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Mt. Fuji surrounded by cherry blossoms

The Best Times to Visit Japan

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The best times to visit Japan are during the spring and the fall. The spring brings vibrant changes in scenery including cherry blossoms coming to life around the country, resulting in a myriad of festivities. The striking colors and temperate climate of fall are a welcome relief after the hot months of summer and before the chilly winter winds appear in Japan.

Spring and fall each have their charms- festivals take place in major cities, clear skies give way to perfect days for Japan cruises, and people come out en mass to celebrate age-old traditions across the island.

Cherry blossoms frame Osaka castle
Cherry blossoms frame Osaka castle

Spring in Japan- March to June
Cherry blossoms are only one of the highlights of spring in Japan. Plum trees, wisteria, and irises come into bloom from early March through June which makes for a beautiful sight across the country. 

The celebration that surrounds the short window of cherry blossoms blooming in the country dates back to the Edo Period. Warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi held extravagant hanami parties in Kyoto to welcome the end of winter with thousands in attendance, starting a tradition that continues today.

During March and April, when the trees burst with color, people around Japan take to the parks, UNESCO world heritage sites, and open spaces to enjoy the day under the canopy of blossoms with good friends, picnic fare, and fine spirits. 

Spring also starts a festival season in cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Takayama, and Okinawa. Japan cruises during this time of year will have you visiting hip, hot spots, far-off islands, and cultural sights that give you a new perspective on the modern world around you.

Ancestral tours, those that immerse you in the culture, and trips that put you center stage to the best that Japan has to offer are all within reach by making an inquiry with one of our travel experts!

Brilliant color in Hokkaido
Brilliant color in Hokkaido

Fall in Japan- September to November
In the fall, an artist’s palate fills Japan’s sprawling landscape; brilliant reds, sun-drenched yellows, turquoise greens, and fields of flowers greet those who visit. 
Celebrations are held for good harvests, humpback whales breach the waters at sea, and there is a slower pace than in the busy months of spring and the holiday season that comes shortly afterward.

Each province has its own celebrations. Sapporo City has one of the country’s biggest food festivals, Nagasaki holds the Thousand Lantern Festival in late August, and the Nikko area sees men dressed as Samurai shooting targets from horseback in daring displays of acrobatics.

Summer and Winter highlights
Summer and winter, although either quite hot or cold, also have something to offer. Summer festivals include the month-long Gion Matsuri in Kyoto during July were parades, Shinto rituals, and traditional music take over the city. When the snow flies in winter, ski resorts on the island of Hokkaido welcome snow seekers from around the world. 

Japan has a boundless history; a food, culture, and art scene that is truly diverse, and a stunning natural landscape that has drawn visitors for ages. For more information about how Adventure Life can help you plan a custom-made trip to Asia, and the different highlights of Japan-based around the seasons of the year,
Explore colorful Tokyo
Explore colorful Tokyo

Japan (Tokyo)
Month Average Temperature °F (℃) Average Rainfall in (mm)
January 41.2 (5.1) 1.9 (47)
February 42.4 (5.8) 2.4 (62)
March 47.5 (8.6) 4.0 (101)
April 57.2 (14.0) 4.8 (122)
May 65.5 (18.6) 5.5 (139)
June 71.2 (21.8) 7.3 (185)
July 77.9 (25.5) 5.2 (132)
August 81.1 (27.3) 5.8 (148)
September 73.8 (23.2) 7.3 (185)
October 63.5 (17.5) 6.7 (174)
November 54.3 (12.4) 3.5 (90)
December 45.9 (7.7) 2.0 (50)

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Mt. Fuji framed by Lake Kawaguchiko and cherry blossoms



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