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Our Mexico tours let you safely experience the diverse cultures and contrasting landscapes of Mexico as few tourists have the opportunity to do. Explore the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Tulum, Palenque, Coba, and Uxma, in the Yucatan Peninsula. Bike, hike and raft on a multisport adventure trip in Chiapas. Trek the Copper Canyon's alpine upper rims and descend to the tropical canyon floor. Experience Oaxaca's traditional indigenous culture and savor traditional dishes on an Oaxaca culinary tour. Take a small ship cruise to Baja Mexico and the Sea of Cortez for whale watching, kayaking and snorkeling. Contact one of Adventure Life's Mexico experts for help planning your perfect Mexico adventure.

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Best Mexico Small Ship Cruises for 2019-2020

Trip NameFromDaysLevelSummary
Baja's Bounty$37958RelaxedStocked with supplies and a bountiful sense of adventure, join the Safari Endeavor into the protected waters of Cousteau's "world's aquarium". Active …
Baja California and the Sea of Cortez: Among the Great Whales$75309RelaxedExperience up-close viewing of California gray whales and other marine mammals on National Geographic Venture's 9-day expedition which is crafted to …
Whales & Wildness: Spring in the Sea of Cortez$63808RelaxedExplore the Sea of Cortez in spring aboard National Geographic Venture which is the best time to visit places to see a great variety of whales plus …
Baja's Bounty-Fitness & Yoga$37958RelaxedStocked with supplies and a bountiful sense of adventure, join the Safari Endeavor into the protected waters of Cousteau's "world's aquarium". Active …
Base Camp Baja: Espiritu Santo$26505RelaxedTake a short escape aimed at active travelers in search of a health and wellness experience with National Geographic's 5-day expedition aboard …
Baja: A Remarkable Journey$1199016RelaxedA remarkable journey is offered by National Geographic Venture with its 16-day expedition on Baja California and the Sea of Cortez. Hike or snorkel …

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Favorite Small Ship Baja Mexico Cruises

Adventure Life's Baja Mexico cruise experts pick their favorite small cruise ships for exploring the wilderness of Baja Mexico and the Cortez Sea. 

National Geogrphic's Sea Lion - explore the wildlife and natural landscapes of Baja, Mexico while whale watching, birding and snorkelling on this upscale  wilderness cruise. 

National Geographic's Sea Bird is the sister ship of the Sea Lion is a luxurious small ship of 62 passengers ideal for exploring areas of Baja and the Cortez Sea inaccessible by large cruise ships. 

Safari Endeavour is a newly refurbished 84-guest yacht-style ship whose ambiance is casual elegance with a full menu of upscale amenities including an onboard spa. Sail the Safari Endeavour on our "Baja Whale Bounty Cruise" for an exceptional whale watching experience at an affordable price.  

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Mexico Travel FAQs

Do I need a visa to travel to Mexico?
Your passport must be valid at the time of entry into Mexico, however you do not need a visa. It's recommended that you have a validity several months beyond your trip dates.

Is tipping customary in Mexico?
It is always your decision whether or not you want to tip, but tourism in Mexico has made it somewhat of an expectation. Ten to twenty percent is generally an appropriate amount to tip for good to great service, just like in the US. You can tip your guides, servers, and anyone else who facilitates an enjoyable experience for you.

What is internet access like in Mexico?
While internet access is fairly ubiquitous in the more developed areas of Mexico, our tours and cruises often visit the isolated parts of the country, where there isn't any signal. Most of the hotels will offer at least an internet connection in a business center if not high speed wireless in the rooms; ships do not always have internet connections.

Can I use my cell phone while in Mexico?
Mexico does have Movistar, Telcel, and AT&T, which allow you to buy a SIM chip and put it in your smartphone (as long as it is unlocked), but it's better to just disconnect and use your vacation to forget about the worries of home. 

Do I need power adapters?
You do not need a power adapter or converter in Mexico as long as your devices use two-prong North American style plugs with 110v power.

What are the toilets like in Mexico?
While many parts of the Mexican backcountry and underdeveloped areas do not have flushing toilets, but rather outhouses, the sites and areas that we visit all feature modern western flushing toilets. In more isolated areas on day-trips, you might only have access to a latrine. After using the toilet paper, it should be thrown in the waste basket next to the toilet and not in the bowl itself.

Can I drink the water in Mexico?
The tap water in Mexico is not potable, meaning that you cannot drink it. Stick with the bottles of purified water that will always be available to you.

Are credit cards accepted in Mexico? Will I be able to find ATMs?
It's very common to use cards to pay in Mexico, but if you are buying from a street vendor or a small business or artisan, they will probably only accept cash. Bear in mind that your vacation is all-inclusive but anything like alcohol or souvenirs must be purchased separately.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
You should absolutely purchase travel insurance - a small investment now could mean big savings if the unexpected happens. Check out some great deals on the My Trips page.

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