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Introduction to Bulgaria Geography

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The country of Bulgaria is situated on the west coast of the Black Sea, with Romania to the north, Greece and Turkey to the south, and Yugoslavia to the west.

Visitors on a tour of Bulgaria will enjoy the varying landscape, which includes plains, plateaus, hills, mountains, basins, gorges and deep river valleys.

Natural terrain defines most of Bulgaria’s boundaries. Bulgaria has a total border of about 2,264 kilometers. Rivers account for approximately 680 kilometers, the Black Sea coast for 400 kilometers, and mountainous ridges define the southern and western borders. The western and northern boundaries are shared with Yugoslavia and Romania, respectively, and the Black Sea coastline constitutes the entire eastern border. The majority of the Romanian border follows the Danube River. The Danube, with steep bluffs on the Bulgarian side and a wide area of swamps and marshes on the Romanian side, is one of the most effective river boundaries in Europe.

The line through Dobruja was redrawn several times according to international treaties. In that process, most inhabitants with strong national preferences resettled in the country of their choice.

A Bulgaria tour can also easily include a visit to Turkey and Greece, which boarder to the south.

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