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The Best Times to Visit Greenland

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August-September is the high season for Greenland cruises as the weather is at its warmest and the days are becoming a little shorter. 
Greenland: When to go? 
Late July through September is the ideal season to plan for your trip to Greenland.
At a Glance:
  • High season: August-September (warmest weather)
  • Shoulder season: July (cooler temperatures and fewer insects)
  • Don’t visit: November-June (frigid temperatures, few cruises available)
So when to go to Greenland? 
August-September is the high season for Greenland cruises as the weather is at its warmest and the days are becoming a little shorter. 
The northern lights are a year-round show, but the human eye is not able to admire the show during the daytime, that being said during the months of June and July it is nearly impossible to see them.
 For the wildlife, late summer is the best time of the year for spotting humpback whales, arctic foxes, and several types of seals. 
So if you want to have a chance of seeing the beautiful aurora borealis and having a better chance of seeing some astonishing wildlife, August-September is the time for you.
July in Greenland
If staying up until midnight along with the sun sounds like a better option, finding a cruise during the month of July would be the best alternative.
Some drawbacks to think about is during the month of July you will have a schedule ahead as there are limited cruises and will have to deal with the insect life, as it is out in full force, but this might not be as big of a deal to certain individuals. 
Although August-September is considered the best time to see wildlife, July is still a great time to see an abundance of wildlife, like caribou, walruses, moose, and up to 200 species of birds ranging from fulmars to puffins and eagles. 

Wildlife in Greenland
Where and when to go to see certain types of wildlife 
  • Muskoxen: All year
  • Walrus: All year, Western Greenland, and Eastern Greenland
  • Humpback whales:  Late August- September, Southern Greenland
  • Orcas: Western Greenland 
  • Belugas: Western Greenland
  • Narwhals: Eastern Greenland
  • Bowhead whale: Northern Greenland, and Western Greenland
  • Polar Bears: All year (rare sighting, but much more likely to be sighted of a ship), Northern Greenland
  • Minke whale: May- October, Southern Greenland, and Western Greenland
  • Fin whale:(second largest species of whales) Southern Greenland and Western Greenland

Weather by month in Greenland (Nuuk)


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Early morning in Tasiilaq, East Greenland

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