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There's no better way to explore the Great Pyramids than on a luxury small boat cruise of Egypt down the Nile River with Adventure Life. In Cairo witness the titanic monuments of Giza, including the Great Pyramid, the puzzling Sphinx, & the smaller pyramids that surround them. Cruise up the longest river of the world, the Nile River, to see the impressively preserved ruins of the ancient Egyptian civilization. At Aswan, you will see the Philae Temple, the Granite Quarry, & the famous Aswan Dam. Then cruise north to Luxor, where you can explore the tombs of the Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens on the West Bank. Alternatively, cruise the Suez Canal that connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea. Contact one of our Egypt experts to start designing your dream trip to Egypt and the Nile today.
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10 Best Egypt Cruises & Tours for 2022-2023

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Top 10 Cruise Ships & Riverboats Sailing Egypt for 2022-2023

Ship NameMax PassengersFromSummary
Emerald Azzurra100$3295Emerald Azzurra is a Yacht with passenger capacity of 100, sailing along the Adriatic Coast, Red Sea, Eastern & Western Mediterranean.
Le Bougainville184$4760Experience a luxurious setting where the main focus is of authenticity and passion for travel. Le Bougainville is an environmentally-friendly …
Le Jacques Cartier188$5050Indulge in an intimate cruise with the opportunity to visit an ever-expanding choice of destinations in an ethnic-chic ambiance with luxury service. …
Le Bellot188$5330Experience the incomparable pleasure of an intimate cruise, with the possibility of exploring an ever-increasing range of destinations in an …
Nile Adventurer64$1307Designed for Nile River cruises, the Nile Adventurer features a sun deck with heated swimming pool, a lower shaded deck with bar, air-conditioning …
Sanctuary Sun Boat IV80$1307Launched in 1996 and fully refurbished in 2006, Sanctuary Sun Boat IV offers a Nile River cruise experience unlike any other - with private docks in …
Harmony V50$1990Introducing the Harmony V, a modern vessel launched in June 2009, with a sleek high-tech look very similar to the private yachts to be found in the …
Sanctuary Sun Boat III36$7500An intimate river yacht, the Sanctuary Sun Boat III represents the ultimate in luxury and relaxation on the Nile. Discover the essence of tranquility …
Silver Cloud260$45000The newly refurbished Silver Cloud is the most spacious and comfortable ice class vessel in expedition cruising. Its large suites, destination …
MS Amadahlia72$5099The stunning AmaDahlia is an inviting 72-passenger ship offering 36 standard staterooms, including 16 magnificent suites with a wealth of amenities …
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Top 4 Luxury Cruises in Egypt for 2022-2023

Egypt Travel Tips & Cruise Guide

Walk like an Egyptian... And live and eat like one too!

As you embark on your Egypt tour or cruise, you will walk the same lands that Egyptians have crossed for millennia. While many countries have hidden treasures and monuments tucked deep in their jungles, Egypt is not shy about its awe-inspiring memorials.

In every city of Egypt, you will witness the imposing pyramids, temples, and monuments climbing towards the heavens in reverence to the ancient gods. On your excursion, you will step back into the mummified history, as you visit splendid sites like:
  • Cairo & Giza: The modern capital of this ancient country, Cairo is home to the extensive Egyptian Museum and also provides a great base for tours of Giza, where the pyramids & the renowned Sphinx are located.
  • Aswan: Best known for the Aswan Dam, you will also see the archaic temples of Philae.
  • Luxor: Called "Thebes" in ancient times, this was one of the main capitals of the pharaohs, where you will explore the haunting Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens on the West Bank of the Nile River.
  • Sail the Suez Canal, the waterway built between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.
  • Kom Ombu & Edfu: Here there are two temples that you will explore - the Temple of Horus & the Temple of Kom Ombu, a tribute to the crocodile god Sobek.
About Adventure Life's Egyptian Cruises

It doesn't take long to see what sets our Egyptian cruises and tours apart - from the moment you board the Sanctuary Sun Boat III or IV, you will feel the intimate atmosphere that promises an exciting trip with exclusive itineraries that help maximize exploration while minimizing the dreaded crowds. 

You will tour in style from aboard the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, which even features its own feluccas (the traditional wooden sailing boats), which make your day tours even more private. 

The expansive sun deck features a pool where you can relax after a long and exciting day of touring, plus modern and elegant lounge and dining areas inside. 

You'll also feel right at home with your fellow ship mates as you tour the ancient lands of Egypt, as each boat has occupancy for less than 100 people. 

FAQs for Egypt Tours & Cruises

Do I need a visa to travel to Egypt?

Your passport must be valid for six months, and you need either a $25 30-day tourist visa or a $35 multiple entry visa.

Is tipping customary in Egypt?

Gratuities are expected in Egypt and generally start around 10% of service or a few dollars.

What is internet access like in Egypt?

You will likely find many places in the cities you visit that have free public Wifi, but since all of our Egypt excursions are cruises, don't expect internet on your vessel.

Can I use my cell phone while in Egypt?

You probably won't be close enough to the cell phone towers to get a signal on your phone. If you do, you will have to replace the SIM chip with one you purchase locally (at the airport).

Do I need power adapters?

Power in Egypt is 220v with "Types C & F " sockets. These have two round pins. If your devices aren't compatible with this voltage, you will need a step-down converter. You will definitely need a plug adapter.

What are the toilets like in Egypt?

Your boat will have Western style flush toilets but if there is a sign indicating that you should throw waste paper in the basket, you should definitely follow those instructions.

Can I drink the water in Egypt?

You should not drink the water in Egypt, but your cruise ship will have filtered or bottled water for you at all times.

Are credit cards accepted in Egypt? Will I be able to find ATMs?

Don't expect to find too many ATMs along the way - when you're in the bigger cities, you will likely come across ATMs that accept major international credit cards, but otherwise enjoy the fact that our itineraries are all-inclusive. Take some cash out of an ATM at the airport when you arrive for souvenirs and any tips and you should be covered.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

While not required, it's definitely a good idea to have travel insurance just in case, and we have some great deals via TravelGuard on our Once You're Booked page.
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