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The Ruins of Ephesus
Our Amazing Mediterranean Honeymoon Cruise on the Wind Surf

Today we arranged a shore excursion with Windstar to Ephesus, an ancient Greek city (and later, Roman city). We toured the terrace houses at one time owned by the city's elite. After Ephesus, we drove to the village of Sirince, a beautiful town located on a hilltop. The drive to Sirince boasted an array of olive, fig, pomegranate and mulberry trees. As part of the shore excursion, we had a fabulous lunch at a local restaurant.

After lunch, we returned to Kusadasi for a carpet demonstration at a local rug store. They showed us how they spin silk from silkworm cocoons and demonstrated the Turkish weaving techniques, using double knots for extra strength. Joe volunteered to try the loom and got to tie a knot or two! During the demonstration, we were served Raki, the licorice-flavored national drink. It is commonly mixed with water to create a milky white color.