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The Weather of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria’s climate consists of four distinct seasons; each season has something different to offer travelers. Summer is long and pleasantly hot (around 25º - 30º C), while winter is cold and snowy (temperatures stand around 0º C). Spring and autumn temperatures are pleasant and moderate.

The coastal climate is moderated by the Black Sea, but extreme winds and storms occur often during the winter. Along the Danube River winters are bitterly cold, but in the southern region along the Greek and Turkish borders, sheltered valleys allow for mild temperatures, similar to those along the Mediterranean or Aegean coasts. Rainy days occur more frequently in summer.

The Balkan Mountains mark the southern boundary of the area in which continental air openly circulates. The Rhodope Mountains mark the northern limits of a predominantly Mediterranean weather system. A combination of the two systems make up the climate of the area in-between, which includes the Thracian Plain. This results in a plains climate similar to that of the Corn Belt in the United States, with long summers and high humidity. The conditions of this area widely vary, resulting in unpredictable and highly variable temperatures and precipitation from one year to the next.

Bulgaria has an average precipitation of approximately 630 millimeters per year. The northeast, the Black Sea coastal area, and parts of the Thracian Plain usually receive less than 500 millimeters. The rest of the Thracian Plain as well as the Danubian Plateau get less than the country average. Higher elevations receive the most rainfall in the county and average over 2,540 millimeters per year.

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