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Our Amazing Mediterranean Honeymoon Cruise on the Wind Surf \ Photos

Setting sail - Leaving Istanbul
Istanbul - The Blue Mosque
Pomegranates!  Growing right outside our hotel in Istanbul.
Transport in Istanbul
McDonalds is everywhere
The tram in Istanbul - Very easy to use!
Street food in Istanbul
Beautiful Turkish rugs
Istanbul (Sultanhamet neighborhood)
The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Stray cats were abundant in Istanbul.
Washing before entering the mosque
Istanbul University
The tram (Istanbul)
The Blue Mosque
Hagia (Haya) Sofia
Hagia Sofia
Hagia Sofia (Istanbul)
Hagia Sofia
Hagia Sofia
Mosaic inside the Hagia Sofia
Joe at the Hagia Sofia
Hagia Sofia mosaic
Minaret from the Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque
Hagia Sofia
Joe, outside of the Blue Mosque
The German Fountain (Istanbul)
Blue Mosque - Rules for entry
Interior of the Blue Mosque
Behind the Blue Mosque
More street food!  Fried goodness.
Bicycles for rent in Istanbul
View of the Golden Horn (and Galata Bridge)
Walking through the tunnel near the Galata Bridge
Turkish Delight! Sweets at the Spice Market
Mozzarella cheese and olives at the Spice Market (Istanbul)
Fishing off of the Galata Bridge
Fisherman (Istanbul)
Joe in front of the New Mosque
The New Mosque
Joe on the Galata Bridge
Check out the fishing pole holders!
Fish market at Karakoy, near the Galata Bridge (Istanbul)
The Galata Tower
Independence Avenue in Beyoglu (Istanbul)
Entrance to the Grand Bazaar
Tea (cay) and baklava. Yum!
Fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice
Entrance to the Topkapi Palace Museum
Tile work in the Palace\'s harem
Topkapi Palace harem
View from the Palace
The Wind Surf - Our home for the next week!
Our bathroom on the ship
DVD player & i-pod docking station
One of the life boats on the Wind Surf
Taking in the view of Istanbul
The gym on the Wind Surf
View from the Wind Surf
Saying goodbye to Istanbul
Exploring the ship was pretty fun!
A great place to curl up with a good book
Pool and hot tubs on the Wind Surf
Sunset on the Wind Surf
Dinner, al fresco
Our first port - Kusadasi, Turkey
Handy dust pan outside of Ephesus
Ephesus ruins, outside of Kusadasi
Mosaic tiles at Ephesus
The library at Ephesus
Joe amongst the ruins
Terrace houses of Ephesus - Pieces together the pieces
Terrace houses
Joe & I in front of the library
The theater at Ephesus
View from Ephesus
Lunch in Sirince, outside of Ephesus
Sirince - In the hills
Weaving silk from silkworm cocoons
Turkish rugs
Weaving a Turkish rug
Rug presentation
Fresh pomegranate juice!
Kusadasi, along the water
Me, next to the Wind Surf
Rhodes, Greece
Laundry day in Rhodes
Rhodes street scene
Rhodes stone work
Rhodes plaza
The beach in Rhodes
Getting some sun
Rhodes beach scene
Gelato truck in Rhodes
Medieval architecture in Rhodes
Rhodes, near the pier
Boarding the shuttle to Bodrum, Turkey
Kabob meat with veggies
Bodrum pier
Museum of Underwater Archaeology in Bodrum
View from the Bodrum castle
Bodrum - View from the Castle
Gold burial pieces
Joe at the Bodrum Castle
Bodrum Castle
Peacock at the Bodrum Castle
One of the beaches in Bodrum
That\'s me, soaking in the hot tub!
Joe, behind the wheel
A Turkish sunset
The hallway outside of our cabin
Tendering to Santorini, Greece
The Wind Surf in Santorini
Making the climb to the top of the hill
Oia, Santorini
View from the top!
Before jumping in and swimming to the rock
Beautiful Mediterranean water
We rode a scooter from Thira to Oia
Walking down to the pier
Yogurt, honey and walnuts (and beer)!
Leaving Thira, Santorini
The Wind Surf
Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos - Beautiful blue-green water
Joe on the beach in Mykonos
Snorkeling with the Wind Surf in the background
A honeymoon smooch
Mykonos windmills
The Wind Surf in Mykonos
Joe in Mykonos
Beautiful white-washed buildings
A cat and a pelican
The pier at Mykonos
Bikes for rent on the ship
Joe at the helm in the bridge
The casino on the Wind Surf
The Acropolis Theater - Athens, Greece
View from the Acropolis
Temple of Athena Nike - Acropolis
View from the Acropolis
The Parthenon
Temple of Olympian Zeus, viewed from the Acropolis
The Acropolis Museum
The Ancient Agora of Athens
At the Agora Museum
Fig and honey ice cream!
Parliament Building at Syntagma Square
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Hadrian\'s Arch
Athens Metro
Ruins in the Metro tunnel
Athens Metro
Gold burial covering for a child
The Artemision Bronze - Zeus or Poseidon
National Archaeological Museum - Athens
Greek pottery
Boxing Children

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