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With its deep blue waters, white sandy beaches, and lush green forests, French Polynesia is an island paradise. Tahiti and Bora Bora, French Polynesia's two main island groups, make up this globe-trotting cruise destination. On this South Pacific cruise, enjoy breathtaking vistas from the beaches of Tahiti, rarified atolls in the Tuamotu Archipelago, and the pristine tropical beauty of Bora Bora. Snorkeling through a sea teeming with colorful fish, hiking on pristine beaches, and discovering uncharted islands is an amazing way to see one of the last great wildernesses. Contact our Tahitian & Bora Bora cruise specialists to start planning your getaway today.
Tahiti Cruises

10 Best Cruises to Tahiti, Bora Bora & French Polynesia for 2024-2025

Tahiti Cruises

Best Tahiti & Bora Bora Cruise Lines for 2024-2025

  • Aranui - the original cruise company in French Polynesia, has been introducing the enchanting Marquesas Islands to avid adventurers for more than 30 years. Aranui 5 is a custom-built, dual-purpose passenger/freighter ship designed to offer all of the comforts of a cruise liner while operating as a supply ship. It is classified as a small vessel, accommodating approximately 230 passengers in 103 cabins.
  • Variety Cruises - have small ships that offer ocean view cabins and 360° unobstructed views of the wonders of nature and splendors of the destinations visited Discover. Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia aboard Panorama II, a 49-guest small ship. Visit Bora Bora, Taha'a, Moorea, Huahine, and Raiatea islands, all sculpted by sky-piercing, moss-green peaks lined with vivid turquoise lagoons.
  • Lindblad Expeditions - Embark National Geographic Orion to sail from Tahiti's lush volcanic crags to the sparkling white shores of Fiji, discovering fascinating geology and an incredible wealth of bird species and marine life. Dive or snorkel among underwater canyons and tunnels formed from lava. 
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Tahiti & Bora Bora Travel Tips & Cruising Guide

Highlights of Tahiti
Tahiti is the largest of the French Polynesian islands and immerses you in a veritable paradise of turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and plenty of activities to keep you going. Here are a few of the highlights of a Tahiti vacation:
  • ​Snorkeling along pristine reefs
  • Navigating atolls in kayaks and zodiacs
  • Relaxing on the beach
  • Hike the tropical forest trails of neighboring Moorea island
  • Visit sacred Polynesian sites accompanied by an archaeologist
  • Take in scenic vistas where the ocean expands endlessly into the blue, interrupted only by verdant islands
  • Dive in the stunning reefs that teem with marine life
  • Visit other islands in French Polynesia
  • Spot unique sea birds with the help of your guides.
Tahitian Cruise FAQs
Do I need a visa to travel toTahiti?
When traveling to French Polynesia (and Tahiti) your passport must be valid for at least 3 months, but you do not need a tourist visa for stays less than 60 days.

Is tipping customary in Tahiti?
Gratuities and tips are definitely not an expectation in the South Pacific or French Polynesia, but of course when you encounter fantastic service or treatment, it would be appreciated.

What is internet access like in Tahiti?
While there is internet on many of the islands in French Polynesia, not all our cruises feature vessels that offer WiFi. Consult an Adventure Life trip planner about internet on specific cruise ships. You should be able to get a connection in a hotel or café in one of the bigger towns.

Can I use my cell phone while in Tahiti?
While you can buy a SIM chip for your smart phone upon arrival at the airport and use it in Tahiti, you probably still won't have a strong signal if any at all for most of your cruise through the remote waters of French Polynesia.

Do I need power adapters?
Throughout French Polynesia, they use the European style two round prongs and 220-240v power. Most devices can handle that, but if you have a 110v device that isn't compatible, you will need a converter.

What are the toilets like in Tahiti?
The ships and boats on which you will be staying have comfortable bathrooms with modern flushing toilets. However, if you come across a squat toilet in more remote areas and in fact in all toilets, you will need to throw the paper in a waste basket next to the toilet.

Can I drink the water inTahiti?
The tap water in Tahiti is not safe to drink, so all of our tours offer bottled or filtered water at your convenience.

Are credit cards accepted in Tahiti? Will I be able to find ATMs?
Yes and no - there are certain places like nicer restaurants and hotels that will accept your card and more developed areas might have ATMs, but don't count on them. Fortunately, your experience is all-inclusive, so when you get to the airport upon arrival, exchange just enough to buy souvenirs, tips, and anything that might not be included on the itinerary.

Should I purchase travel insurance?
Always! You never know when travel insurance could save you thousands of dollars, and our promotions through TravelGuard are hard to beat. 

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