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Ample birding opportunities

The Amazon River - Westbound

Example 10 Day Cruise aboard SeaDream (old)
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Day-by-Day Summary

Day 1 : Manaus, Brazil
Day 2 : Anavilhanas, Brazil
Day 3 : Badajos, Brazil
Day 4 : Cuxiu Muni, Brazil
Day 5 : Uara, Brazil
Day 6 : Jutai, Brazil
Day 7 : Amazon River - Scenic Navigation
Day 8 : Leticia, Colombia
Day 9 : Pebas, Peru
Day 10 : Iquitos, Peru


SeaDream (old)

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Trip Snapshots

Ample birding opportunities Cruise under dense tropical foliage on your Amazon River cruise A monkey watches your approach on a small ship river cruise The dense riverbanks of the Amazon Embark on night zodiac cruises

Day 1 Manaus, Brazil

Manaus (Portuguese pronunciation: [maˈnaws]) is a city in Brazil, the capital of the state of Amazonas. It is situated at the confluence of the Negro and Solimões rivers. It is the most populous city of Amazonas, according to the statistics of Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, and is a popular ecotourist destination.

Day 2 Anavilhanas, Brazil

The Anavilhanas archipelago includes hundreds of islands in the Rio Negro. An area of 350,000 hectares with a perimeter of 380 km has been put forward by the Brazilian government as a tentative World Heritage Site since 1998. This comprises 100,000 hectares of islands and canals within the Rio Negro and a further 260,000 hectares of riverside forest.

Day 3 Badajos, Brazil

SeaDream will anchor in wide mouth of the tributary, at the estuary of the Rio Badajos. Badajos is very good for variety of bird species especially with the grasslands and the forest on other side of estuary. As the Expedition Team proceeds away from yacht the water breaks into 3 separate arms, great to explore this extensive area. The Expedition Team will point out the very large area of Victoria Amazonica water lilies. This is also a place to see various types of monkeys including Howler monkeys. They have also spotted a small anaconda in this region. Badajos is good for red sunsets as looking up the estuary faces west. Badajos is one of the best stops on the Amazon for spotting Dolphins around the yacht. The two main types of river dolphins are easily spotted in the amazon but Badajos the best.

Day 4 Cuxiu Muni, Brazil

Disembark at a small Amazonian village of about 40 families. (Population in this region is quoted by the number of families not the number of total individuals). The locals are very warm, welcoming and used to meeting guests from various vessels typically about three times per year.

Options with the Expedition Team are:
- Early morning or late evening Zodiac Safari in range of narrow creeks, good for spotting three toed Sloths as well as several species of birds.
- Village visit lasting say 2-3 hrs can be done anytime of day, this means walk through entire length of village, greeting families looking at the various crops growing, the adjacent woodlands, way of life of Caboclos, tapping rubber tree, etc.

Day 5 Uara, Brazil

This is a very large black water lake accessed by a short half mile channel from the main river. This area of the Amazon is famous for the extensive Brazilian Nut Forest and collection area. Numerous pathways are laid out in this forest used for collecting fallen large Brazilian nuts, (like a heavy coconut with approximately 25 nuts inside.)

Expedition Team Options:
- Zodiac Safari of the lake early morning, scattered population around the lake, the area is great for birds, and occasionally monkeys.
- Swimming – yes Swimming! In the black water lake, this is an ideal place for guests to swim from the Marina Platform. This is a very safe area for swimming as there is no current & black water (very little marine life) is best for swimming.
- This stop is essential for guests to participate in a jungle trek through the Brazilian Nut forest! This will be one of the best opportunities for a jungle trek with some of the locals as well as the Expedition team leading the way.

Day 6 Jutai, Brazil

Jutai is a very pleasant small town to visit of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. It has some charming little supermarkets and even some interesting comercial buildings. Guests enjoy walking the town in 1-1½ hrs. Jutai is a good place to buy locally made hammocks (they may even give a demonstration on board your SeaDream yacht) otherwise, they will have a floating shop at the pier landing before climbing up to town.

Jutai Expedition Team options:
- Morning zodiac safari (depends going up or down river & on schedule decided on). There are a few choice of creeks for this. Note Rio Jutai is a black water river but much white water (so called but its coffee color) comes in creeks and small tributaries from the Amazon.
- Foz do Jutai town visit.
- Black water lake visit either 2 miles from town or 7 miles up the Jutai River, The Captain may decide to relocate the yacht seven miles upriver adjacent to the black water (Igapo) lakes area. This area is in Ticuna Indian territory. As the black water is very clear, guests can see down into the water to view the tops of flooded trees in the high water period.

Day 7 Amazon River - Scenic Navigation

Port details pending.

Day 8 Leticia, Colombia

Leticia is a city in the Republic of Colombia, capital of the department of Amazonas. Leticia has long been Colombia's shipping point for tropical fishes for the aquarium trade. Leticia has approximately 33,000 inhabitants on the left bank of the Amazon river, and is located at the point where Colombia, Brazil and Peru come together in an area called Tres Fronteras.

Leticia has plenty to do with blocks of shopping, plenty of local souvenirs to buy, a small museum, and your crew will use a good local bar as your base. Visitors can enjoy the attractions nearby the city like Mundo Amazonico Ecological Park.

Day 9 Pebas, Peru

Pevas/Pebas is perhaps the oldest town in the Peruvian Amazon and lies downstream from Iquitos. It's an attractive, largely palm-thatched town and still a frontier place. The Witoto and Bora Indians, largely concentrated around Pevas, actually arrived here in the 1930s after being relocated from the Colombian Amazon. They are now virtually in everyday contact with the riverine society of Pevas, producing quality artifacts for sale to passers-by and yet retaining much of their traditional knowledge of songs, dances and legends, plus significant ethno-pharmacological practice in rainforest medicine. A number of local Indian groups can be visited, including the Bora, the Witoto and the less-visited Ocainas. SeaDream guests will have an exploration of this village as well as exploring furtrher up the river to some of the Indian villages.

Also have the possibility to meet and witness the Famed Artist Francisco Grippa’s home! Most of his work is actually exhibited in Iquitos at the Amazon Art Gallery, but others are on display in his home/gallery. The surrounding flood forest is home to hundreds of caimans and significant birdlife, including several types of parrots, eagles and kingfishers. This region is also for butterfly watching, the study of orchids and bromeliads in bloom and for its fishing – piranha being one of the easiest kinds to catch.

Day 10 Iquitos, Peru

Arrive in Iquitos and disembark this morning for your continued journey home.

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