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Journey to the world's most populous country & witness how this industrious nation has developed throughout ancient and modern history. Tour the brilliant city of Shanghai, where you can easily spend several days touring China's financial & commercial centers. In Beijing, visit the famous Tiananmen Square, among other historic sites from Mao's rule. Don't miss a chance to walk on the longest structure in the world, the Great Wall of China built millennia ago as a defense against invading armies and still proudly standing today. Trekking through the mountains will bring you deep into the hidden corners & isolated villages of the backcountry. Step back in time to the Museum of Qin, where an impressive army of Terracotta warriors was unearthed in the 1970s. Contact Adventure Life travel experts help to you find the best China package tour.
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10 Best Tours of China for 2023-2024

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6 Best Treks, Hikes, & Adventures in China for 2023-2024

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Lhasa Highlights$18824Apr 1, 2023This leisurely paced 4-day cultural tour through Tibet from Lhasa to Chengdu visits the World Heritage Site of Norbulinka, tours 17th century Potala …
Hiking Enchanted China$439710Mar 29, 2023Spend 10 days trekking through Guizhou, one of the most diverse provinces in China. Along the way you'll meet locals and learn about their unique …
Great Wall, Dynasties, & Rivers$489912Mar 29, 2023On this 12-day active tour of China, you will hike the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall, see rice terraces near Ping'an Village, pandas in …
Rural Landscapes$16054Mar 29, 2023Experience the rural rice terrace and karst landscapes of the Guangxi Region on this 4-day active China trip. Visit the Longsheng Rice Terraces and …
Great Wall Trek$13974Apr 1, 2023This challenging 4-day tour of the Great Wall takes a closer look at Gubeikou, Jinshanling, Jiankou, and Huanghuacheng. You will even see the ancient …
Jinshanling Great Wall Hike$6822Apr 1, 2023Explore Beijing's Jinshanling, regarded by many to be the Great Wall's best-preserved section. This region has almost 70 watchtowers built in various …

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6 Best Great Wall of China Trips for 2023-2024

Trip NameFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Jinshanling Great Wall Hike$6822Apr 1, 2023Explore Beijing's Jinshanling, regarded by many to be the Great Wall's best-preserved section. This region has almost 70 watchtowers built in various …
Boundless China$1328025Mar 29, 2023From Beijing to Shanghai and everything in between this 25-day in depth tour uncovers the hidden gems of China. From China's large cities to small …
Flavors of China$597312Mar 29, 2023This 12-day culinary-focused tour of China acquaints you with authentically prepared Peking Duck in Beijing followed by a dumpling feast in the old …
Great Wall, Dynasties, & Rivers$489912Mar 29, 2023On this 12-day active tour of China, you will hike the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall, see rice terraces near Ping'an Village, pandas in …
Essence of China$289410Mar 29, 2023This 10-day tour of China is the perfect introduction into Chinese culture and history, with stops in the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Hutong …
Beautiful Beijing & the Wall$15616Mar 29, 2023On this 6-day tour of Beijing, China you'll be immersed in the culture, lifestyle, and history of this ancient city with opportunities to visit the …
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10 Best China Hotels for 2023-2024

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Top 1 China Cruise Ships for 2023-2024

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Fun Facts About China

  1. The Chinese New Year celebrations last 15 days. Each year has an iconic animal that represents it.
  2. Early chopsticks were originally used for cooking, not eating, around 5,000 years ago.
  3. China covers about the same area as the continental United States.
  4. The color red is considered to be a lucky color.
  5. The Terra Cotta army in Xi'an features an impressive 8,000 warriors, which likely took close to 40 years to make.
  6. China has over 1.38 billion people, making it the world's most populous country.
  7. China is the world's largest exporter of goods.
  8. Although China spans five traditional time zones, they were all united into one single time zone.
  9. Table tennis is China's national sport.
  10. Half of the pigs in the whole world are found in China.
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Travel Highlights of China
  • Beijing - See the modern capital city built around the ancient structures of the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Great Wall.
  • Shanghai – Visit the famous Yu Garden nestled within China's booming financial metropolis.
  • Hong Kong - Although not technically a part of China, this highly developed port region serves as a thriving commercial hub for much of Asia.
  • Chengdu - Known to many Chinese as the most laid-back city, you can see everything from pandas to 7th Century stone carvings in this lush oasis
  • Yangshuo -  Stand on the banks of the Li River and marvel at the beauty of the towering limestone mountains and natural beauty of Southern China
  • Terracotta Warriors – Perhaps the most fascinating artifacts of the Qin Dynasty, these statues served as guardians and now form a part of an impressive museum
  • Xi’an - What was the capital of China during 13 dynasties still holds an important place in the preservation of Chinese culture, home to the Shaanxi Museum & the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.
How much do China tours cost?

Our 5 to 25-day China tours in 2023 range in price from $1,256 to $14,120. A China tour package that includes two days of hiking along a less-visited section of the Great Wall of China costs $643 and includes a night in a comfortable hotel.

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China Travel FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to China?
US citizens do need a visa to visit China. Tourist visas are not hard to get, and we can help point you in the right direction throughout the process. Check the visa requirements for more specific information.

Is tipping customary in China?
You can tip around 5 percent if you've enjoyed excellent service, but it is not an expectation.

What is internet access like in China?
Internet access, especially WiFi, is booming in China, but the infrastructure to support it is still developing. Your hotel or boat might likely have internet access, but be aware that the speed might be slow and many sites (including social media sites) might be blocked. More isolated parts of the country will not have internet access. You might have to pay for internet access depending on where you are, and there are also some cyber cafes that might be a cheap alternative.

Can I use my cell phone while in China?
While in China, you will likely have access to cell phone coverage in the more developed metropolitan areas and less access as you get into the isolated rural areas. In order to enable your phone in China, you will have to make sure it is GSM-capable and unlocked by your provider. Then you simply purchase a SIM chip at the airport when you arrive and you will be able to use your phone normally on the local network. Another option is to connect to free public WiFi when it's available or ask your provider if they have international plans.

Do I need power adapters?
China has 220v power with two-flat prongs, two round prongs, and two diagonal flat prongs (Types A, C, & I). Make sure your devices are compatible with these types and you will not likely need a power converter.

What are the toilets like in China?
There are two types of toilets you might find: Western style bowls and squat toilets. Be sure not to throw toilet paper in either of them, since the sewage system simply isn't built for it; instead, toss it in the trash basket next to the toilet. For squat toilets, there's a bit of a learning curve, but it's basically what it sounds like and hopefully you'll be able to figure it out pretty quickly. Bring your own toilet paper, just in case.

Can I drink the water in China?
Do not drink the tap water in China. Drinking water should either be bottled or purified, and we promise that you will always have access to drinking water. However, tap water should strictly be used for washing.

Are credit cards accepted in China? Will I be able to find ATMs?
It should be pretty easy to find ATMs and businesses that accept cards throughout China, especially in the bustling city centers. However, if you are taking a trip that spends several days away from the more developed parts of the country, you should be sure to withdraw cash before departing, as it is unlikely that you will have ATM/ credit card access in the more remote days of your itinerary. 

Should I purchase travel insurance?
No matter what your destination, you should always purchase travel insurance. Check out our Once You're Booked page for more information on getting a comprehensive insurance package from TravelGuard.

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