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Felucca Nile cruise
Nile Cruise - Round-trip Luxor
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Entrance of Luxor Temple, Egypt
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Visit the great pyramids of Egypt.
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Your cruise of the Nile River will take you back in time to the epoch of the pharaohs and pyramids. Board your luxurious river vessel, specially made to cruise the Nile, and embark on your Egyptian adventure. Each of these tours was hand-selected to highlight the best parts of the legendary Nile. You will see the ancient temples and fortresses that have endured for thousands of years, built on the wearied backs of the slaves to honor the gods. The Temples of Luxor, Karnak, and Hathor await your exploration, among others. The capital city of Cairo blends ancient and modern cultures in a bustling metropolitan center. The cities of Luxor and Aswan serve as the starting and ending points for these fascinating river cruises. Riding camels, and exploring ruins. Contact one of our Nile River specialists for help planning your trip.

8 Best Nile River Cruises for 2022-2023

7 Best Nile River Luxury Cruises for 2022-2023

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Treasures of Egypt$750013Sep 5, 2022Discover the world's greatest concentration of ancient treasures, including pyramids, tombs, and temples, on this 13-day cruise on the magnificent …
Luxor to Aswan$13075Jun 2, 2022Explore this historic region of Egypt on a 5-day Nile River cruise from Luxor to Aswan. Aboard the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, discover the legendary …
Luxor to Aswan$14355Sep 6, 2022This 5-day Nile River trip from Luxor to Aswan explores this ancient region of Egypt. Discover the famed Nile River and some of the most significant …
Aswan to Luxor$13075May 29, 2022Join the Nile Adventurer on this 5-day cruise down the epic Nile between Aswan and Luxor.
Passage Through Egypt: Luxor to Aswan$1146012Sep 24, 2022Sail the Nile aboard the luxuriously outfitted riverboat Oberoi Philae and visit some of the world's greatest archaeological sites. The Pyramids of …
Secrets of Egypt & the Nile$509912May 27, 2022Allow yourself to be treated to a connoisseur’s discovery of this ancient civilization as only AmaWaterways can provide – with an unparalleled …
Aswan to Luxor$13075May 29, 2022Sail from Aswan to Luxor on this 5-day Nile River cruise and explore this historic region of Egypt. Aboard the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, discover this …

6 Top-rated Nile River Ships for 2022-2023

Ship NameMax PassengersFromSummary
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV80$1307Launched in 1996 and fully refurbished in 2006, Sanctuary Sun Boat IV offers a Nile River cruise experience unlike any other - with private docks in …
Nile Adventurer64$1307Designed for Nile River cruises, the Nile Adventurer features a sun deck with heated swimming pool, a lower shaded deck with bar, air-conditioning …
Harmony V50$1990Introducing the Harmony V, a modern vessel launched in June 2009, with a sleek high-tech look very similar to the private yachts to be found in the …
Sanctuary Sun Boat III36$7500An intimate river yacht, the Sanctuary Sun Boat III represents the ultimate in luxury and relaxation on the Nile. Discover the essence of tranquility …
MS Amadahlia72$5099The stunning AmaDahlia is an inviting 72-passenger ship offering 36 standard staterooms, including 16 magnificent suites with a wealth of amenities …
Oberoi Philae42$11460Oberoi Philae is a ship of elegance and graciousness, with ideal size. It was built in 1996 and was extensively reconfigured in 2015 with just 22 …
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Nile River Travel Guide

When is the best time of year to go on a Nile River cruise? 

October through April
is the best time of year to take a Nile River cruise, as temperatures are cooler, enabling you to tour Egypt's most iconic sights, from Luxor to Aswan.

Prepare for scorching temperatures of up to 40°C during the peak summer months of June to August if you plan to cruise the Nile. Closed areas, such as tombs, tend to be hotter. To avoid the sweltering heat of the day, plan your Nile cruise dates carefully!
What are the highlights of a Nile River Cruise?

Most enchanting Nile River cruises depart from Luxor and head to Aswan or vice versa.
  • ​The Pyramids of Giza.  A 4,000-year-old edifice tower, only one of the seven marvels of the world which remains in existence. 
  • Cairo. In addition to the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt's capital city is home to a wealth of other wonders, including the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings.
  • AswanA Nile Cruise typically begins and ends here for many people. Abu Simbel may be a one-day journey away for certain visitors. As
  • Kom Ombo. One of Egypt's most unique temples is devoted to the crocodile god Sobek and the falcon-headed Haroeris, who sit side by side.
  • Karnak And Luxor TemplesIn comparison to Luxor, Karnak is far older and has been influenced by a much larger number of pharaohs.
  • Abydos | Temple of Osiris. It was a burial place for Egypt's first monarchs, later serving as a pilgrimage site for the god Osiris.
  • Abu Simbel. A 3,000-year old UNESCO World Heritage Site devoted to Ramses II, one of Egypt's most active pharaohs and wife Queen Nefertari.
  • wan's palm-tree-lined shores, feluccas gliding down the Nile, and awe-inspiring temples set it apart from the rest of Egypt.
  • Valley of the Kings.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, burial grounds for the ancient Egyptian pharaohs on cliffs overlooking the western floodplain. More than 62 tombs have been excavated, including that of the sons of Rameses II and the boy king, Tutankhamen.
  • Monument to Queen Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut, only the third female pharaoh in the 3,000-year history of ancient Egypt, is buried in a massive tomb recognized as one of the world's most spectacular architectural marvels. The tiered sandstone complex was carved from the western Thebes cliffs of Deir el Bahri.
  • Dendera. Ancient Egypt's most famous religious site of worship. The Sanctuary of Horus, Ihy, and Hathor, located on the west bank of the Nile, make it sacred.
  • Hathor’s temple. The Egyptian pantheon's most important goddess, Hathor, symbolized joy, feminity, and motherhood. At Dendera religious complex, Hathor's Temple is the most impressive, with a grand entrance, intricate carvings and hieroglyphics, and exquisite ceilings.
  • Temple Of Edfu. The inscriptions on its walls reveal critical Egyptian mythology, language, and religion during the Hellenistic period.
Best Nile River Cruise Lines for 2022-{{nextyear}
  • AMA Waterways - a family-owned and operated company, pioneer of modern luxury river cruising, and recipient of numerous prestigious awards and accolades. Sail aboard the luxurious, newly designed MS Amadahlia and explore the ancient wonders of Egypt with an unparalleled Nile River cruise and land experience that includes exquisite cuisine, authentic experiences, and extraordinary service.
  • Variety Cruises - explores the true identity of the ancient Nile while enjoying the comforts and unique benefits of a small ship sailing the seas. Introduces Harmony V, a modern vessel with a sleek high-tech look similar to the private yachts found in the world's famous ports.
  • Scenic USA - have set the benchmark in a truly all-inclusive, 5-star luxury river cruising while traversing the waterways of Egypt. The Sanctuary Sun Boat III represents the ultimate luxury and relaxation on the Nile, modeled after the opulent era of the 20s and 30s. 


Nile River FAQs

How long does it take to sail the Nile?

Nile river cruises are available on their own or as part of a tour to Egypt. Aswan or Luxor is the most common starting and ending point for most boat cruises, and the length of the journey can range from 4 days to 14 days. A trip to Luxor's treasures, ensured by sailing north, is the highlight of the journey.

Adventure Life features Long Nile Cruises, which departs from Cairo and flies directly to Aswan or Luxor, include two nights in Giza prior to the cruise and two nights in Cairo following the trip for an in-depth exploration of Egypt.

Are Nile River Cruises Operating this 2021?

Yes, Nile cruises have resumed, with Egypt's COVID-19 protocols for the tourism sector remaining in place. 

AmaWaterways' newest ship, AmaDahlia, was launched on her first journey on the Nile River in Egypt on September 6th, 2021.


What are the entry requirements for traveling to Egypt for a Nile Cruise?

(Updated Nov 29, 2021)

Tourists can now travel to Egypt, and flights have resumed. However, some COVID-19 restrictions on Egypt travel remain in place.

A PCR test done within 72 hours of departure is required for all visitors to Egypt, including nationals. For arrivals from Japan, China, Thailand, North America, South America, Canada, London, Paris, and Frankfurt, this extends to 96 hours. The certificate must be written in both English and Arabic and must be stamped by a laboratory that is accredited.

On arrival, all visitors must fill out a personal monitoring card and present proof of medical insurance. At the time of arrival, all travelers must complete a personal monitoring card and present proof of health insurance.

Alternatively, travelers in the coastal governorates of South Sinai, the Red Sea, and Marsa Matrouh who are unable to demonstrate a negative test can spend $30 to take one and then isolate themselves while awaiting the results. Those who test positive must be quarantined in a designated area of their hotel for 14 days.

To enter Egypt, most countries require an e-visa, which may be obtained here. It only takes a few seconds to get yourself signed up. All you need is your email address and basic information. Complete the application form and make your payment with a Visa, MasterCard, or other debit card. You must submit an e-Visa application at least seven days prior to departure.


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