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Camila M/T Exterior Dining Area Bar Common Areas Sunsets aboard the Camila Private Balcony Cabin
Pinnacle Rock of Bartolome Island

East & Central Islands

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/T Camila
  • Visit Lobos Island
  • Discover the volcanic Pitt Point
  • Admire Bachas beautiful lava shores
  • Hike through mangroves
Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Immerse yourself in the clear blue water, and witness the ever-curious sea lions and famed blue-footed boobies. Embark on a Galapagos adventure on board the M/T Camila. Swim with sea lions, relax on picturesque beaches, and follow walking trails over lava formations and varied vegetation. Explore …
Cruise Details
Galapagos penguin by the water

Island Circumnavigation

8 Day Itinerary aboard M/T Camila
  • Discover Sullivan Bay's beauty
  • Observe mola-mola sunfish
  • Swim & snorel across Isabela Island
  • Visit South Plaza Islands
Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Embark on an 8-day cruise aboard the M/T Camila around the stunning Galapagos Islands. Each island boasts new and exciting wildlife and landscapes carved from volcanic activity. Your journey includes snorkeling alongside sea turtles, viewing large colonies of sea lions and nesting shorebirds, and …
Cruise Details
Sea lions on beach in Rabida

North & Central Islands

5 Day Itinerary aboard M/T Camila
  • Observe the Pinnacle Rock
  • Snorkel through clear blue waters
  • Visit James Bay
Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
This 5-day voyage offers the traveler an opportunity to really become immersed in the unique splendor of these islands. Roam across island trails, explore peaceful lagoons, swim and snorkel in crystalline waters, bask in the sun on white sand beaches, soak in extraordinary volcanic vistas, and get …
Cruise Details
Overlook at Pitt Point

Southern Islands

4 Day Itinerary aboard M/T Camila
  • View young and old tortoises
  • Hike through San Cristobal
  • Snorkel and swim with sea lions
Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level:
Experience the wonder of the Galapagos islands while touring this stunning archipelago. Dip into history, swim with playful sea lions and take photos with the famed Galapagos tortoise at the Charles Darwin Research Center. This 4-day trip features white sandy beaches and abundant wildlife. Enjoy …
Cruise Details
Apr 048East & Central Islands
Apr 075North & Central Islands
Apr 118Island Circumnavigation
Apr 184Southern Islands
Apr 188East & Central Islands
Apr 215North & Central Islands
Apr 258Island Circumnavigation
May 024Southern Islands
May 028East & Central Islands
May 055North & Central Islands
May 098Island Circumnavigation
May 164Southern Islands
May 168East & Central Islands
May 195North & Central Islands
May 238Island Circumnavigation
May 304Southern Islands
May 308East & Central Islands
Jun 025North & Central Islands
Jun 068Island Circumnavigation
Jun 138East & Central Islands
Jun 134Southern Islands
Jun 165North & Central Islands
Jun 208Island Circumnavigation
Jun 278East & Central Islands
Jun 274Southern Islands
Jun 305North & Central Islands
Jul 048Island Circumnavigation
Jul 118East & Central Islands
Jul 114Southern Islands
Jul 145North & Central Islands
Jul 188Island Circumnavigation
Jul 258East & Central Islands
Jul 254Southern Islands
Jul 285North & Central Islands
Aug 018Island Circumnavigation
Aug 088East & Central Islands
Aug 084Southern Islands
Aug 115North & Central Islands
Aug 158Island Circumnavigation
Aug 228East & Central Islands
Aug 224Southern Islands
Aug 255North & Central Islands
Aug 298Island Circumnavigation
Sep 054Southern Islands
Sep 058East & Central Islands
Sep 085North & Central Islands
Sep 128Island Circumnavigation
Sep 194Southern Islands
Sep 198East & Central Islands
Sep 225North & Central Islands
Sep 268Island Circumnavigation
Oct 038East & Central Islands
Oct 034Southern Islands
Oct 065North & Central Islands
Oct 108Island Circumnavigation
Oct 178East & Central Islands
Oct 174Southern Islands
Oct 205North & Central Islands
Oct 248Island Circumnavigation
Oct 318East & Central Islands
Oct 314Southern Islands
Nov 035North & Central Islands
Nov 078Island Circumnavigation
Nov 148East & Central Islands
Nov 144Southern Islands
Nov 175North & Central Islands
Nov 218Island Circumnavigation
Nov 284Southern Islands
Nov 288East & Central Islands
Dec 015North & Central Islands
Dec 058Island Circumnavigation
Dec 124Southern Islands
Dec 128East & Central Islands
Dec 155North & Central Islands
Dec 198Island Circumnavigation
Dec 268East & Central Islands
Dec 295North & Central Islands
Jan 028Island Circumnavigation
Jan 094Southern Islands
Jan 098East & Central Islands
Jan 125North & Central Islands
Jan 168Island Circumnavigation
Jan 234Southern Islands
Jan 238East & Central Islands
Jan 265North & Central Islands
Jan 308Island Circumnavigation
Feb 064Southern Islands
Feb 068East & Central Islands
Feb 095North & Central Islands
Feb 138Island Circumnavigation
Feb 204Southern Islands
Feb 208East & Central Islands
Feb 235North & Central Islands
Feb 278Island Circumnavigation
Mar 068East & Central Islands
Mar 064Southern Islands
Mar 095North & Central Islands
Mar 138Island Circumnavigation
Mar 208East & Central Islands
Mar 204Southern Islands
Mar 235North & Central Islands
Mar 278Island Circumnavigation
Apr 038East & Central Islands
Apr 034Southern Islands
Apr 065North & Central Islands
Apr 108Island Circumnavigation
Apr 178East & Central Islands
Apr 174Southern Islands
Apr 205North & Central Islands
May 018East & Central Islands
May 014Southern Islands
May 045North & Central Islands
May 088Island Circumnavigation
May 158East & Central Islands
May 154Southern Islands
May 185North & Central Islands
May 228Island Circumnavigation
May 298East & Central Islands
May 294Southern Islands
Jun 015North & Central Islands
Jun 058Island Circumnavigation
Jun 128East & Central Islands
Jun 124Southern Islands
Jun 155North & Central Islands
Jun 198Island Circumnavigation
Jun 268East & Central Islands
Jun 264Southern Islands
Jun 295North & Central Islands
Jul 038Island Circumnavigation
Jul 108East & Central Islands
Jul 104Southern Islands
Jul 135North & Central Islands
Jul 178Island Circumnavigation
Jul 244Southern Islands
Jul 248East & Central Islands
Jul 275North & Central Islands
Jul 318Island Circumnavigation
Aug 074Southern Islands
Aug 078East & Central Islands
Aug 105North & Central Islands
Aug 148Island Circumnavigation
Aug 214Southern Islands
Aug 218East & Central Islands
Aug 245North & Central Islands
Aug 288Island Circumnavigation
Sep 044Southern Islands
Sep 048East & Central Islands
Sep 075North & Central Islands
Sep 118Island Circumnavigation
Sep 184Southern Islands
Sep 188East & Central Islands
Sep 215North & Central Islands
Sep 258Island Circumnavigation
Oct 024Southern Islands
Oct 028East & Central Islands
Oct 055North & Central Islands
Oct 098Island Circumnavigation
Oct 168East & Central Islands
Oct 164Southern Islands
Oct 195North & Central Islands
Oct 238Island Circumnavigation
Oct 308East & Central Islands
Oct 304Southern Islands
Nov 025North & Central Islands
Nov 068Island Circumnavigation
Nov 138East & Central Islands
Nov 134Southern Islands
Nov 165North & Central Islands
Nov 208Island Circumnavigation
Nov 278East & Central Islands
Nov 274Southern Islands
Nov 305North & Central Islands
Dec 048Island Circumnavigation
Dec 118East & Central Islands
Dec 114Southern Islands
Dec 145North & Central Islands
Dec 188Island Circumnavigation
Dec 258East & Central Islands
Dec 254Southern Islands
Dec 285North & Central Islands
Max Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Motor Yacht

Launched in 2018, the luxurious M/T Camila trimaran combines a flare of modern style with a dedicated crew to provide you the absolute best Galapagos experience. Just like its sister ships, the Camila cuts silently through the archipelago, bringing its guests to all corners of these enchanting islands.

Eight spacious cabins provide space for 16 passengers, and multiple social areas can be found on each deck. Enjoy the Jacuzzi on the sun deck, or perhaps relax with a cocktail in the al fresco dining area after a long day of snorkeling and hiking. For each meal, the chef prepares a culinary delight that will replenish your energy for the next activity. 

If that's not enough, then rest assured that you can count on a knowledgeable & bilingual naturalist guide and a first-class 10 member crew that will accompany you throughout the whole experience.

There are eight staterooms, each with a private bathroom, hot running water, individually controlled air conditioning, and even a private balcony for guests to admire the natural beauty of the archipelago. Additionally, the fact that this is a trimaran means that you will enjoy more stability than any vessels, especially on the long overnight navigations.
215ft./269ft. Located on the main and upper decks, all cabins feature luxurious amenities, private bath facilities, and private balconies.
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Everything was amazing! The planning with Adventure Life went smoothly. The actual trip was fantastic! One of the best trips I have experienced. The cruise staff members were knowledgeable and attentive. I will be writing more about this on the blog!
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