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Adventure Life's Russia expedition cruises give you a full access pass to the Arctic beauty of the top of the world. Experience Russia's Far East, as you witness some of the most remote & forgotten corners of the world, like the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the isolated Chukotka (where you'll see the most bird species in the Eurasian Arctic). If you sail across the famed Northeast Passage, you'll find yourself in the untamed lands of Alaska and Canada. As you explore the world's largest country, hike across the beautiful Bukhta Natalii fjord or trek through the dramatic volcanic landscapes of the Ring of Fire. Even venture to the North Pole. In south Russia, cruises include circumnavigations of the Black Sea and the White Sea, featuring exclusive access to Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, & Bulgaria.

10 Best Cruises to Russia for 2020

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Travel Deals to Russia

Trip NameSaveFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Franz Josef Land: Longyearbyen - Longyearbyen15%$999514Jul 20, 2020Join the Sea Spirit on an authentic Arctic adventure. Discover Longyearbyen, capital of the Norwegian territory of Svalbard and starting point of …
Russian High Arctic15%$959513Aug 14, 2021Rarely visited today yet significant in the history of polar exploration, Franz Josef Land is worthy of its legendary reputation. This 13-day cruise …
Circumnavigating the Baltic SeaSavings$1748015May 8, 2021With the docent-quality guidance from your expedition leaders, experience and learn about the Baltic countries' history while traveling in comfort & …
Sailing North of 80° to the Russian ArcticSavings$1155915Sep 12, 2020Set foot on the ice where great explorers launched brave attempts to reach the North Pole, and watch for the 'King of the Arctic' as you sail in the …
Fire & Ice in the ArcticSavings$1435015Sep 21, 2021Board Le Boréal for an unforgettable 15-day expedition cruise to discover the wonders of Arctic Alaska. Enjoy the chance to sail the Bering …
Northeast Passage: An Unforgettable Voyage from Alaska to NorwaySavings$3475026Aug 9, 2020Embark on a 26-day expedition crossing the Northeast Passage with a mission to explore the Siberian shores and far northern archipelagos that brims …
Northeast PassageSavings$3096027Aug 22, 2020Join the Silver Explorer on this incredible 27-day Arctic and Greenland expedition. Starting at the charming port city of Nome, Alaska, travel across …
Northern Europe - from Hamburg to HelsinkiSavings$1058515Jun 15, 2020Board the Sea Cloud II cruise ship for a unique 15-day Northern Europe cruise where you will be able to hop from city to city sailing from Hamburg to …
Historic Cities of the Baltic SeaSavings$64309Jul 27, 2020Board Le Jacques Cartier for a 9-day cruise to discover the historic cities of the Baltic Sea. Embark from beautiful Copenhagen, marvel at baroque …
Across the Bering Sea: The Russian High ArcticSavings$2585022Jun 14, 2020Observe an array of marine mammals and seabirds on this 22-day cruise aboard the National Geographic Orion. You will cover more than 3,800 nautical …

Top Expedition Ships Cruising Russia

Ship NameMax PassengersFromSummary
National Geographic Orion102$8360The creation of the National Geographic Orion in 2003 heralds a new breed of expedition ship: a state-of-the-art vessel which combines the latest …
Spirit of Enderby50$4600Fully ice-strengthened for expedition travel, the Spirit of Enderby carries just 50 guests in comfortable accommodations. Knowledgeable guides …
Ocean Adventurer (Sea Adventurer)132$3995Designed to carry travelers in comfort to the most remote corners of the world, the Ocean Adventurer (Sea Adventurer) is the perfect expedition ship …
Le Jacques Cartier188$1490Experience a luxurious setting where the accent is on authenticity and passion for travel. Experience the incomparable pleasure of an intimate …
50 Years of Victory128$30995The "50 Years of Victory" is the largest, most sophisticated, and powerful icebreaker ever constructed for Arctic cruising. Twenty years in the …

Russia Travel Guide

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Come see a part of our globe that is largely unknown to most travelers. As your icebreaker crosses through the frozen Arctic waters, you will traverse tundras through a land born of fire and ice.

Since most people don't think of Russia as a cruise destination, you'll see remote regions, where sweeping landscapes and isolated villages dot the sparse environment.

On your trip, you will likely:
  • Hike volcanic landscapes in the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is one of the most active plate boundaries in the world.
  • Tour St. Petersberg For over 200 years, this was the capital of the Russian Empire, home to Pavlovski Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress, the Pushkin Museum,Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. Even today, it is considered Russia's major cultural center.
  • Visit the Kamchatka PeninsulaThis is one of the most pristine wildernesses in all of Russia, home to brown bears, magnificent bird species, protected wilderness reserves, and incredible marine life around the Aleutian chain, including several species of whales, sea lions, and otters.
  • Explore Siberiawhere secluded villages offer incredible birdwatching opportunities.
One of the great advantages of a Russian cruise is how easily it combines with cruises to other destinations in Eastern Europe & the Arctic, such as:
  • Journey ​Across the Bering Sea to Alaska.
  • Visit Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria as you circumnavigating the Black Sea
  • Cross the Northeast Passage on an icebreaker ship.
Arriving to your destination in Russia
Our cruises and expeditions through Russia visit a diversity of destinations, so we're happy to help you arrange your flights or transportation.

Cruises through Russia often originate in other countries in Europe, and some even start in Japan. Scandinavia is a common embarking point for many Russian expeditions, including ports in Helsinki, Finland; Copenhagen, Denmark; and other major coastal cities. Several originate in Tokyo, Japan. 

You will have to get a flight to the city where your cruise departs. We recommend booking your flight with at least one day to spend in the city before your cruise departs. 

A fair portion of our tours also start in Russia. Considering the country's immesne size and vast expanses of Arctic tundra, it's important to fly into the closest international airport. Common destinations include:
  • St. Petersburg
  • Siberia
  • Kamchatka Peninsula

Russia Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to travel to Russia?
Yes, if you are traveling from the United States, most countries in western Europe, Australia & New Zealand, and South Africa. This list is not exhaustive, and you should check with your local government department of state. You will likely also need a Visa Support Letter (Letter of Invitation) to file for a visa. Let us know if you would like guidance with this process. 

Is tipping customary in Russia?
Tipping is not required, but if you would like to leave spare change that is up to you. You may find a 10% service charge on your restaurant bill. Otherwise it is at your discretion. 

What is the internet access like in Russia?
Unless you're in a big city like Moscow or St. Petersburg, where cyber cafes are common, it is not likely that you will have internet access. While some cruise ships offer WiFi, it isn't common and they are often out of range anyway. There is not generally coverage in the more rural areas.

Can I use my cell phone while in Russia?
You can find coverage in the major cities and destinations of Russia, but in the more rural areas and on most cruises you will be out of range. Before leaving home, talk with your service carrier about activating global roaming.

Do I need a power adapter/ converter?
Russia has 220-240 volt electricity with Europlug or Schuko sockets. You will need to have an adapter for Type C & Type E/F European CEE sockets. If your appliances are not equipped for 220+ volts, then you will need to bring a power converter as well, so make sure to check.

What are the toilets like in Russia?
Toilets in Russia vary  - if you are in the major cities or on a cruise ship, you will have modern flushing toilets. In the rural areas and remote visitor sites, it is possible that you will only have access to squat toilets. It's advisable to always be prepared with hand sanitizer and a small amount of toilet paper in case it is not provided. Some public restrooms do charge a small fee for use. 

Approximately what will it cost for:
Public transportation - $0.50
Internet access - $2/hour
Bottle of beer - $0.80
Snack - $4.00
Dinner - $22.00

Can I drink the water in Russia?
You should not drink the tap water in Russia, and avoiding bottled water helps reduce waste. You will always have access to clean, filtered water throughout your Adventure Life itinerary, but if you plan independent day trips, remember to peel all fruit and ask for your drinks without ice.

What is the most common way of paying for things in Russia?
Russia's currency is the Rouble (ECB), and 1USD is approximately 59 ECB. Most hotels, restaurants, and shops will accept international credit cards, and ATMs are common and reliable in the bigger cities. However in smaller or more remote towns or in small shops and vendors, you might not be able to use your credit card or find an ATM. It's good to have some cash on hand in these situations.

Should I purchase travel insurance for my trip?
We always recommend that you purchase travel insurance before traveling. Check out this page for more information on Travel Insurance.

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