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A cruise on the Danube through Budapest is like a voyage through time to an era of palaces and castles. It's a major port for Danube River and myriad cruises start and/or finish here. On one side of the river is an area of hills and valleys, known as Buda - on the other side is the flatland of Pest. Together, they form a charming eastern European city. Enjoy an evening stroll along the tranquil streets or explore it by day on a bike. It is also home to the Baroque Gödöllö Palace, Gellert Baths, Margaret Island, and Castle Hill, earning Budapest a reputation as one of the world's most beautiful cities. From here, you may sail to other Hungarian destinations like Mohacas, Esztergom, & the Puszta prairie. The cruise between Budapest and Vienna and on to Amsterdam on the Danube, Rhine and Main Rivers is a legendary route. Contact us when you're ready to start planning your trip to Budapest!
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All Budapest Cruises

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Budapest River Cruise Tips & Travel Guide

Highlights of Budapest
As the capital city of Hungary, you'll find that Budapest captures this country's cultural identity in stunning architecture and scenic beauty. The Danube River cuts the city in two – on one bank is the area known as Buda, and on the other is Pest. Together, they form the capital city, where you can see:
  • Buda Castle Hill – a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to Baroque & Gothic architecture of Buda Castle built in 1265 and serving for centuries as the royal palace, Matthias Church,  and important monuments with spectacular views of Pest and the Danube below.
  • Gellert Baths – thermal baths and swimming pools that will melt your stresses & worries away as you relax into the warm waters. Located just across the river, walking distance from the river port.
  • Central Market Hall – located short walk from the port, the expansive central market sells local specialties and more shopping is just in front on to Vaci u. Street.  
  • Gödöllö Palace – a hallmark of Baroque architecture and the former residence of the royal Grassalkovich family.

Budapest River Cruise & Travel FAQs

Why should I choose a river cruise?
There are many great reasons to choose a river cruise. First of all, since you'll be staying on a boat, your hotel literally floats along the river with you, meaning you don't have to pack and unpack every time you visit a new city. Also, the packages are all-inclusive, so once you've paid for your cruise, all of the tours, activities, lodging, and meals are included. Some cruises even offer free bicycle rental. And you won't waste any time on buses or trains traveling from one city to the next since the cruises take advantage of meal times and nights to do the long distances.

What should I look for on a riverboat?
Every one of our hand-selected river vessels that visit Budapest and other eastern European destinations guarantee comfort, style, and a knowledgeable and friendly crew. You can also expect a panoramic windows or a sun deck from which you can enjoy the incredible vistas of the Danube River. Cabins range from compact and comfortable to luxurious, and each vessel has at least one ample dining area and bar.

Why aren't there any five-star river vessels?
River cruises throughout Europe are a relatively new trend, so the design of riverboats and what they are able to offer is developing more each year. The size constrictions of river vessels limit the number of amenities like multiple dining areas, casinos, or other things that larger ships can offer. However, there are a number of truly elegant vessels that combine comfort and style.

Should I get a room with a balcony?
On your cruise through Budapest, some folks feel that they are necessary to get the most out of the experience, and if you are one of them, then go for it. Otherwise, consider the alternative of floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, or large portrait windows that open. This will save you hundreds of dollars and it could also save you valuable floorspace that would otherwise be sacrificed to the balcony. Don't worry, you can still get the fantastic panoramic views from the sun deck.

What is dining like?
You will enjoy gourmet local delicacies prepared by skilled local chefs that are familiar with the best Hungarian plates. Yes, you'll likely be eating goulash in Budapest!

Do river cruises ever visit destinations that aren't on the river?
Yep! It's possible that your cruise will feature a few destinations in the Hungarian countryside, so you will be taken from Budapest to these more isolated visitor sites via a tour bus.

Will my vessel have WiFi?
Sometimes, but don't count on it. While some vessels have free WiFi, some vessels charge for it. Whether the ship has Internet depends on local telecommunications coverage, which means you will likely be out of range for up to several hours or even days at a time.

What kind of power outlets are there? Will I need a converter?
Even though the voltage in Europe is 220v compared to the 110v power in North America, most devices can handle both. You will, however, need plug adapters to connect to either the two round prongs throughout Europe.Tip: wrap tape around the plugs before you plug them in so that you don't leave your adapters in the outlet wen you take your device out. 

How can I save money on a river cruise?
Check our deals page for your destination or let us know which cruises interest you and we'll keep you posted on any promotions.

Are river cruises in Budapest a good family vacation?
Sure! There are a number of tour options in Hungary to make this an engaging family vacation. Note that most passengers are of retirement age or older and families are not very common on board, though families are welcome and encouraged.

Do Americans and Canadians need a passport and visa to travel to Budapest?
All citizens of North America traveling to Europe need a passport that is valid for at least 6 months. In recent years, it has not been necessary to apply for a visa before traveling to Europe if you plan to stay less than three months, however, this situation may change in the future. See current European visa requirements.

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