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Adventure Life's Seychelles cruises and land tours bring you to one of the most remote tropical wilderness paradises on the planet. Come explore the brilliant reefs as you snorkel over vivid corals & witness the fascinating marine life of the Indian Ocean. On land, you'll hike through the jungle trails into the pristine emerald forests. Combine comfort, style, & adventure for you while you enjoy this modern-day Garden of Eden. Adventure Life will be here for you every step of the way to make sure that your Seychelles vacation is the perfect island getaway. Contact us to plan your Seychelles trip before or after your African Safari.
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All Seychelles Islands Tours
All Seychelles Islands Tours

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All Seychelles Islands Tours

Seychelles Travel Tips & Guide

Dive into the wild heart of the Indian Ocean in the tropical island paradise of the Seychelles Islands.

Located off the eastern coast of Africa, north of Madagascar, this archipelago offers a more relaxed, luxurious take on an African vacation.

Your luxurious cruise aboard either the Silver Discoverer or the Pegasus will take you around all four of the major regions in the Seychelles, including Mahe, Greater Victoria, Praslin, and LaDigue & the inner islands.

Along the way, you will have chances to snorkel & swim in the turquoise waters among some of the most interesting sea life in the world; take leisurely walks along the beaches & jungle paths; relax on the beach; and enjoy the gourmet island flavor served onboard your boat.
Q: What were these islands originally used for?

They were originally used as a pirate hideout, and there is a belief that there is still a $160,000 booty waiting to be found!

Q: How much does Bird Island resident Esmeralda (the heaviest living land tortoise) weigh?

670 pounds!

Q: Which famous author (who penned the stories "For your Eyes Only") visited and was inspired the Seychelles?

James Bond author Ian Fleming.
Seychelles FAQs
Do I need a visa to travel to the Seychelles?
You do not need a visa as long as you arrive with a valid passport and get the visitor permit upon arrival in the Seychelles.

Is tipping customary in the Seychelles?
Tipping in the Seychelles is not an expectation or an obligation, and some places don't even accept tips. That being said, if you do experience phenomenal service, then you can leave a 10% tip. In general, the places where tipping is expected will already include a service charge as part of your bill.

What is internet access like in the Seychelles?
The Seychelles are a destination to be enjoyed without an internet connection. While you might be able to find a hotspot at a nicer hotel or café in town, most of our tour will not offer internet access.

Can I use my cell phone while in the Seychelles?
Don't count on using your cell phone in the Seychelles Islands. You will be too geographically isolated from the towers where you can get a signal. There are local towers, but it is easiest just to turn off the phone and enjoy paradise!

Do I need power adapters?
The Seychelles have 220-240v electricity with British style B-1363 outlets, which will require both an adapter and in the case of appliances that can't handle 220v, a step down converter or transformer.

What are the toilets like in the Seychelles?
Since our ships (and hotel) in the Seychelles are among the most luxurious, you can count on comfortable western style bowl toilets. Toilet paper should be thrown in the garbage rather than in the bowl.

Can I drink the water in the Seychelles?
Do not drink the water in the Seychelles. Rather, it is safe to drink the filtered or bottled water provided by your cruise vessel or hotel.

Are credit cards accepted in the Seychelles? Will I be able to find ATMs?
You might find a restaurant or hotel that accepts cards in the Seychelles, but ATMs aren't very common and they can be hard to find. Go with enough cash for souvenirs and tips, but the rest of the expenses are taken care of with the price of the tour.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
It's always a good idea to purchase travel insurance, and we offer some great promotions via TravelGuard on our Once You're Booked page.

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