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Elephant Ride in the Park

Top 10 National Parks in Nepal

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While most visitors will want to visit Nepal for a chance to trek along Annapurna or reach Everest Base Camp, others will go for a chance to see Kathmandu and its incredible temples. However, there are plenty of national parks where travelers can witness local wildlife up close, surrounded by amazing mountain landscapes. 

Travelers hoping to get the chance to go on safari to see bengal tigers at a short distance, can also get to see local birds, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. Here are ten national parks visitors should not miss when visiting Nepal. 

Wild Rhinoceros
Wild Rhinoceros (Encounter Asia)


Travelers will want to get ready to see one-horned asiatic rhinoceros when visiting Chitwan National Park, as the population of this particular animal has been greatly protected from poachers. However, they might also get the chance to see leopards, sloth bears, monkeys, crocodiles, and (depending on the season) elephants. Although this park also has a tiger population, they’re not as visible compared to other reserves. However, these big cats are known to pop up during safari expeditions. 

Wildlife Safari Tour
Wildlife Safari Tour (Encounter Asia)


Visitors hoping to catch a good view of asiatic elephants will not want to miss a visit to Bardia National Park, a less crowded option where there are more of these majestic animals to watch. Other fauna located here are tigers, rhinos, Ganges river dolphins, swamp deer, and local crocodiles. Avid bird watchers will also want to get a glimpse of bengal floricans, white-rumped vultures, peafowls, and bar-headed geese. 

Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing (Responsible Adventures)


This park is home to Everest, and provides stunning views of the highest mountain. There are plenty of rhododendrons on display in terms of flora, while the available wildlife includes 208 bird species, snow and Indian leopards, the Himalayan thar, Himalayan serow, and musk deer.

One-Horned Rhino
One-Horned Rhino

Makalu Barun 

An extension of Sagarmatha National Park, Makalu Barun is home to many incredible creatures, including the red panda. There are a myriad of species of butterflies, reptiles, fish, and birds. Visitors can encounter snow, Indian, and clouded leopards, jungle cats, golden jackals, Himalayan wolves, black bears, and Hanuman langur, among several others. 

Elephant Ride
Elephant Ride (Responsible Adventures)


This park which is part of the Sacred Himalayan Landscape has 18 different ecosystems, including tropical forests. Animals available in the area include red pandas, musk deer, Himalayan tahrs, black bears, snow leopards, and several kinds of birds. 

Yak Porter
Yak Porter (Responsible Adventures)


This park has 287 species of birds residing in it, including impeyan pheasants, peregrine falcons, and white-rumped vultures. However, visitors can algo get the chance to see leopards, Himalayan black bears, and musk deer. 

Porter Donkey in Annapurna Region
Porter Donkey in Annapurna Region (Responsible Adventures)


This park aside from its wildlife offerings, allows travelers to see renovated forts (locally referred to as gompas) and other religious sites, providing the chance to see flora, fauna, and culture. Animals inhabiting the area include snow leopards, Himalayan wolves and brown bears, Himalayan tahrs, Indian leopards, golden jackals, Himalayan black bears, and yellow-throated martens.

Wildlife in Bardia National Park
Wildlife in Bardia National Park (Responsible Adventure)

Shivapuri Nagarjun

This park includes religious sites to visit, as well as several nice trails for hiking. Among the local residents there are Indian leopards, jungle cats, large Indian civets, golden jackals, Himalayan black bears, yellow-throated martens, Indian mongoose, Himalayan gorals, wild boars, rhesus monkeys, Hanuman langurs, Indian crested porcupines, Indian hares, orange-bellied Himalayan squirrels, clouded leopards, leopard cats, and rhesus macaques. 

Elephant Ride in the Park
Elephant Ride in the Park (Encounter Asia)


Visitors will not want to miss the chance to see swamp deer (also called barasingha) and hog deer herds grazing throughout the reserve. Yet they’ll also get the chance to see leopards, rhinos, tigers, and bengal foxes roaming about. 


The main attraction at this park is definitely Rara Lake, which provides stunning landscape views for visitors. Fauna located within the reserve include musk deer, red pandas, snow leopards, Himalayan black bears, Indian leopards, jackals, Himalayan tahr, yellow-throated marten, otters, and gray langur.


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