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Discover the highlights of the Great Lakes on this 11-day cruise from Toronto, Ontario to Chicago, Illinois. Explore favorite ports of Lakes Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the lakes. Discover the history of industry and its role in the making of America at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, Michigan. Enjoy the culture of Cleveland, Ohio, where you'll find an impressive art museum as well as the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. Marvel at the thundering power of Niagara Falls, and explore the bustling modern city of Toronto, Ontario.  All along the way, admire scenic shoreline and wild islands of these Great Lakes. 
Relax on the lake shoresExplore Chicago, IllinoisExplore Chicago, IllinoisExplore the coastlines of the Great LakesEnjoy stunning views of Niagara FallsExplore TorontoExplore TorontoDowntown Cleveland with River Bridge
  • Explore the arts, music, and culinary scenes of Chicago
  • Enjoy stunning views of Lake Michigan's pretty shores and islands
  • Learn about American industrial history at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit
  • Admire the stunning, world-famous Niagara Falls
Activity Level: Relaxed
Involves minimal physical effort and is typically associated with leisurely activities. Activities are low-intensity or last less than a few hours each day.

Full Itinerary

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Day 1: Hotel Stay in Toronto

Enjoy a complimentary stay at the pre-cruise hotel. The evening allows time to become acquainted with the city. For your convenience, our Hospitality Desk can be located in the hotel, and our friendly staff can assist with everything from general questions about the upcoming voyage to reservation of premium experiences. Representatives are available to provide suggestions for dining, entertainment, and sightseeing options to maximize your time here.

Day 2: Toronto, Canada | Embark

A Frenchman named Etienne Brule was sent into the “Canadian” wilderness by the famous explorer Samuel de Champlain in the early 1600s. Brule found the river and portage routes from the St. Lawrence Seaway to Lake Huron, possibly Lakes Superior and Michigan, and eventually Lake Ontario. The native Huron peoples had long called this area between the Humber and Don rivers “Toronto,” believed to mean “meeting place.” A bustling village evolved into a French trading post. After the British won the Seven Years’ War, the settlement was renamed York in 1793. More than 40 years later, the city officially became Toronto on March 6, 1834. Following an unsuccessful American invasion in 1812, several devastating fires, and a rebellion in 1837, there was a slow but steady increase in the population of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants leading into the 20th century. Unlike the USA’s  “melting pot” concept, Toronto can be described as more of a “tossed salad” of ethnic groups. Since World War II, the city has attracted residents from all over the world; more than 27.5 million visitors annually. Indeed, Toronto is the leading destination for tourists in Canada – a bold, dynamic city offering superb attractions, music, and events. This vibrant, modern city with 19th-century flair offers a cultural kaleidoscope for residents and visitors alike. Considered Canada’s premier metropolis, the diverse city also provides diverse dining delicacies. Perhaps visit historic St. Lawrence Market, where the flavors of Toronto have come alive in authentic artisan foods for more than 200 years.

CN Tower:  Enjoy a photo opportunity with this marvel in engineering that stands at 1,815 feet tall. The tower is not only the focal point of the Toronto city skyline but is also one of Canada’s most recognizable landmarks.
Berczy Park Dog Fountain:  This small park in downtown Toronto is home to a majestic fountain that pays homage to none other than man’s best friend. The cheerful design features multiple breeds of our four-legged friends who all have their eyes on the prize—a bone situated at the top of the fountain!
Distillery District:  The former Gooderham & Worts Distillery District was a derelict collection of 47 Victorian industrial buildings until 2003 when it had been restored. Today, the district houses an array of art studios, cafes, and micro-breweries."

Day 3: Niagara Falls (Port Colborne), ON

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
You dock at Port Colborne, located on Lake Erie. Originally called Gravelly Bay, after the shallow, bedrock-floored bay upon which it sits, the city traces its roots to the United Empire Loyalist settlements established in the area following the American Revolution. The original village was renamed after Sir John Colborne, the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada at the time the Welland Canal’s new southern terminus opened in 1833. In the year 1888, American tourists from southern states began building vacation homes on the lakeshore of the western edge of the town. By 1890, these southern transplants had created an entire gated community called The Humberstone Club. Over 30 grand summer homes, along with a variety of clubhouses and service buildings, were built along the lake in the following years, many of which still stand today on historic Tennessee Avenue. Described by the city as “Niagara’s South Coast,” tourism is important to Port Colborne’s local economy. The city features live theatre, golfing, trails, fishing, beaches, restaurants, recreation, a marina, and shopping districts along the Welland Canal. But most the guests consider Port Colborne as the gateway to Niagara Falls, which is approximately 45 minutes away by coach. Since its formation 12,000 years ago, the power and grandeur of Niagara Falls has been coveted by explorers, honeymooners, daredevils and the curious. Our optional premium experience ferries you past the roiling waterfall whitewater and massive rock formations; followed by a tasting at a local winery and time to shop for souvenirs.

Included Shore Excursion
Niagara Falls Included Tour
Hornblower Boat Ride:  Put on your provided poncho and hop aboard the famous Hornblower catamaran! This exhilarating experience bring you closer to the falls than you ever imagined. Stand on the upper deck or around the outside of the lower deck of the vessel to feel the spray of the falls as you make our approach. Those who wish to stay dry can still see the natural beauty of the falls on the lower level of the boat behind safety glass!

Day 4: Cleveland, OH

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Step off the ship onto what some call America’s “North Coast” and discover why Clevelanders are so fiercely proud of their home. The reinvented city reverberates with vitality and a cool new atmosphere. Expand your mind at the world-class Cleveland Museum of Art, with over 45,000 works to explore. You can also feel the backbeat at the museum devoted to one of America’s finest gifts to the world – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. An optional premium experience to Geauga County offers a glimpse into a simpler way of life with a visit to an Amish home for a traditional wedding feast. 

Included Shore Excursions:
The Cleveland Museum of Art 
  Comparable to the art museums of Europe, this multi-gallery museum presents both past and present-day art inside a historic building from 1916. Discover dynamic collections from all over the world at this cultural and intellectual focal point.   
Cleveland History Center This center truly has something for everyone. Explore a collection of automobiles, wander through a millionaire's mansion, or take a ride on a restored carousel.    
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  Learn the history behind rock legends as you make your way up the pyramid of rock and roll history. With seven floors of exhibits, explore this complex and learn about the world's greatest musicians and how they made musical history.    
The Arcade  Hop off in downtown across from the famous 4th Street to don some Cleveland apparel or do some shopping at the historic Arcade shopping center.     
Old Stone Church  Located in the heart of downtown, this historic landmark overlooks the plot founded by Moses Cleveland. Discover the beauty of the oldest building on Cleveland's Public Square. Also nearby is the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, which commemorates the American Civil War.

Day 5: Detroit, MI

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Detroit, commonly known as the “Motor City,” is vibrant, progressive, and busting at the seams with charm. The West Canfield Historic District, located on Canfield Avenue between Second and Third streets, is the only block in Detroit lined on both sides with well-preserved Victorian homes and broad sidewalks. Corktown, the city’s oldest neighborhood, has charming little shops and great places to eat. If architecture and history are appealing, visit the Guardian Building. Built in the 1920s, this building known as the Cathedral of Finance, is one of the foremost Art Deco style skyscrapers in the world. In addition to history, the city has many museums to see and experience. The Detroit Institute of Arts has one of the largest and most significant art collections in the country, with over 100 galleries to peruse. The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, located inside the Midtown Cultural Center, is one of the world’s oldest independent African American museums. Detroit is the home of MOTOWN so to see where some of the greatest legends in R&B recorded their tunes, visit the Motown Museum. Last, but not least, is the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, which showcases more contemporary art. Other highlights include One Campus Martius, an office building that has become an attraction for its 14-storey lobby waterfall. An optional premium experience to the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation lets you chronicle the captivating history of the automotive industry. Visitors are astounded by the museum’s vast and varied artifacts of American heritage. 

Included Shore Excursions:
Detroit Included Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
Charles Wright Museum of African American Culture  This multi-million-dollar interactive museum begins with the history of the slave trade and ends with modern day exhibits honoring African Americans.     
The Detroit Institute of Arts  The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of the largest art museums in the United States and features more than 65,000 pieces in over 100 galleries spanning from early civilizations to present day.     
Detroit Historical Museum  At this center of Detroit history, explore exhibits of auto assembly lines, fur trading, and toy trains.     
Canfield Street  See the revitalization of Detroit while visiting the locally owned boutiques on Canfield Street, which is also home to a modern-day record factory.     
Campus Martius  Explore this prestigious park in downtown Detroit that has become a symbol of the city's resurgence. Centered in the heart of all the hustle and bustle, you can always find unique activities at Campus Maritus.

Day 6: Scenic Great Lakes Cruising

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
These waters are home to a vast variety of wildlife – trout, salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass, crawfish, freshwater sponges and sea lamprey, to name a few. That buffet attracts raptors such as hawks and bald eagles and waterfowl such as ducks, swans and geese. Relax and enjoy the view on your own time on this peaceful lake cruising day. Sip a midmorning consommé, breathe in the fresh lake air on the upper deck, share convivial conversation with other guests or delve into a captivating book as you look forward to yet another astounding sunset on the water. 

Day 7: Sault Ste. Marie (Soo Locks), Michigan

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Sault Ste. Marie or “the Sault” is located in Michigan and Ontario. There are two separate cities side by side in different countries; bridged together by name and commerce. Culture beats through street veins that connect these harbors to the distinctly different North American countryside beyond each border. Sault Ste. Marie is the oldest city in Michigan, and among the oldest cities in the United States. Some 2,000 years ago, Native Americans settled here for the fish and fur found along the rushing waters of the turbulent river that linked the Great Lakes of Huron and Superior. In the 1600s, French fur traders began calling this burgeoning settlement Sault du Gastogne. In 1668, the Jesuit explorer Fr. Jacques Marquette renamed it Sault Ste. Marie in honor of the Virgin Mary. Throughout its history, the St. Mary’s River has continued to dominate the life and events of Sault Ste. Marie – as it continues to do so today. 

Sault Ste. Marie is home to historical sites, lighthouses, pristine nature preserves, and the spectacular Tahquamenon Falls – it has a drop of nearly 50 feet and is more than 200 feet across. Peer into the past at the preserved fur traders’ settlement homes on Water Street on our included tour. You can also view the fascinating Soo Locks built by the Fairbanks Scale Company, despite challenging construction conditions. The system of two locks, in tandem, each 350 feet long, are the busiest locks in the world and include the largest lock in the Western Hemisphere.

Included Shore Excursions: Sault Ste Marie Included Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
Historic Water Street Homes 
These historic homes provide an in-depth look at the early fur traders who settled in Sault St. Marie, as well as the importance of the trade to the town. Walk down Water Street and into these homes for a first-hand look into the lives of these settlers. 
The Soo Locks 
These parallel locks enable ships to travel between Lake Superior and the lower Great Lakes. At the observation deck, look over these operating locks. Or explore the visitor center, filled with displays dedicated to the construction of the locks. 
River of History Museum 
Uncover the history of the St. Mary’s River, an 8,000-year-old waterway that was formed from an ancient glacier. Journey through the museum’s chronological exhibits which lead you through time. Explore the history of the Ice Age, fur trade, early settlers, and more.
Chippewa County Historical Society  
This historic Romanesque Revival building was constructed in 1889 and housed a variety of local businesses since its inception. In 2006, the Chippewa County Historical Society purchased the building with the intent to use it as a museum to promote and preserve the history and culture of Sault Ste. Marie. Discover the stories of Sault Ste. Marie through a series of photographs and exhibits, and even get a bird’s-eye look at the town and scale model local buildings in the model train exhibit.
Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church 
Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church (commonly referred to as St. Mary’s) is the oldest catholic church in Michigan and is one of the oldest churches in the United States. Today, the cathedral’s parishioners further the traditions of the faith started by Jesuit missionaries centuries ago. 
LSSU Freshwater Research Center 
Explore the hands-on exhibits at the Lake Superior State University’s 18,000 square-foot Freshwater Research Center which opened in 2021. From interactive exhibits to real aquatic life in touch tanks, visitors can uncover the depths of the Great Lakes’ freshwater ecosystems. Take a look under a microscope, meet a massive sturgeon, and read an abundance of interesting facts that adorn delightful displays throughout the center. 
Valley Camp Museum 
Explore this ship-turned museum that was constructed in 1917. The museum offers an up-close look at the inner workings of a vessel, as well as a vast maritime collection. Valley Camp features 100 exhibits in 20,000 square feet of cargo holds. Discover shipwreck artifacts, models, paintings and more at this one-of-a-kind museum. Uncover the history behind the iconic song, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” in the Edmund Fitzgerald exhibit, which features some of the only artifacts from the ship, including two lifeboats.

Day 8: Mackinac Island, Michigan

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Scheduling one of the available Mackinac Island Michigan cruises is an excellent way to explore the area. These cruises take you to beautiful Mackinac Island, where you can spend time among nature or stroll the downtown area. As most of the island is covered by a state park (about 80%), you'll find stunning views wherever you turn. Multiple opportunities abound for taking a step back into Mackinac Island's rich history with immersive experiences featuring living history interpreters. 
Guided by a comfortable vessel, visiting Mackinac Island is an excellent option for a getaway. This island is a unique destination famous for its car-free streets and fudge. It features many family-friendly activities and attractions that appeal to various interests, including a butterfly house.     

Mackinac Island, Michigan Cruises: History of the Area 
Although the robust fur trade continued into the 1800s, the military and economic significance of Fort Mackinac was waning. By the latter half of the 19th century, tourism had emerged as the hallmark of Mackinac Island. Much of the land, designated a national park, was staffed by soldiers from the fort. Coastal resort hotels and Victorian cottages were developed. As more vacationers arrived, entrepreneurs worked to make Mackinac Island synonymous with fudge. In the 1920s, downtown shops innovated the brilliant techniques of demonstrating fudge making right in front of customers and using large ceiling fans to waft the sweet scent out into the street. And although Oldsmobile was making automobiles in nearby Lansing, Mackinac Island banned cars – a distinctive characteristic that remains to this day. 
Trapped in time and surrounded by staggeringly beautiful landscapes, visitors have found this treasured landmark to be the ideal vacation spot for centuries. No cars. No chain hotels. Just world-famous Mackinac Island Fudge, historic Fort Mackinac, and unique shopping. With awe-inspiring sunrises and unforgettable sunsets, Mackinac Island centers the spirit and soothes the soul. Visitors can experience the tranquil pace on a tour by horse-drawn carriage, just as they did back in 1920. You can tour the Biddle House and get a feel for domestic life during the fur trade. Fire a cannon at historic Fort Mackinac. Or explore the beauty of Mackinac Island State Park. Alternatively, enjoy stunning views of the Straits of Mackinac from the colossal porch – the world’s longest – at the legendary Grand Hotel, opened in 1887.

Day 9: Escanaba, Michigan

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
Escanaba, Michigan, nicknamed "Esky" by locals, is a travel destination worth exploring. The name translates to “land of the red buck” in Algoquian dialect of the Anishinaabe tribe that flourished in the area in the early 1900s. The city of Escanaba played an important role in the American Civil War as the supplier of lumber and iron ore, both resources having been abundant in the area at that time. Today, Escanaba's industrial impact has decreased as the demand for iron ore diminished, but its travel appeal has made headway as it boasts many natural attractions and activities.
While a small town with a population of just over 12,000 people, Escanaba has a rich culture similar to that of Wisconsin. There are parks, boating, beaches, historical sites, and more. However, Escanaba is most known for its theater and performing arts. Home to the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center, The Waterfront Art Festival, The Players de Noc, and many other arts organizations and galleries, entertainment is never far. And with lush parks, easy access to water sports, and waterfront sunsets, plus the must-have Yooper pasty delicacy (think, empanadas!), Esky offers many delights for you to enjoy.

Included Shore Excursions: Upper Peninsula Cultural Experience Featuring the Woodland Sky Dancers
Witness an authentic dance demonstration by the Woodland Sky Native American Dance Company at the Potawatomi Heritage Center. Enjoy the phenomenal performance that features authentic music accompanied by the flowing bells of expert dancers. You won’t want to miss this experience where the cultures and legends of the American Ojibwe, Menominee, Potawatomi, Lakota and Apache are brought to life on stage. 
Potawatomi Heritage Center
Watch in awe as this vibrant display of tradition brings legends to life at the Potawatomi Heritage Center. Here, the Woodland Sky Dancers showcase a variety of authentic dance styles from the region. 
Woodland Sky Native American Dance Company Performance
The Woodland Sky Native American Dance Company has specifically designed this culturally immersive experience with the audience and stage in mind, so it may be different than what could be seen in a traditional pow-wow. Each dancer’s handcrafted regalia signifies a different story and tradition of dance. With elaborate attire and moving music, this theatrical performance depicts stories of Native American culture that have been passed down for generations.
Included Shore Excursions: Escanaba Hop On Hop Off Tour
Sayklly’s Confectionery & Gifts  
Set your sweet tooth free at Sayklly’s Confectionery & Gifts. Established in 1906, this family-owned candy store has been in the business for over a century and has made quite a name for itself throughout Michigan and beyond. Featured on The Food Network and more, Sayklly’s creates delectable homemade, hand-dipped chocolates, candies, and much more. You won’t find machine-made humdrum here, Sayklly’s sweets are made the old-fashioned way with recipes that have been passed down for generations. Stop by and taste the difference! 
Webster Marble: Inventing the Outdoors Museum  
Not unlike the cash crops of the American South, lumber was the exceptional export of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the late 19th century. In the 1880s, an illustrious “land-looker” by the name of Webster Marble moved to the Upper Peninsula. Spending most of his time outdoors, Marble began to dream up innovative tools that would make his work safer and more efficient. At the Webster Marble: Inventing the Outdoors Museum, discover the ingenuity and marketing genius of the timber-cruiser-turned-entrepreneur through a massive collection of artifacts and informative exhibits. Webster Marble developed groundbreaking axes, knives, compasses, and much more that transformed the Upper Peninsula into a hub for all things outdoors.  
U.P. Military Museum  
Explore the dramatic displays dedicated to the brave men and women of the Upper Peninsula who served the United States from the days of the Civil War, when Michigan was just earning its statehood through the World Wars and today. Each engaging exhibit is sure to capture your attention within seconds, allowing you to experience the rarely told tales of the military, from the Native American sharpshooters of the Civil War to the Polar Bears, a group of soldiers comprised of many Michiganders who fought in the frozen tundra of Russia. As you uncover the stories of these heroes at your own pace, you gain an appreciation and understanding of their valiant efforts.
William Bonifas Fine Arts Center  
Admire the outstanding collection of artistic works at the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center. Named for “Big Bill” Bonifas, the arts center has been providing the Upper Peninsula with a space to view spectacular pieces in addition to hosting local art classes and community events. The Bonifas features a vast permanent collection for visitors to explore, and often showcases up-and-coming local artists in their gallery exhibits.

Day 10: Scenic Great Lakes Cruising

  • Ship
  • 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
These waters are home to a vast variety of wildlife – trout, salmon, walleye, smallmouth bass, crawfish, freshwater sponges, and sea lamprey, to name a few. That buffet attracts raptors such as hawks and bald eagles and waterfowl such as ducks, swans, and geese. Relax and enjoy the view on your own time on this peaceful lake cruising day. Sip a midmorning consommé, breathe in the fresh lake air on the upper deck, share convivial conversation with other guests, or delve into a captivating book as you look forward to yet another astounding sunset on the water.

Day 11: Chicago/Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Disembark

  • 1 Breakfast
As your journey concludes, there are other opportunities for you to take in the town -- whether it's an optional premier post-cruise experience or a quick transfer to the airport for your final trip home -- your team can pre-arrange everything for you.


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