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Cruise the Arctic and the Antarctic with Adventure Life. Choose a small ship cruise of the Arctic and visit Greenland, Iceland, CanadaNorwayFinlandRussia, Alaska, and the Scottish Isles. Small ship cruises through Canada's Northwest Passages and Baffin Island, as well as Norway's Svalbard, and are among the most popular expedition cruises into the Arctic. You can even mount an expedition to the distant and remote North Pole! Antarctica is accessed from the southern tip of South America out of Ushuaia, Argentina or occasionally from Punta Arenas, Chile. Choose from small expedition shipsluxury shipsfly/cruise combos that save travel time and even tours that include camping in Antartica. Contact us, and we'll help you find the perfect small ship or expedition cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic

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Cruising Antarctica vs the Arctic - Advantages & Disadvantages 

Are they similar? Or polar opposites?

Wildlife - Both sides have remarkable wildlife viewing opportunities. The icons of each pole - penguins in the south and polar bears in the north - don't disappoint. That is, unless the elusive polar bear escapes your view, which is a possibility depending on where you go. Penguins, in all their cuteness, will be seen by the thousands on any Antarctica cruise. 

Travel - Both the Arctic and Antarctic are accessed by expedition cruises. Antarctica is accessed primarily from the southern tip of South America, while most in North America and Europe have quicker access to Arctic cruise ports. In general, the time committment and cost of an Arctic cruise is considerably less than an Antarctic cruise. 

Geography -  The Arctic region is an ocean surrounded by continents, while the Antarctic is a continent surrounded by oceans. Antartica is aslo has the highest average altitude above sea level of any continent, largely because of 90% of the world's ice is piled upon the continent. Both poles are cold, but the South Pole is colder - by a long shot.

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