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Top 10 Luxury Tours and Cruises for 2022-2023

Top 10 Luxury Active Cruises

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Luxury Inca Trail$584910Dec 6, 2021Hike the Inca Trail in style and comfort. This 10-day Inca Trail trek & exploration of Andean Peru is combined with an upscale camping experience …
East African Style$1829414Dec 6, 2021This 14-day luxury tour will take you to the best of Kenya and Tanzania's national parks and wildlife reserves. Experience the vast landscape of the …
Costa Rica Escape$98179Dec 6, 2021This hand-crafted 9-day luxury tour of Costa Rica takes you on a thrilling helicopter ride over Costa Rica's volcanoes, then to La Paz Waterfall, …
Lower Zambezi National Park$51095Apr 1, 2022Explore Lower Zambezi National Park on a 5-day safari tour with a stay at Sausage Tree Camp. Stay in a luxury bush camp as you observe wildlife in …
Remote Alaska Adventure$85505Mar 6, 2022Experience a 5-day luxury Alaska lodge adventure and backcountry flight safaris at Ultima Thule Lodge. View the landscape and wildlife from a bush …
Mashpi Lodge Adventure$14153Dec 6, 2021This 3 day Ecuador trip will immerse you in the deep green forest of one of the world's richest bio-diversity hotspots. Hike the nature trails, …

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Luxury Travel Guide

What to expect on a Luxury experience with Adventure Life
Forget your previous experiences of luxury vacations - We take luxury to the next level! We have tours for all budgets, but if you have discerning tastes, then you know that a luxury tour is the way to go. To us, a luxury tour must meet the following standards:
  • The most comfortable accommodations available: Private balconies, ample bathrooms, plush linens, individually controlled climate, and spacious rooms are the starting point for our luxury tours. 
  • Intimate atmospheres: Intimacy is a staple for any luxury tour, so we keep our group sizes small so you get the attention and care you deserve.
  • Excellent guides: Not all guides are the same, so we make sure that the guides on our luxury itineraries are multilingual experts in their respective fields, whether culture, history, or wildlife.
  • Top-notch service: The service team is there to guarantee that no desire goes unfulfilled, from prompt housekeeping and room service to friendly interactions. 
  • Perfect itineraries: No matter which itinerary you choose, we promise that it has been vetted at our highest level, so that we feel confident knowing that you're with an experienced crew and guides leading you on clockwork itineraries.
  • Gourmet cuisine: The chefs on our luxury tours always put the cherry on top. Buffet style meals, plates made to order, and cooks who are eager to accommodate any dietary requests are standard on our luxury tours, accompanied of course by an enthusiastic and experienced waitstaff. 
  • The Best Hotels & Yachts: It's hard to know whether a hotel that claims to be "five stars" will live up to its rating, which is why we have personally visited each of these sites to make sure that what we promise is what you will experience. No matter where you visit, we promise that your hotels are among the best in that destination.

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