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Traveling solo is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have on the road. At Adventure Life, we encourage wanderers to embrace the art of being alone. Discover the freedom of solo travel by marveling at the magnificent fjords of Iceland or roaming the unspoiled wilderness of Patagonia on your own. In North America, seeing the national parks of the United States or the natural wonders of Canada are enjoyable solo experiences. Or, you can indulge in the cultural treasures of Europe, from Greece to Italy. The Galapagos Islands is an exhilarating escape for wildlife lovers, while Asia has also long been a favorite of solo backpackers. Here, we share our picks of the best Adventure Life trips for solitary explorers, whatever the reason for setting off on a solo adventure—solitude, reflection, escape, or just the freedom of taking on the world on your own. Let our Adventure Life travel experts know where you’ve always dreamed of going, and we will help you make that solo trip a reality!

Top Trips for Solo Travelers for 2024

Best Places for Solo Tours and Trips

Dreaming of a solo holiday? It all starts with picking the right destination. The whole world is yours for the taking, but some countries are definitely a little easier to navigate alone than others. Check out some of our experts’ picks of awesome destinations for solo travel.
Iceland (Best Solo Travel Destination for Your Bucket List)
This remote island in the North Atlantic is an outdoor paradise, with glorious waterfalls, craggy cliffs, steaming geysers, and enormous glaciers. A northern lights tour in Iceland is a staple on many travelers’ ultimate bucket list. Plus, the country is one of the safest countries in the world with extremely low crime rates, so it’s an excellent choice for even the wariest solo explorer.

Chile (Best Solo Travel Destination for a Mix of Nature & Culture)
Chile is a long and skinny country known for stunning natural diversity. It’s home to pristine beaches, towering mountain ranges, rolling vineyards, and the remote Atacama Desert. Solo adventurers seeking the great outdoors will fall in love with Patagonia, a region of unspoiled wilderness straddling Chile and Argentina. For a taste of city comforts, head to Santiago, where you can enjoy vibrant dining spots, boutique shops, museums, and art galleries.

United States (Best Solo Travel Destination for Long Vacations)
There are tons to explore in the United States, so boredom is almost impossible, even for globetrotters visiting their country on their own. Whether you want to bask in the energy of big cities like New York and L.A. or you prefer exploring the great wild national parks across the country, you’ll never run out of places to see in the United States.

Greece (Best Solo Destination for Island Hopping)
Ancient, beautiful, and vibrant, the Greek Islands is a destination that has enchanted many a traveler. And it’s easy to see why—white-sand islands dot the impossibly blue Aegean Sea, age-old ruins lie under clear open skies, and idyllic villages seem to be on every corner. Plus, the friendly locals make everyone feel right at home, making Greece very popular among people traveling alone.

Southeast Asia (Best Solo Destination for Backpackers)
Of course, backpacking Southeast Asia is practically a rite of passage for solo travelers. Not only is it an affordable loop to explore, but the tropical region is rich with vibrant cultures, exotic wildlife, glorious natural landscapes, and delicious food. As a popular destination among single backpackers, there’s a good chance you’ll make a friend along the way, whether you’re visiting the idyllic beaches of Thailand or the dramatic mountains of Bhutan.

10 Great Deals for Solo Travel for 2024-2025

Trip NameSaveFromDaysNext DepartureSummary
Classic Antarctica Air CruiseCustom Label$159958Dec 6, 2024Embark on this 8-day Antarctic cruise on the Magellan Explorer. Fly over the Drake Passage round-trip from Punta Arenas to King George Island where …
Classic Antarctica Air CruiseCustom Label$114958Dec 2, 2024Embark on this 8-day Antarctic adventure with Ocean Nova Air Cruises. Fly over the Drake Passage from Punta Arenas to King George Island where you …
Antarctic Express: Fly South, Cruise NorthCustom Label$1619510Jan 17, 2026On this 10-day Antarctic Express: Fly South, Cruise North Expedition Cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia aboard Ocean Explorer, opt for the quickest …
Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th ContinentCustom Label$1539512Nov 16, 2024Cross the 7th Continent off your list on this 12-Day Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th Continent Cruise from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia aboard …
Introduction to Spitsbergen: Fjords, Glaciers, and Wildlife of SvalbardCustom Label$899510Jun 19, 2024This exciting 10-day Arctic cruise of the remote Norwegian island of Spitsbergen aboard the sleek new vessel Ultramarine, travels from Helsinki, …
Antarctic Small Ship ExpeditionSavings$659510Nov 11, 2024Leaving from Ushuaia, Argentina, this 10-day small ship expedition cruise of Antarctica is an excellent value and takes you through the Beagle …
Antarctic Express: Cruise South, Fly NorthCustom Label$1679510Dec 3, 2025Join a 10-day Antarctic Express: Cruise South, Fly North Expedition departing from Ushuaia. Pass by the Drake Passage, witness whales and penguins, …
Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica: Explorers and KingsCustom Label$2549520Nov 4, 2024From Ushuaia, Argentina enjoy a true polar expedition to the northernmost tip of Antarctica on this round trip 20-day small ship cruise aboard the …
Baja California's Whales & SealifeSavings$65008Dec 28, 2024Stocked with supplies and a bountiful sense of adventure, join the Safari Voyager into the protected waters of Cousteau's "world's aquarium". Active …
Antarctic Explorer: Discovering the 7th ContinentCustom Label$1119511Nov 5, 2024On this 11-day adventure to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula you'll cruise through sea ice, witness penguins building their …

Guide for Solo Travelers

What to expect on a Solo Travel experience with Adventure Life
You're never alone on the road, even when you're traveling by yourself — at least with Adventure Life! Our goal is to make sure that your solo travel experience is one in which you will enjoy the company of your fellow travelers, with plenty of social opportunities and group activities like snorkeling, hiking, city tours, archaeological visits, and all of the classic itinerary activities. 

Of course, we understand that many solo travelers are hoping for privacy and solitude, as well. Thus, we have done our best to procure a selection of tours that allows for a higher level of privacy for travelers. We also know that many solo travelers are wary of the dreaded single-supplement fee, so we are here to make sure that you are getting the best possible price for your itinerary without worrying about getting nickel-and-dimed at every corner.
Tips for Solo Travel

1. Research your destination thoroughly.
For surviving solo travel, your greatest weapon is preparation. It’s not just about knowing the famous attractions but also researching neighborhoods, public transport, local customs, dress codes, tour prices, contact numbers of local services, embassy information, and the like. If you can, brush up on basic phrases in the local language.  
2. Pack light.
Don’t make traveling any harder than it has to be. Bring only the essentials. That way, you can be quick, efficient, and flexible on the go.  
3. Join group tours.
If you’re unsure where to meet new people, a group tour is the way to go. Nothing breaks the ice better than exploring a new spot together! Plus, it’s a good way to break the monotony of solo travel before retreating to your room to rest and recharge.
4. Be an early bird.
Even in popular destinations, mornings tend to be less crowded outside. Getting up and sightseeing early gives you the chance to see famous attractions without jostling for space.
5. Carry identification.
Make sure you make multiple copies of your passport, credit cards, and IDs. Bring the important ones while sightseeing, but keep extra copies in different places as a precaution. A list of emergency contact information and the business card of your accommodations are also essential.
6. Follow safety precautions.
It’s better to be safe than sorry—this is never truer than when traveling solo. Leave a copy of your itinerary with family and friends back home. Touch base with them regularly via text, email, or social media. Avoid flashy clothing and jewelry or going somewhere alone with a complete stranger. At night, stick to public areas that are well-lit and open. Ultimately, learn to trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, step away, go to a public space, and reassess.
7. Enjoy while it lasts.
You won’t always be alone, so make the experience count. Solo travel has its ups and downs, but embrace the spontaneity, the freedom, and the pleasure of your own company.
Why Travel Solo?

1. You’re free to do what you want to do.
Compromise is part of traveling with family or friends, but on your own, you’re completely free to fully indulge in your whims. Perhaps you want to skip the museums in favor of the beach. Or you’d rather spend more time in one city instead of another. If you’re on a solo trip, you don’t have to consider anyone’s itinerary except your own. 
2. Youll meet more people.
Part of the allure of exploring the world is meeting all sorts of characters on the road. But if you’re traveling with a group, you tend to stick with the people you know. You tend to be more approachable alone, and you’re also more likely to reach out to locals and fellow travelers. 
3. You can self-reflect and connect with yourself. 
Sometimes, the only way to learn more about yourself is to step away from family and friends who expect you to be a certain way. Traveling solo allows you to listen to your own heart and discover who you are without conforming to expectations. It also exposes you to new experiences; without anyone else to rely on, you can grow, expand, and discover what you’re capable of on your own.
4. You get to enjoy the destination without distractions.
Traveling with family and friends means it’s easy to fall into the habits and routines of home. When you’re traveling solo, you can be completely immersed in everything local—food, music, activities, and even company. You’re even pushed to learn new languages to communicate with the locals. 
5. You become more confident and capable.
Exploring unknown places alone will throw you into new, challenging, and unexpected situations. Yes, stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary. But obstacles that push you to your limits will ultimately make you realize how strong and capable you are as an individual. Solo travel isn’t easy, but the sense of achievement that comes from solving problems, making decisions, and finding your way on your own is a confidence booster like no other.
For Female Solo Travelers

Always lock your doors.
No matter how safe you feel in your hotel or cabin, it’s always best to safeguard against danger, especially when you’re asleep.
Dress not to impress but to blend in. Staying low-key and blending in with the locals is an effective strategy to avoid unwanted attention. And dressing appropriately is a must to respect the local culture and traditions, anyway.
Know when to keep information to yourself—or lie. Making friends is well and good, but keep caution a top priority. Don’t tell people where you’re staying in town. If a stranger asks if you are alone, sometimes it’s best to say that you have plans to meet a friend or family member.
Travel during the day. If you have a long commute ahead of you, arrange it so that you arrive while the sun is still out. During the daytime, not only is it brighter and easier to keep track of where you are but there are also more people around to make you feel more at ease.  
Choose destinations wisely; some countries are easier for solo women to navigate on their own than others. For instance, Iceland is renowned for its low crime rates. Canada, Finland, and New Zealand are also known for being among the safest countries in the world to travel in, including for female travelers. Contact our travel experts for additional recommendations.

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