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Brian Morgan CEO and Adventure Lifer!

Brian Morgan
CEO and Adventure Lifer!

I wanted friends and family to experience the same excitement and wonder that I enjoyed while living and working in such fascinating places as Ecuador, Peru, and Russia, and friends and family wanted authentic travel experiences. They didn't, however, want to go at it on their own. So I used my own experiences and lots of help from friends in Ecuador and Peru to create a travel company that offers everyone the chance to discover the culture and places that I love. It's an honor to be part of a community of such discerning travelers and to be part of planning their most perfect adventures.

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Moe Sundem Sales Director

Moe Sundem
Sales Director

As a Pacific Northwest native I was raised to love playing in the mountains. I now enjoy living near Glacier National Park and learning how to master the adventure called "motherhood". I hold an innate love for Latin Culture, particularly Central America, and now love to develop amazing experiences in other cultures around the globe.

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Mary Curry Voyage Product Director/Trip Planner

Mary Curry
Voyage Product Director/Trip Planner

I'm a Missoula native who has been with Adventure Life almost from the beginning. With its family friendly policies and adventure- minded staff, Adventure Life is the perfect fit for me. I love to travel, especially on multisport trips such as the breathtaking Class V Futaleufu whitewater adventure. I also enjoy spending time with my fantastic family on outdoor adventures around Montana. I graduated from the University of Puget Sound with a Masters in Occupational Therapy. As a Watson Fellow, Presidential Scholar and mom, I hope to instill a passion for international travel and global consciousness in my four kids. They've started their travels early with special trips one on one with mom, accompanying me to the Galapagos, Ecuador, Belize, Panama, Germany, the UK, Costa Rica, Baja, Guatemala, Argentina, the Arctic and the Antarctic. I hope that is only the beginning!

I am the Travel+Leisure A-List Top Travel Advisor for Small Ship Cruises, and I would be honored to help plan your trip!

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Kassandra Magruder Trip Planner

Kassandra Magruder
Trip Planner

Growing up in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains and the waters of Puget Sound, I developed a passion for exploring wild places. This ultimately led me to the University of Montana in Missoula, where I studied forestry and recreation as an undergrad. Most of my free time is spent skiing, rafting, hiking, and fly-fishing - always in pursuit of a new trail or unexplored section of river. I spent two years developing tourism programs as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and later earned a graduate degree in Ecotourism. My extensive travels throughout Latin America have ignited a strong passion for indigenous cultures and adventure travel. My travels with Adventure Life have taken me to Peru, Ecuador, Antarctica, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Lapland, the Canadian Arctic and most recently a trekking trip through the Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru. Who knows where I will end up next?

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Erin Correia Trip Planner

Erin Correia
Trip Planner

Growing up in the Midwest, my parents were great at making sure life was full of adventure. Whether it was a hike through the dunes or a road trip to the National Asparagus Festival, they instilled a sense of curiosity and need for exploration in me at an early age. My first big journey into the “unknown” was heading to Orlando to work as a Disney princess in college, which was quickly followed by semesters abroad in Australia and then Ireland with weekends country-hopping throughout Europe. After college, I worked for the Missoula Children’s Theatre. I married my tour partner and we spent 6 years traveling the world bringing theater to children in areas such as Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Anjung-Ri, South Korea. In 2011, I left my nomadic days behind me and joined Adventure Life. When not planning trips, I love to pass along the love of adventure to my children as we explore the great Montana wilderness with our giant dog!

I am the Travel+Leisure A-List Top Travel Advisor for the Galapagos, and I would love to help you plan a trip today!

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Kevin Moore Trip Planner

Kevin Moore
Trip Planner

I remember that moment of hesitation during the summer after sophomore year in college. I was at a non-descript campsite in the middle of the Plains states, on my way for a summer job in the Rockies. I was momentarily unsure about leaving the comforts of home and friends in Ohio, and considered turning around during that lonely night on the Plains. I did make it to the Rockies, fell in love with the mountains and quickly gained an itch for further travel. I have been lucky enough to find a partner and best friend who has that same itch for travel and love for the mountains. Together we’ve lived in and traveled to some pretty amazing places – Iceland, Antarctica, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Nepal… I like putting my own travel experiences to work in connecting other travelers with the next great place on their ever-growing list of destinations.

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Jess Heuermann Trip Planner

Jess Heuermann
Trip Planner

There is no shortage of adventure when you grow up in the heart of the Cascades; a mountain to climb, a river to float, a forest to wander. As for the rest of the world, I didn't give it much thought. That is until I did a study abroad in England my sophomore year in college. Suddenly I realized I had some serious ground to cover! From there I traveled to Peru, Japan, Singapore, Guam and over 30 US states while on tour with Missoula Children’s Theatre. There is nothing more satisfying than finding that super secret spot while traveling; that tucked away waterfall in Tokyo or that Thai place with the magic soup in London. I can't wait to find the next one. Where ever I go next I'll remain an avid backpacker, theatre enthusiast and dark roast coffee drinker.

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Jenna Fedyschyn Trip Planner

Jenna Fedyschyn
Trip Planner

My home base was the same street in rural Pennsylvania until I was 18, but escaping to different corners of the world was always encouraged in my family. As a student at the University of Richmond, I jumped at the opportunities to study abroad in Chile, Argentina, and Peru, staying with host families and soaking up as much of my surroundings as possible. I remained in Virginia after college to work with a medical non-profit organization, coordinating pediatric surgery trips to many countries in Central America and the Caribbean. My love for travel continued to grow as I experienced these new cultures and introduced them to others! Now I find myself in beautiful Missoula, Montana, and when I'm not camping, skiing, or fly fishing a pristine river, you'll find me brushing up on my Spanish and plotting my next adventure! So far I've managed to cross off the Galapagos, Thailand, Laos, Chilean Patagonia, and the South Pacific through my Adventure Life travels. Recommendations welcomed for my next destination!

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Rachel Shull Trip Planner

Rachel Shull
Trip Planner

In early college, I was gifted with the travel bug when I was invited to join a small archaeology trip to New Zealand, Australia, & Fiji. My eyes were opened to the beauty of the little things in life and the joys of living simply. My favorite memory of seeing the stars of the Southern Hemisphere for the first time will always hold a special place in my heart; right next to my excitement for all the future travel moments I have yet to experience.

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Kelly Boudreau Trip Planner

Kelly Boudreau
Trip Planner

While I will forever be a Mainer at heart with a fondness for flannel and a brisk salty breeze in my face, I have been fortunate enough to live a life on the go. I have studied and lived in New Zealand, worked in the wilds of Alaska, experienced 24-hour daylight while trekking in the Norwegian arctic, spent time rock climbing in Thailand and took 5 months to backpack through Chilean and Argentine Patagonia. Most recently I had the opportunity to cross the Antarctic Circle and spend some quality time with the wildlife of Antarctica! Life has brought me countless experiences and memories in incredible places on 6 of the 7 continents and an ambition to keep exploring the world. I continue to enjoy planning travel for myself, my family and for anyone who has the desire to experience the magic of foreign lands.

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Jeff Rottschafer Trip Planner

Jeff Rottschafer
Trip Planner

What started out as a whim to study languages soon became a year abroad in France, which then turned into a lifetime love of traveling. From trying to make it as a musician in Berlin, to teaching English in China for four years, I kept finding myself drawn to different corners of the Earth. I am completely fascinated by the diversity of languages, food, and culture that the world has to offer, and look forward to sharing this excitement with other travelers. When not traveling I love hiking, cooking, playing music, and trying to stay on top of all the languages that I have half-learned.

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Jane  Packer Trip Planner

Jane Packer
Trip Planner

As a child, I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel with my family around the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. I have always had a desire to roam-- I can still remember staring out the window from the backseat of the family minivan, imagining what it would be like to solo hike in the Colorado mountains. In my teenage years, I traveled with rural service trips to Panama and Nicaragua, and later spent a semester abroad in Ecuador and the Galapagos. My wanderlust was further indulged as I solo journeyed throughout South America for two years. I am so excited to use my knowledge and passion for travel to help you plan your next adventure!

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Tanesia Brazington Trip Planner

Tanesia Brazington
Trip Planner

I don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have the desire to travel. Even at 4 years I told my parents that I wanted to learn French and visit France someday. Fast forward 18 years and I fulfilled that dream through study abroad in Strasbourg, France. I was able to visit much of France, Italy, Ireland and parts of Germany. Having lived in France twice now I am excited to be part of a company that assists others in experiencing such wonderful things as new countries and cultures. I hope my future holds more adventures and copious amounts of coffee!

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Alexandra Latta Trip Planner

Alexandra Latta
Trip Planner

My mother would tell you I was born with itchy feet and a sense of wonder, which is why she named me after early explorer, Alexandra David-Néel. What began with childhood trips to the Rockies, Japan, Costa Rica, and Ireland evolved into a deep-seated wanderlust that is never entirely satiated. My travels have taken me throughout Asia, Europe, Scandinavia, Central and South American; each trip leaving me all the more excited for my next adventure. I delight in the thought of creating such memorable opportunities for others. When not traveling abroad, I find plenty of adventure right in my backyard, exploring the wilds of western Montana - any given weekend could find me venturing into the backcountry in search of that perfect wildlife or landscape photo, subjecting friends and family to my cooking experiments, corralling my retrievers on epic romps, and cozying up by the fire with a good book.

Rachel Short-Miller Trip Planner

Rachel Short-Miller
Trip Planner

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, studied in the Midwest and now happily settled here in Missoula, I was fortunate enough to inherit the travel bug from my parents. At two years old I was taken to England, there was Mexico at twelve, Africa in eighth grade, Europe at eighteen, and Costa Rica in college. The most impactful though, was during my final semester of undergrad where I spent three months immersed in Tanzanian culture—studying Swahili and their vast history while residing with local families. I truly believe that experience is worth more than things and have adopted a love of helping people catch the same bug! Between trips you can find me outdoors with my spouse most likely camping, biking, backpacking, or skiing.

Sarah Senior Trip Planner

Sarah Senior
Trip Planner

My passion for travel started when I studied abroad in Morocco as an exchange student during my undergraduate years. After that, I spent over two years in Albania with the Peace Corps. I have visited 18 countries and I have a long list of places that I want to visit in the future! I'm so happy to be able to help our travelers plan memorable trips all over the globe. Originally from California, I came to Montana in 2011 and have considered it home ever since.

Tilly Cantor Trip Planner

Tilly Cantor
Trip Planner

I grew up in the wild north of Chugiak, Alaska. I spent my time mushing dogs, playing hockey, ocean kayaking and seeking any new adventure I could find. My first real taste of international travel was when I was 11 years old. My parents flew me, my brother and our bikes over to the Netherlands for a cross country bike tour. We spent one month riding through some of the most beautiful country I have seen; tasting cheese, eating fresh cherries, and befriending any horse I came across. From then on, I had the the travel bug. In middle school I spent time living in an Alaskan Native village; attending their school, learning the culture and how to live off the land. During my sophomore year of high school, I was an exchange student in Germany where I made amazing friends and fell even more in love with traveling and cultural exploration. Since my early travels I have stepped foot on 6 of the 7 continents. From hiking the peaks of the Swiss Alps to swimming with Manatees in Indonesia I have had life changing experiences. I look forward to sharing my love of travel here at Adventure Life and am excited to see where life takes me next.

Andy Pace Trip Planner

Andy Pace
Trip Planner

Perhaps it was that unmoored feeling resulting from moving twenty times as a kid between Europe and the plains of the Midwest that made me want to anchor down in the far north. Whatever it was, I spent eleven years in interior Alaska, running mountain races in the summer and mushing my dogs from one corner of the state to the other through the winter. Running the Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race twice and heading to the Arctic in the spring every year for long expeditions opened up the vast landscape for me and hammered home just how vast, wild and beautifully unsentimental the world can be. When my wife & I had our second child recently, we decided to forego the one room dry cabin and move back to civilization, closer to our families (but close enough to the wilderness to balance us out). Now that I’m here in Missoula looking at all the world’s possibilities anew, I am thrilled to have access to the spirit of adventure that defines Adventure Life.

Jonathan Brunger Operations Director

Jonathan Brunger
Operations Director

Since starting at Adventure Life in 2003, I have had great opportunities traveling to destinations in Central and South America as well as Antarctica. People will often ask me which of my trips has been my favorite or the best, and it is certainly hard to decide. It is hard to compare hiking on Inca ruins with our great guides in Peru with floating in the Antarctic waters on a zodiac while a minke whale playfully pushes us along. Every experience brings a chance to learn, reflect, and most importantly, have fun. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for travel and especially like hearing from our guests when they return from their own adventures.

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Franny Friesz Operations Team Leader

Franny Friesz
Operations Team Leader

Raised in the foothills of the Mission Mountains, I have always been addicted to the outdoors. As a little girl, I spent my time exploring the acres of forest that surrounded my house. I grew up hiking through Glacier National Park with my family and spending time on Flathead Lake. My first adventure was to Brazil when I was 10 years old and is easily my favorite trip. From there, I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe to France, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. I've built houses two different times in Mexico and have discovered parts of Canada. My travels with Adventure Life have taken me to the Caribbean coast and rainforests of beautiful Costa Rica in September of 2016 and an amazing trip with my husband to Patagonia February 2017. Most recently, in March 2018, I was lucky enough to explore Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, and then take a voyage to Antarctica. I am excited for my future adventures and to continue to explore the world. In the meantime, I love everything I get to experience in and around Missoula; camping or backpacking with my husband and dog, floating the river, hiking trails, and photographing everything along the way.

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Kate Boyd Operations Coordinator

Kate Boyd
Operations Coordinator

Growing up on the west coast I was exposed to a melting pot of cultures at a young age. Whether it was dinner in Japantown or taking a stroll in Little Italy, I always secretly wished I could be experiencing the real thing. It didn’t take long for my fascinations to kick in and for me to accrue a large bucket list of places I want to visit. In college, I was fortunate enough to visit Europe and after that first trip, I was officially hooked on travel. When I’m not day dreaming of places I’ve yet to visit, you can find me hiking, competing in mud runs, in the kitchen cooking sweets, or taking photographs of the beautiful place I call home.

My Travel Stories
Karen DiGangi Operations Coordinator

Karen DiGangi
Operations Coordinator

An East Coast girl, missing her Maryland blue crabs, my newest adventure has brought me to the mountains of Montana, and I'm loving every minute. I've spent most of my life focused on travel and adventure; from being born in Germany, to family cruises to the Caribbean, working as an archaeologist in Italy, chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland and running the Great Wall Marathon in China. While it might take some time, I'm on my way to run a marathon on every continent (among many other adventures) - up next is Antarctica!

My Travel Stories
Emily Steinberg Operations Coordinator

Emily Steinberg
Operations Coordinator

They say you never get over your first love and at 17 years old I found mine: Latin America. When I took my first trip to Chiapas, Mexico in 2007 I stayed in a small coffee-growing village located in a rural jungle near San Cristobal. I remember feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and homesick, yet the second I returned home all I could think about was getting back to Mexico. Since my first trip abroad I have been lucky enough to return to Mexico multiple times, as well as Guatemala, Cuba and El Salvador. More recently I expanded my horizons and was able to explore parts of Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. After a year of living and working overseas I am excited to be back in my hometown of Missoula, Montana. When I’m not living vicariously through my Adventure Life travelers, I enjoy backpacking, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking with my fiancé and geriatric mutt.

My Travel Story
Sarah Cornellier Operations Coordinator

Sarah Cornellier
Operations Coordinator

One of my most cherished gifts came from my Mother, she instilled in me a curiosity about the world. The joy of learning about other cultures and lands has been something I have always enjoyed and I have been fortunate to learn about some firsthand. I spent many years living and working abroad as a horseback riding guide, first learning about the tourism industry on the ground as a guide in Mongolia. That grew to working in Chile, Argentina and South Africa. Montana remained my home throughout my years of traveling and with the recent additions of a horse and a couple of dogs to my family my career has now shifted to helping others have unforgettable experiences of their own.

Helen Thomson Operations Coordinator

Helen Thomson
Operations Coordinator

For me, adventuring is the best kind of weekend plan and also a lifelong passion. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado instilled me with an enthusiasm for exploring at a young age. Some of this exploring has led me to camping in high mountain peaks close to home, paddling down the Grand Canyon, road tripping the West Coast with friends, spending a month in Ecuador with my family, studying abroad in Ireland, backpacking through Eastern Europe and teaching kindergarten in Bali and the Philippines. Most recently, I moved to Missoula and joined the Adventure Life team, where I get to work with fun, like-minded people and help others plan their next great adventure.

Jennie Domareki Operations Coordinator

Jennie Domareki
Operations Coordinator

I was first introduced to the world of travel while on a cross country road trip. To a New Jersey girl, exploring wonders like Sequoias and Hoodoos instilled an indescribable throbbing in my heart. I was in love with traveling and knew I had to see more! Since then, I have lived in and traveled to many beautiful landscapes. I am happy to plant my roots in Missoula, Montana where I am usually trail running with my dog, snowboarding or hiking around the wondrous mountains. I am so grateful for the gifts and memories my travel experiences have brought to my life and I am happy to facilitate those opportunities for others!

Shannon Fischer-Kendro Operations Coordinator

Shannon Fischer-Kendro
Operations Coordinator

Growing up on the Pacific Ocean shaped me into an adventurous outdoors woman who rarely says no to a new experience, from salmon fishing in Alaska to studying the Renaissance in Italy. At a young age I was able to explore Chinese palaces and fjords in New Zealand. My desire to learn from others and gain new experiences continued in the El Salvadorian jungle and German farmland. The list of places I have yet to explore grows by the day as I share my love for travel with an incredible team and wonderful travelers. When I’m not working to create profound trips that my travelers never forget, you can find me mountain biking, backpacking or skiing around Western Montana.

Kevin Talcott Operations Coordinator

Kevin Talcott
Operations Coordinator

Ever feel like you need 6 months of vacation twice a year? Me too. Learning hands-on has often taught me far more than what I've read in a textbook. My travels thus far have grounded me in the reality that I can see more when I travel alone, but I see better when traveling with others. Being chased by camels in the Gobi Desert after a freak hail storm, teaching Ghanaian students what adjectives are, and hiking with international friends in the Swiss Alps while indulging in chocolate and fondue are a few of the most memorable moments I’ve encountered, of which I hope others will experience similar adventures for themselves. When I’m not traveling or working, you can find me reading a good book!

Lynessa Nelson Office Manager / HR Coordinator

Lynessa Nelson
Office Manager / HR Coordinator

My passion for travel began in college while studying abroad in Spain, Scotland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Mexico. Upon graduation, I became a resettlement counselor in Seattle for refugees arriving from around the globe. I enjoyed the relationships made while learning to cook spicy Ethiopian foods, experiencing the art of Somali henna, and occasionally joining in a Liberian dance party. Now at Adventure Life, my desire lives on to help others experience new cultures for themselves and learn about the adventures awaiting in a foreign country. When I'm not working, I like getting out to enjoy hiking, horseback riding, zumba, and cooking new ethnic dishes!

My Travel Stories
Julia Kocubinski Finance Director

Julia Kocubinski
Finance Director

Growing up in the beauty of Montana, I have always been on the lookout for an adventure. Whether it is hiking my favorite trail, skiing at our local mountain, playing volleyball with my friends, or floating along one of Montana's beautiful rivers, I love to get out there and enjoy what our world has to offer. Working for Adventure Life fits right in with my lifestyle. I have had the amazing opportunities to bike in the Galapagos, climb a volcano in Guatemala, kayak in Antarctica and snorkel in Belize, just to name a few. Next on the list? Trekking in Peru!

My Travel Stories
Haley Rowell Bookkeeping Assistant

Haley Rowell
Bookkeeping Assistant

I began crossing borders at an early age and have been filled to the brim with wanderlust ever since. My travels have seen me weave my way across Europe, study abroad in New Zealand, trek through South America, kayak Antarctica's icy waters and sail the high Arctic seas. A Montana girl at heart, however, my roots always manage to pull me home where I spend the majority of my days hiking nearby mountain ranges or kayaking Montana's many rivers. My winter hours are typically spent snowshoeing in Idaho or writing America's next great novel.

My Travel Stories
Molly Stanko Executive Assistant

Molly Stanko
Executive Assistant

I was bitten by the travel bug early on in life, when my mother took the opportunity to cart my brother and myself off to live in Wales. Living in Wales for the better part of the 5th grade, I was hooked after being exposed to the concept of “Study Abroad.” Later spending my college years in Belize, Peru, Japan, Mongolia, and Guatemala, my Missoula roots eventually pulled me home so I could pursue my other life passions: horses, fly-fishing, and hunting. I treasure the unique opportunity to work and play in a small community with such globally minded individuals, but when I’m not working, you can find me on the river with my dogs by my side, or in the woods listening for bugling elk.

My Travel Stories
Emily Stanton Administrative Assistant

Emily Stanton
Administrative Assistant

Growing up in the lakes and forests of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, I spent more time outside than in. Being surrounded by natural beauty helped inspire my love of writing and my eventual decision to move to Missoula, Montana to complete a degree in English Literature. During that time, I was lucky enough to join a year-long study abroad program that took me to the coast of Wales, where I could wander romantic Britain, devour novels and books of poetry, and meet some unforgettable people along the way. Now a part of the Adventure Life team, I'm excited to see what new paths I get to travel and find new beautiful places to explore.

My Travel Stories
Callie Woody Product Development Specialist

Callie Woody
Product Development Specialist

It was in the back of a trotro in West Africa that I first fell in love with travel. I was sixteen and over 7,000 miles from home, nearing the end of a semester study abroad program in Ghana’s bustling capital city of Accra. I was sweaty, exhausted and overwhelmed, but I felt a sense of joy unlike any I had ever known. This initial enthusiasm has since become a lifelong passion, and my college years brought some remarkable experiences, like hiking with gorillas in Rwanda, conducting research in Bosnia Herzegovina and deep sea fishing in the Cook Islands. I graduated and spent the last two years working and traveling across Africa, Asia and South America, but my Missoula roots eventually called me home. While I often find myself dreaming of Nigeria’s jollof rice, Ecuador’s towering volcanos and spectacular sunrises along the Annapurna Circuit, I am ready to embrace the reverse-culture shock, reconnect with Montana’s wilderness and begin a new journey at Adventure Life!

My Travel Stories
Anna Zlotnicki Support Staff

Anna Zlotnicki
Support Staff

I grew up in South Carolina, exploring the forests, swamps, and beaches of the palmetto state. After a childhood of dodging mosquitoes, I was eager to explore what the rest of the world had to offer, and jumped on the opportunity to study abroad in college. After spending some time in southern France and exploring much of Western Europe, I knew travel had to be a bigger part of my life. I’ve since moved across the country to Missoula, Montana to join the Adventure Life team, and when I’m not working, I can be found making photographs, climbing, or hiking local trails.

Megan Techton Support Staff

Megan Techton
Support Staff

There is potential for adventure all around us! For me it involved moving out to Montana and allowing my roots to grow in this beautiful northwestern countryside. When I'm not tending the garden, you'll find me dabbling in drawings and sending letters to friends and loved one. It's a great blessing getting to see others enjoy their travels while also enjoying the simple adventures of life that appear every day.

Kristen Elliott Support Staff

Kristen Elliott
Support Staff

Traveling has always been a passion of mine. When I went on our first family vacation, I realized that every place has their own unique story and their own unique culture. From that moment on, I viewed any travel that I did as a pure learning experience. I’ve traveled to London, Paris, Normandy, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and multiple Caribbean islands. I love to travel because I want to learn and see these different cultures and learn what our world has to offer!

Aaron Conway Technology Director

Aaron Conway
Technology Director

I joined the Adventure Life team in 2002. I have always been fascinated with the world community and had an unwavering desire to learn about other cultures. Throughout my life I have traveled halfway around the world including several trips to Western Europe. I moved to Missoula from Mankato, MN with my wife and daughter after earning BFA's in graphic design and ceramics. Being part of Adventure Life allows me to remain politically, environmentally and culturally aware and to educate others. I also like pizza.

My Travel Stories
Joe Devine Web Developer

Joe Devine
Web Developer

I've spent the majority of my life in Missoula, Montana and after starting work with Adventure Life in 2015 I am finally able to begin my international adventures. I've been able to explore the beauty of Western Montana for the last couple decades and am happy to begin to expand my horizons to see what the rest of the world has to offer. I have always had an affinity and curiosity for technology. Working as a web developer at Adventure Life keeps me constantly challenged and gives me the opportunity to grow and develop my skills while allowing me to maintain a happy life with friends, family and our wonderful community.

My Travel Story
Eric Wickland Web Developer

Eric Wickland
Web Developer

I grew up in Montana experiencing long scenic drives between cities often once a week or more and want to enjoy new vistas and wildlife. After college in Seattle, WA, I moved back to Montana, started learning some partner social dances, and found Argentine tango to be the most enjoyable. Since joining the Adventure Life team in early 2018, I have added features to the staff trip planning website and have gotten back into dancing tango with the local and regional communities. I'm looking forward to planning an adventure combining a helicopter tour, trying surfing and snorkeling, and possibly taking tango lessons from teachers in Argentina.

Thomas Carlson Web Developer

Thomas Carlson
Web Developer

I grew up in the North Valley of Helena, MT and moved to Missoula for University. I earned a degree in Sound Design, did a lil' code school, made some new friends, and found some great spots for coffee and cold cuts. I joined Adventure Life in Summer 2018 and every day since has been chock full of new challenges that inspire me to be better than I was yesterday. I look forward to all the new friends, challenges, opportunities, and experiences that Adventure Life has to offer.

Meet Some of Our Overseas Partners

Betty Lorena Jaramillo Zurita Ecuador Coordinator

Betty Lorena Jaramillo Zurita
Ecuador Coordinator

I am excited to greet you and share my contagious enthusiasm for my country! I love to ensure that all our clients enjoy their visit here to the fullest and that everything runs smoothly. Before joining Adventure Life, I worked with a Quito-based Galapagos yacht company and also as a tour guide in the city. My husband and I live in Quito with our two young children. I love to join our travelers on day trips around the area when I get the chance.

Fabio Salas Costa Rica Coordinator

Fabio Salas
Costa Rica Coordinator

I grew up in Orotina, a small town at the foot of the western plateau of the Turrubares Mountains in Costa Rica. My childhood was mostly spent wandering around the neighborhood chasing iguanas and parrots, playing in the local stream, climbing trees, and generally exploring the forests and valleys of Machuca River Canyon. This is likely where my passion for the countryside and all things natural originated. I have traveled extensively throughout Costa Rica, Central and South America and have been coordinating trips with Adventure Life since 2002. I love a challenge, especially to create a new itinerary! My favorite adventures include whitewater rafting, horseback riding, hiking and visiting rural communities to meet new people.

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