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Trinidad, Tobago, and Barbados Cuisine

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Tourists in Barbados can enjoy national delicacies like cou cou (a blend of cornmeal and okra with the local spicy bajan seasoning) and steamed or fried flying fish. Other fish, such as mahi mahi and blue marlin, feature in a typical menu, and are often accompanied by macaroni cheese pie. Black-eyed peas and rice and candied sweet potatoes are also popular.

The citizens of Trinidad & Tobago also enjoy their fish and macaroni cheese pie, but their cuisine shows a strong Asian influence too. Curries of chicken, duck and seafood are regularly served with the flat bread known as roti and spicy sauces. African-inspired dishes include the creamy and spicy callaloo, made with local dasheen leaves, okra and coconut milk.

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