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Best Time to Travel to Egypt

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The hot North African climate of Egypt makes planning a trip to Egypt easy - the blistering heat from May to October and the sandstorms from March to May mean that October to April is the ideal time to book a river cruise.

The seasons at a glance - 
  • Winter: December-February, peak season, crowded attractions, pleasant temperatures
  • Spring: March-April, waning crowds, hot but tolerable weather, fewer crowds
  • Summer: May-September, few crowds but extremely hot weather, sometimes in the triple digits

The best time to visit Egypt is during the winter season from December to February when travelers will enjoy cooler temperatures during the day and even chilly temperatures at night. If you’re traveling during this season make sure to pack long pants and a jacket. Since the rest of the year is uncomfortably hot, this is the peak of the tourism season. As a result, the main attractions along the Nile River tend to be very crowded, especially in Cairo and around the pyramids. 

If you’re hoping to avoid the crowds and the sweltering temperatures, consider traveling in the shoulder months of September, March, and April when the peak tourism season is just starting and ending. Temperatures will be a bit hotter, but you won’t run into as many crowds, which might just make the hotter temperatures worth it. It’s important to note that between March and May, the khamsin wind tends to bring thick dust and sandstorms, so if you’re exploring the pyramids or deserts of Egypt in this season be sure to bring a bandana or something to cover your face.

What kind of heat is it? Since Egypt is mostly a desert country, expect a dry heat with very low humidity. Unlike many countries in the southern part of Africa that have a distinct wet season, Egypt never receives more than half an inch of monthly rain at any point during the year. In fact, even in the wettest parts of Egypt it only rains on average 46 days per year. This means that the hotter months are a little easier to endure without humidity, but bear in mind that the sun-baked tombs, which receive no ventilation, can be downright harsh in the heat of summer.

Don’t visit from May through August! While the average summer temperatures of Cairo don’t climb over 100 degrees, these months in Southern Egypt (between Luxor and Aswan) consistently have daily highs up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t let the deals on hotels fool you - there’s a reason the prices during this season are so much lower, so unless you absolutely can’t travel at any other time of the year, the summer months are best avoided. 
If you want a good trip to Egypt at a reasonable price, get in touch with our travel experts at Adventure Life! Their goal is to set you up with the perfect trip that fits within your schedule.

Weather Averages
Month Temperature Rainfall
January 48-66°F 0.2 inches
February 50-69°F 0.15 inches
March 53-74°F 0.15 inches
April 48-83°F 0.04 inches
May 60-90°F 0.02 inches
June 68-93°F 0 inches
July 72-95°F 0 inches
August 72-94°F 0 inches
September 69-91°F 0 inches
October 63-85°F 0.03 inches
November 57-77°F 0.15 inches
December 51-69°F 0.23 inches

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