the superlatives.
Svalbard, Iceland & Greenland's East Coast$1565016RelaxedFlying from Oslo, Norway to Longyearbyen, Svalbard you'll board the luxurious National Geographic Explorer for a 16-day cruise of the archipelago's glaciers, where polar bears and caribou roam freely. Then sail on to Iceland and Greenland's fascinating Viking sites & encounter extraordinary wildlife as you hike across the glaciers. 
Unexplored Greenland$943011RelaxedDiscover an ancestral people surviving in the solitude of the polar regions, and a land forgotten by time where the primeval beauty of the environment conjures feelings of a rare intensity on this incredible 11-day cruise aboard the comfortable Le Boreal.
The Saga of Erik The Red$1073013RelaxedStep aboard Le Soléal in Reykjavik for a 13-day expedition cruise to the remote and beautiful southern Greenland. Cruise across the Arctic and discover Viking ruins on this incredible voyage following in the footsteps of Norwegian explorer Erik the Red.
Arctic Adventure: Norway, Greenland, and Iceland$1549515RelaxedExplore the captivating shore of the Arctic north on this 15-day Arctic cruise. Sail along the coasts of Svalbard and Greenland and the pristine fjords of Iceland, disembarking in remote coves to explore the beautiful and varied landscape. Keep your eyes open for polar bears, as well as walrus, Arctic fox, and immense bird life.
Adventure in Greenland$925011RelaxedEmbark on an 11-day expedition cruise to Greenland aboard Le Boréal. Enjoy a combination of adventure and discovery in the company of an experienced team of naturalist guides, anthropologists, ornithologists, and marine mammal specialists.
Epic 80°N: Exploring Greenland, Baffin & Ellesmere Islands$2599023RelaxedThis 23-day Arctic cruise aboard the National Geographic Explorer features Zodiac tours, kayaking, and hiking the tundra. Follow in the wake of legendary explorers and hear their dramatic stories, spot Arctic wildlife, and meet local Inuit communities who inhabit the region.

Top 10 Land Tours in Iceland

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Iceland Trek | Landmannalaugar to þórsmörk$24307ModerateTrek the Laugavegar Trail from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork on this 7-day hut-to-hut trekking tour in Iceland. This remarkable landscape has caused this trail to quickly become the most popular multi-day trekking destination in Iceland, and with good reason.
Best of Iceland$28708RelaxedTour Iceland's most popular attractions on this 8-day main highlights trip of South and West Iceland. Visit popular Golden Circle Route including Þingvellir, Gullfoss, and Geysir. Drive south to see the large Vatnajökull ice cap, Reynisfjara Beach, and Skaftafell National Park. Travel west to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula to see fishing villages.
Winter Iceland Adventure$38008ModerateExplore the best of Iceland in winter. Spend your days snowshoeing and traveling by super jeep to remote regions where cars cannot drive. Try your hand at glacier climbing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing as you visit South Iceland highlights of Landmannalaugar, Thorsmork, and the Golden Circle. Hunt for the Northern Lights and camp under the stars.
East Iceland Explorer$28157Easy ActiveSpend a week touring the more remote and isolated East Iceland regions on this active tour based out of the Wilderness Center. Learn about the traditions and legends from Icelandic history. Tour old farms and spot wildlife such as puffins, seals, and wild reindeer. Actively explore some of the most remote wilderness in Europe on this Iceland tour.
South Iceland Self-Drive$16153-5ModerateTake this South Iceland tour, designed for the independent traveler who is short on time but big on adventure. Choose from a number of South Iceland tour options during your free days at Hotel Ranga. Hike Iceland's renowned trails and visit glaciers and beaches along the south coast. Easily add this South Iceland hotel package to an Iceland cruise.
Iceland Snapshot$29557Easy ActiveThis quick 7-day Iceland tour is easy-paced and packed with soft adventure for those wanting a good introduction to South Iceland. Explore the highlights of the Golden Circle Route, witness the massive Vatnajökull ice cap, and view iceberg-filled Jökulsárlón Lagoon. Hike in Skaftafell Park and see waterfalls, black-sand beaches & the Laki craters.
Iceland Medley$38808ModerateSpend a week exploring the South Iceland landscape on this active Iceland tour. Excursions vary as you mountain bike, kayak, horseback ride, and hike in breathtaking mountain and glacial scenery. Spend two nights in the popular hiking oasis of Thorsmork, explore lava fields, and visit rural farms on this Iceland adventure with a new activity each day.
Golden Circle & Glaciers$11003Easy ActiveExplore the Golden Circle and the main highlights of the South Iceland coast on this 3-day tour for fall, spring, or winter. Visit Thingvellir National Park, Geysir, and Gullfoss. Walk along black sand beaches, Jökulsárlón Lagoon, and the massive Vatnajökull Glacier. Hike the crystal caves in winter and search for the Northern Lights!
East Fjords Trek$21757ModerateSpend five full days trekking the remote Víknaslóðir Trail along the East Fjords. This East Iceland hiking tour takes you between stunning mountain landscapes and picturesque fjords. Explore abandoned farmlands, historic churches, and colorful mountainsides as you trek through a region that seems almost trapped in time on this East Iceland tour.
Birth of Spring$13704Easy ActiveTravel to the isolated East Iceland region to witness the start of spring in a rural land with a long winter. Experience the country lifestyle first hand and watch animals and wildlife spring back to life again. Explore this rugged wilderness with short hikes, on bikes, or by horseback as you tour abandoned farms and the stunning landscape.

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Iceland Travel Guide

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Iceland Cruise Highlights
Home to the northernmost capital city in the world (Reykjavik), Iceland is the home of legends & landscapes. On an Iceland cruise, you will follow in the ancient footsteps of explorer Leif Erikson, as you discover some of the most isolated and unspoiled natural sites in the world.

Highlights of any Iceland excursion include:
  • Navigating these fascinating sites aboard luxurious and intimate ships & boats.
  • Learning about the rich human history from expert guides. 
  • Witnessing the geysers that burst from the ground.
  • Trekking across the glaciers that shaped Iceland.
  • Exploring the distinct fjords that can only be found in this part of the world.
  • Visiting the isolated fishing villages & learning about the villagers' lifestyle.
Getting to Iceland

Since Iceland is isolated from the rest of Europe in the north Atlantic Ocean, there are only two ways to get there:

By air: Direct flights to Iceland from Europe are about 4-5 hours. From North America, they are 5-6 hours. From other countries, you will have to transfer in Europe. Most flights arrive to the Keflavik International Airport.

By sea: Many of our Scandinavian cruises include stops in Iceland as well.
Popular Iceland Cruise Destinations

Some of the most popular destinations frequently visited on an Icelandic cruise include:
  • Reykjavik & Reykjanes Peninsula
  • West Coast & Ísafjördur
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Breidafjördur Bay
  • Vatnajökull Glacier (the biggest glacier in all of Europe)
  • Norway & Greenland

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Iceland Travel FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to Iceland?
A visa is not required for traveling to Iceland from Europe, North America, Australia or New Zealand. If you are traveling from South Africa, you will need a visa in advance. It's always safe to check with your state department about travel requirements several months before departure.

Is tipping customary in Iceland?
No, tipping is not expected or necessary, and service charges are usually included in the bills already.

What is the internet access like in Iceland?
While major cities and towns do have WiFi hotspots and cyber cafes, most of our itineraries that visit Iceland are cruises, which do not usually have (consistern) internet access. Remote destinations away from the cities tend not to have internet.

Can I use my cell phone while in Iceland?
If you enable mobile roaming before leaving home, you should have coverage in most of the big cities and towns of Iceland. On open water during cruises or in the more rural destinations you will not likely have coverage.

Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Iceland has 220-240 volt electricity and uses Europlug/ Schuko outlets. You will need a plug adapter for Type C & Type E/F sockets and a step-down transformer for 110-120V electronics. 

What are the toilets like in Iceland?
Throughout Iceland and on cruise ships you will have modern flushable toilets. You may have to pay a small fee when using public bathrooms.
Approximately what will it cost for:
Beer - $6.00
Snack - $2.00
Simple lunch - $9.00
Dinner - $27.00

Can I drink the water in Iceland?
It is safe to drink the tap water in Iceland unless you are specifically told otherwise.

What is the most common way of paying for things in Iceland?
Iceland's currency is the Krona (ISK). 1USD=113ISK. You will be able to pay for nearly everything, from restaurant bills to taxi fares, with your credit card. It's also easy to find ATMs.

Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
We always encourage travelers to purchase insurance. For more information and deals, check out the Once I've Booked page.

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