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Whale sighting in Polar waters!

Antarctic Peninsula

12 Day Itinerary aboard Hebridean Sky
  • Enjoy Argentinean markets & cuisine
  • Sail the Beagle Channel
  • Explore historic & scientific sites
  • Cross the Drake Passage
Activities: Adventure Options, Camping, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Sail to distant Antarctica on this 12-day Antarctica cruise. View the abundant wildlife which call this frozen continent home. Cross the Drake Passage and spot albatrosses, prions, petrels, penguins, seals, whales, and dolphins as you explore the Antarctic Peninsula from the comfort of the …
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Paul Gauguin sits outside Bora Bora.

Cook Islands & Society Islands

12 Day Itinerary aboard Paul Gauguin
  • Snorkel in Bora Bora
  • Spend a relaxing day on Motu Mahaha
  • Visit the famous Aitutaki lagoons
  • Experience the Cook Islands
Activities: Archaeological Sites, Helicopter Tour, Hiking, Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Small Ship Cruise, Snorkeling, Spa & Relaxing, Stand Up Paddle Board, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
On this South Pacific cruise, the region's incredible diversity of scenery is front and center. Discover the isle of Huahine, renowned for its spectacular rainforests. Then experience the unique majesty of the Cook Islands. Arid Aitutaki is virtually flat - so much so that you can spot the …
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A herd of zebras quench their thirst at a watering hole.

Zimbabwe Luxury Safari

Victoria Falls & Hwange Park - 11 Day Itinerary
  • Tour Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
  • Enjoy Hwange Park game drives
  • Stay in luxurious safari camps
  • Watch wildlife on the Ngamo Plains
Activities: Land, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Easy Active
Experience the best of Zimbabwe on this 11-day luxury safari tour visiting Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls. Witness the Ngamo Plains come to life during dry season, as the waterholes dry up and the herds flock to artificially-pumped holes maintained by safari camps. Tour Victoria Falls and …
Tour Details
Kayaking in Hawaii's lava tubes.

Hawaiian Seascapes

8 Day Itinerary aboard Safari Explorer
  • Enjoy a paʻina and jam session
  • Take part in exploration activities
  • Visit the Humpback Marine Sanctuary
  • Night snorkel with giant rays
Activities: Expedition Cruises, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle Board, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark the Safari Explorer to discover gems of the Hawaiian Islands! On this 8-day voyage, partake in unparalleled snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, beach-combing, and skiff excurisons. Visit a plumeria farm, one of Hawaii's longest beaches, and discover island history at the …
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The beautiful Angkor Wat
Save 30%

Mekong Expedition- Downriver

8 Day Itinerary aboard Aqua Mekong
  • Visit Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve
  • Sail to floating village Chhnok Tru
  • See Cambodia's capital & sights
  • Meet & interact with locals
Activities: Biking, Local Market, River Cruise, Village Visit, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Join the Aqua Mekong for an 8-day expedition cruise down the Mekong River.Enjoy all the mysteries and wonders discovered between the Mekong and Tonle Sap Riversand among the diverse cultures. During the high water season (July-November), experience the full history of Mekong life, meet Khmer …
Cruise Details
Bridgetown, Barbados

Transatlantic: Barbados to Cannes

29 Day Itinerary aboard Royal Clipper
  • Enjoy Bridgetown's tropical flair
  • Visit Portimão, Portugal
  • Admire Gibraltar's dramatic views
  • Discover Palma de Mallorca
Activities: Sailing Schooner, Small Ship Cruise
Activity Level: Relaxed
In the name of romance and adventure, today, a crossing still remains one of travel’s most iconic experiences. Commune with nothing but the ocean to find your inner bliss as you feel the gentle wind on your face. This incredible 29-day eastbound cruise offers you the opportunity to relax and …
Cruise Details
Cala d'Hort, Ibiza

Transatlantic: Cannes to Barbados

29 Day Itinerary aboard Royal Clipper
  • Marvel at Bonifacio's views
  • Explore charming Mahon, Menorca
  • See Malaga's Moorish architecture
  • Enjoy Marbella's natural beauty
Activities: Sailing Schooner, Small Ship Cruise
Activity Level: Relaxed
Experience the uninhibited thrill of traversing a boundless ocean under sail, without any skills or effort required on your part. Imagine long lazy days at sea chasing the horizon, relaxing under a blanket of stars and taking in the ocean's salty fragance. Embarking in the city of Cannes, this …
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A mother polar bear and her young relax on the Arctic landscape

Northeast Passage

Nome to Tromsø - 27 Day Itinerary aboard Silver Explorer
  • Visit Cape Dezhnev
  • Explore Wrangel Island
  • Admire incredible Arctic wildlife
  • Walk the tundra over permafrost
Activities: Small Ship Cruise, Village Visit, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
The first Northeast Passage traverse ever for the Silver Explorer, this is your chance to become the polar pioneer you have always dreamed of becoming. Retrace the voyages of famous explorers Nordenskiöld, Nansen, DeLong, and Amundsen and travel as far north as the ice lets you. A wealth of …
Cruise Details
Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Save $900-$1500

Explorer's Antarctica

24 Day Itinerary aboard Silver Explorer
  • Cruise the scenic Beagle Channel
  • Explore the remote Falkland Islands
  • Discover West Point Island wildlife
  • Tour the charming city of Stanley
  • Visit Brtitish South Georgia
Activities: Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Embark on a journey to the end of the earth like nothing you have ever experienced before. On this Shackleton-infused trip, the Expedition Team’s expert lecturers present ornithological and historical insights into the Falkland Islands, your first destination. In Stanley, stroll through the …
Cruise Details
Walrus and her pup

Epic 80°N: Exploring Greenland, Baffin & Ellesmere Islands

23 Day Itinerary aboard National Geographic Explorer
  • Zodiac cruise, kayak, and hike
  • Trace the fjords of NW Greenland
  • Encounter cultural legacies
  • Explore Iceland's capital Reykjavík
  • Follow in the wake of explorers
  • Observe a variety of wildlife
Activities: Adventure Options, Archaeological Sites, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Village Visit, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Join this 23-day voyage on the National Geographic Explorer and journey deep into the far reaches of the Arctic, a land where polar bears roam and hardy Inuit communities maintain their traditional way of life.Canada’s Ellesmere Island stretches farther north than any other land in the world, …
Cruise Details
An aerial view of the city Malaga

Transatlantic: Malaga to Barbados

23 Day Itinerary aboard Star Flyer
  • Visit Malaga's landmarks
  • Experience the charm of Tangier
  • Windsurf at Fuerteventura
  • Set foot after 22 days in Barbados
Activities: Sailing Schooner, Small Ship Cruise
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cross the pond in style and spend your days relaxing onboard, take in the scenery, and choose an itinerary which stops off at ports you never dreamed of visiting before.Enjoy a full offshore sailing experience, from the Old to the New World. The scent of adventure still hangs in the air and much of …
Cruise Details
Does this penguin have an itch?

Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands

22 Day Itinerary aboard National Geographic Orion
  • See beautiful Antarctic ice
  • Witness massive wildlife spectacles
  • Experience three distinct regions
  • Enjoy superlative photo moments
Activities: Adventure Options, Kayaking, Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
If the epic stories of discovery, endurance, and polar explorers like Shackleton, or the sheer magnificence of ice-capped peaks don’t grab you, the wildlife certainly does: penguins (king, gentoo, and macaroni), sea lions, fur seals, and enormous elephant seals cozy up to these shores. Only …
Cruise Details
Rockhopper penguins

Ushuaia to Cape Town

22 Day Itinerary aboard Silver Cloud Expedition
  • Stroll through Stanley's streets
  • Visit Shackleton's grave
  • Observe king penguins
  • Explore volcanic Gough Island
  • Discover Cape Town's wonders
Activities: Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Urban Exploration, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing, Wine Tasting
Activity Level: Relaxed
Visit the most remote archipelago in the world on this mind-stretching adventure. Be prepared for astounding diversity: sea-lions, seals, dolphins, albatrosses and penguins are just some of the wildlife you can expect to see. Absorb the vastness of the South Atlantic Ocean with unforgettable views …
Cruise Details
Atlantic Ocean - Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic: St. Maarten to Lisbon

21 Day Itinerary aboard Star Flyer
  • Set sail from St. Maarten
  • Enjoy the expansive Atlantic Ocean
  • Cruise across the Caribbean
  • Discover Lisbon, Portugal
Activities: Sailing Schooner, Small Ship Cruise
Activity Level: Relaxed
Relive the golden age of cruising on this fantastic transatlantic cruise aboard the Star Flyer. Discover a haven of tranquillity as you make your way from the tropical paradise island of St. Maarten to the stunning port of Lisbon. This unique cruise isideal for people who love being on the open …
Cruise Details
Glacier trekking in Antarctica

Land at the End of the World

20 Day Itinerary aboard Silver Cloud Expedition
  • Follow in explorers' footsteps
  • Spend Christmas Eve in Stanley
  • Encounter multiple penguin species
  • Admire spectacular landscapes
Activities: Hiking, Small Ship Cruise, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Cruising roundtrip from Ushuaia, Argentina, traverse the legendary Drake Passage and keep a lookout for a multitude of seabirds and whales. Marvel at the spectacular colorful hues of icebergs up close and listen to the overwhelming sound of calving glaciers. Have your cameras ready to capture the …
Cruise Details
Eiffel Tower and the Seine River

Ultimate River Cruise

20 Day Itinerary aboard MS Amadante
  • Explore Paris and its landmarks
  • Tour Heidelberg's red-walled castle
  • Enjoy a Bamberg Specialties tasting
  • Visit the Gutenberg Museum
  • Join a panoramic tour of Vienna
  • Sightsee in Budapest
Activities: Biking, Hiking, River Cruise, Urban Exploration, Wine Tasting
Activity Level: Relaxed
Be part of an exclusive, once-in-a lifetime expedition, sailing through six enchanting countries such as Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Admire the highlights of the legendary Main and Danube combined with the picturesque Rhine and Mosel, as you discover the culture and …
Cruise Details
Icebergs reflected in Antarctica's Paradise Bay
Save $900-$1500

Explorer's Antarctica

19 Day Itinerary aboard Silver Explorer
  • Visit historic sites of explorers
  • See mighty glaciers and icebergs
  • View several species of penguins
  • Watch for seals and whales
  • Identify polar seabirds
Activities: Hiking, Whale Watching, Wildlife Viewing
Activity Level: Relaxed
Explore the path taken by several early explorers before you. Hike the Falkland Islands, zodiac South Georgia, and explore research stations on the Antarctic Peninsula. As you sail watch for whales, seals, and penguins plus a myriad of seabirds. Learn about the history of this remote region from …
Cruise Details
Sunset over Century City, Capetown

Cape Town to Tema (Accra)

19 Day Itinerary aboard Silver Cloud Expedition
  • Go off-roading in 4×4 vehicles
  • Observe rare endemic birds
  • Tour a stilt village & local school
  • Visit an abandoned diamond town
Activities: Kayaking, Local Market, Photography Seminars, Snorkeling, Village Visit
Activity Level: Relaxed
Travel from the bleak but beautiful Skeleton Coast to the Gold Coast and experience the disparate cultures of Africa's west coast. Board the Silver Cloud Expedition and follow the trading routes of Henry the Navigator to see some of the least visited places on Earth. Experience a unique blend …
Cruise Details

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