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Old Town in Gdansk, Poland

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Join Adventure Life on either a Danube River cruise or a Baltic sea cruise exploring a cultural gem of Eastern Europe - Poland! Civilization dates back thousands of years here, and visitors can witness the country's evolution in enchanting architecture, ranging from Gothic to medieval to modern. Contact one of our travel experts today to start planning your exploration of Poland.
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10 Best Cruises to Poland for 2024-2025

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All Poland Tours

10 Luxury Poland Cruises 2024-2025

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Iconic Capitals & Towns of the Baltic$59208Aug 3, 2024The beauty of Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, and Denmark captivates you during this 8-day Baltic Sea exploration tour on the Le Dumont-d'Urville.
From Berlin to Copenhagen: The Baltic Sea and the Oder and Havel Rivers$23388May 25, 2024Board the MS Mona Lisa for an 8-day cruise along the Oder and Havel Rivers and crossing the Baltic Sea. Departing from Berlin to Copenhagen, uncover …
Cruising the Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea – with Smithsonian Journeys$83148Aug 13, 2025Embark on an 8-day cruise with Smithsonian Journeys, visiting the Baltic Sea's historic cities. Explore Helsinki's Art Nouveau, Tallinn's UNESCO Old …
Cruising the Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea – with Smithsonian Journeys$89408Jul 18, 2024The beauty of Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Poland, and Denmark captivates during this 8-day Baltic Sea exploration cruise aboard Dumont-d'Urville.
Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea$70708Aug 10, 2024On your 8-day luxury trip onboard Le Dumont-d'Urville from Copenhagen to Stockholm, discover the Baltic Sea's most stunning historic cities, …
From Copenhagen to Berlin: The Baltic Sea and the Oder and Havel Rivers$33438Aug 24, 2024Embark on an 8-day Northern Europe river cruise aboard the MS Victor Hugo. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Usedom and Rügen …
Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea$80809Jul 2, 2024On this 9-day tour, you can visit important Hanseatic League cities in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Denmark, all while …
Historic Cities of the Baltic Sea$76409Jul 10, 2024Join an 9-day Baltic cruise aboard Le Dumont-d'Urville from Copenhagen to Stockholm, and discover the Baltic Sea's most stunning historic cities, …
Scandinavian Wonderland & Christmas Markets$998010Dec 2, 2024Set sail on a 10-day Scandinavian winter adventure and Christmas markets cruise aboard Le Commandant Charcot. Explore Helsinki's architecture, …
Cruising Scandinavia & the Baltic Sea$1549510Jul 25, 2024Embark on a 10-day cruise from Copenhagen aboard Le Dumont-d'Urville to uncover Baltic Sea treasures, from medieval lanes in Gudhjem to Gdansk's rich …
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Poland Travel Guide

Poland Travel Highlights

While only a few tours actually visit Poland, those that do offer unique perspectives on an Eastern Europe that for decades was behind the veil of the Soviet Iron Curtain. Preserved old towns and modern cities contrast in a balance of history and progress. Your cruise might take you to sties such as:
  • Gdansk: Standing out in vibrant colors along the Baltic Coast of Poland is the town of Gdansk, where visitors can see the elegant Neptune Fountain, Main Town, and the pastel facades of the Long Market. The largest brick church in the world - St. Mary's - is a relic of the medieval times. 
  • Szczecin: This small city is home to fascinating attractions, like St. James Cathedral, the Gothic Old Town Hall, Chobry Embankment, and Ducal Castle. 
After exploring some of these highlights, your cruise will continue on towards Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, or other less-visited destinations in Europe's heartland. 

Poland Travel & Cruise FAQs

Why should I choose a cruise of eastern Europe?
For decades, this region was shrouded in mystery as the world was split in two. Now travelers can explore Eastern Europe from the comfort of a cruise vessel. And the best part is that it's all-inclusive, meaning that once you've purchased your ticket, you won't have to worry about meals, tours, or lodging. Plus the transportation is the same as your hotel, so every morning when you wake up, you'll have brand new views out of your cabin window without ever having to pack and unpack your bags. 

What should I look for on a riverboat?
Our hand-selected boats were designed specifically to offer passengers comfort and style for their Poland cruises. You will enjoy a panoramic sun deck, comfortable rooms, and a spacious dining area and bar, accompanied by a friendly captain and crew. While these aren't considered five-star vessels due to their space-limited amenities, they are guaranteed to offer an unforgettable and wonderful experience as you explore eastern Europe. 

Should I get a room with a balcony?
Balconies tend to be an unneccesary expense on most cruises. The boats feature large panoramic sun decks, and balconies can cost hundreds of dollars more. Unless you have your heart set on a balcony, then a great alternative is getting a room with large windows or a sliding glass door that opens right out towards the fresh air (known as a "French balcony"). 

What is dining like?
Meals aboard cruises through Poland feature a mix of local and international flavors. You'll definitely have opportunities to try staple foods of Eastern Europe, but there will also be plenty of other options to choose from as well, all prepared by gourmet chefs.

Will my vessel have WiFi?
It's possible, but don't count on it. More and more vessels each year are WiFi capable, but it's not quite standard yet. Plus, you might be out of range of WiFi even if your vessel does have it depending on where your cruise explores. Closer to the big cities, you can generally count on it. 

What kind of power outlets are there? Will I need a converter?
In Europe the power is 220v, not the 110v like in North America, but typically devices can handle both without the need for a converter. You will need plug adapters for either two round prongs (European style) or three flat prongs (British style). 

How can I save money on a cruise of Poland?
A great option to save money on an Eastern Europe cruise is consulting our deals page to see what the latest promotions are. You can also let us know which cruises interest you or which destinations you'd like to visit and we'll let you know as soon as there are promotions. It's advisable to NOT try to save money by reserving cheaper cabins since this often results in less space or worse views.

Are Poland cruises a good family vacation?
Cruises that visit Poland are a great way to enjoy a family vacation. The sites and destinations of Eastern Europe are definitely suited more towards an adolescent or older crowd, as most itineraries feature walking tours and historical exploration at the heart of each day.

Do Americans and Canadians need a passport and visa to travel to Poland?
All citizens of North America traveling to Europe need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. In recent years, it has not been necessary to apply for a visa before traveling to Europe if you plan to stay less than three months, however, this situation may change in the future. See current European visa requirements

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