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Exterior image of the Mary Anne.

Mary Anne

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Max Passengers: 16
Ship Type: Sailing Vessel
Operated by: Andando Tours Cia. Ltda.

The only schooner in the Galapagos and the only ship to offer a truly nautical experience!

If you love the open seas but hate the sound of engines, look no further than the S/S Mary Anne Galapagos cruise ship. Boasting three masts and a 216-foot length, this elegant 24-passenger barquentine is not only the most appropriate ship for exploring these islands but also for those who want to get close to nature. 

Launched in 1997, S/S Mary Anne is rigged with 1000m2 of canvas sails which she takes delight in hoisting. The vessel has a steel hull and tall masts, so it's sturdy enough to offer full sails. Under sail, you don't need to worry about engine noise or vibrations from being on an engine-powered ship. This allows for some amazing encounters with marine life like dolphins or even whales in the wild waters of the Galapagos! Imagine enjoying your morning coffee as these majestic creatures swim alongside you—definitely an experience like no other.

The boat is also a popular choice for solo travelers because it offers six single cabins with no single supplement fees.

The nine-member crew and Galapagos Naturalist Guide on board ensure that guests have a luxurious and educational sailing trip with plenty of opportunities to observe wildlife up close and in its natural habitat.

In March 2020, S/S Mary Anne underwent a 10-week dry dock in Peru, where the ship was completely renovated, including the common areas and cabins.

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Exterior image of the Mary Anne. The Mary Anne Relax on the deck of the Mary Anne. Dining on the deck of the Mary Anne. Mary Anne's lounge area. The bartender mixes a drink aboard the Mary Anne. Enjoying the view from the deck of the Mary Anne. The library aboard the Mary Anne.


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Mary Anne's Cabins.
Standard Cabins with private bathrooms and air conditioning


Mary Anne's Deck Plan.

S/S Mary Anne Cabins

There is plenty of room to unwind on board because it was meant for 24 passengers but only accommodates 16. The Mary Anne has 12 cabins, six double and six single. Hot water is available in each of the cabins' bathrooms. Each of the four double cabins has a lower double berth and a single upper berth. She also has two lower berth double cabins.

Amenities Onboard 

All of S/S Mary Anne's interior decors are nautically inspired, transporting you to a time to the glory days of sail. Outdoor seats, kayak storage, a bridge, and lots of room to take in the view abound on the sun deck's many communal gathering spots and amenities. The ship has a relaxing lounge space with wood paneling, a welcoming bar, and many sundecks.

Food & Dining

The culinary experience onboard is one of the highlights of the trip. Chefs prepare Ecuadorian-inspired cuisine, including fresh seafood.

Galapagos Itineraries 

On S/S Mary Anne’s Western Galapagos itinerary, you can visit Fernandina, the most pristine island on earth, as well as the backside of Isabela Island, which is home to imposing shield volcanoes and an abundance of marine life nurtured by the Cromwell current that originates in the west. In contrast, the Eastern Galapagos itinerary focuses on the older islands of the Archipelago, where you can find dream-like landscapes and be amazed by the bird and amphibian life.

About Andando Tours

Andando Tours fleet also includes the sailing catamarans S/C Nemo II & III.

Andando Tours is a Galapagos cruise and tour operator that has been in the business for over 40 years. Since its founding, the Angermeyer family, who owned Andando Tours, was born, raised, and lived in the Galapagos Islands. Fiddi Angermeyer greeted every visitor like a guest in his home. This personal approach to the local culture made a huge impact on visitors who overwhelmingly felt like they had a real experience when they visited the islands.

S/S Mary Anne Galapagos Reviews 

There were so many things guests loved about S/S Mary Anne, starting with that every crew member was 100% Ecuadorian. It made the difference, and they loved the delicious and truly authentic local Ecuadorian dishes served.

Most say that highlight of the trip was their certified naturalist guide, who is part of the National Park Service of the Galapagos Islands. He'd been working there for over 30 years and had tons of incredible stories about his experience in the Galapagos.

Guests were also pleased to see so many people participating in activities like kayaking and hiking each day, not to mention snorkeling trips that took place twice a day—all included in the ticket price.

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