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EcoCamp was opened in 2001 by Javier Lopez, Yerko Ivelic and Nani Astorga. It was the region's first fully sustainable accommodation south of the Amazon and the world's first geodesic hotel room. The team at EcoCamp is an energetic mix of guides, cooks, assistants, maintenance staff, drivers, housekeepers and administrators, mainly from the neighboring town of Puerto Natales (180 km) or Punta Arenas (330 km). Their hardworking and positive attitude ensures service levels for both guests and the environment are of the highest quality. Our superstar guides are mainly locals who have grown up breathing fresh Patagonian air. They are all fun-loving and environmentally-conscious trekking enthusiasts who love their job and can be counted on for knowledge, reliability and entertainment. 

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What's really included in the price?

If you book an EcoCamp package, this includes your shared transfer from Punta Arenas/Puerto Natales (or public bus from El Calafate to Puerto Natales) to EcoCamp, all meals, park entry and the cost of any included excursions. For additional details, take a look at the Trip Facts section of your selected itinerary. Tips and personal items, like souvenirs, are not included in any programs.

Solo Travellers - Will I have to share?

We place individuals of the same gender together in Standard Domes, unless they opt to pay a surcharge to have their own dome. When combinations are not possible, we don't charge a supplement and we never expect two people of opposite genders to share. Our tours attract like-minded people, so you will make friends from all over the world. This a big part of the EcoCamp experience!
This is only available for Standard Domes.

Do you cater to children and families?

Of course! The minimum age at EcoCamp is 6 years, and this is due to the challenging nature of some of our programs. That being said, many of our excursions are suitable for children and our Wildlife Safari program is a great choice for families. When it comes to choosing your accommodation, children aged 6-12 receive a 50% discount when sharing with their parents. Our Suite Dome Loft makes an excellent, spacious choice.

EcoCamp Seasons Explained

Our seasons in Torres del Paine are the following (each season has a different price):

Low Season: September 6 to October 15
Shoulder Season: October 16-31 and April 1-17
High Season:  November 1 - December 14 and January 21-March 31
Peak Season: December 15 - January 20

What sort of insurance should I get?

Not the most exciting pre-trip purchase ever, but it is certainly a must-have!

Unexpected medical emergencies or illnesses prior to or during your trip could make you lose prepaid, non-refundable payments. Emergency medical transport and air ambulances in remote locations can be extremely expensive and will probably not be covered by your medical health plan so it is compulsory that you purchase personal adequate travel insurance which is appropriate for your trip.

This insurance must cover personal accident, medical expenses, air ambulance, loss of effects, repatriation costs and all other expenses which may arise as a result of loss, damage, injury, delay or inconvenience during your trip. We also suggest you purchase cancellation and curtailment insurance. When obtaining travel insurance, you must inform the insurer of the type of travel to be undertaken, especially when "adventure activities" are included in your trip.

Do you have COVID-19 flexible policies?

Yes, we do! We are committed to help so you can book your next holiday adventure in confidence. For this reason, we are offering a Flexible COVID-19 Policy while we still deal with the pandemic.

All bookings will allow rescheduling, without increasing prices, up to 24 hours prior to the trip and above all events.
All bookings will allow cancellation due to COVID-19 reasons up to 24 hours prior to the trip, although third parties will apply their own cancellation policies when it comes to third party costs.

What are considered COVID-19 reasons to cancel a booking?

• Illness of the passenger or direct family member.
• Restrictions of the authority in the country of origin or destination.
• Flight cancellations or airport closures.

Clients will be entitled to a refund after showing proof documents of the reasons mentioned above. If the cause of the cancellation is different from the above criteria, then regular cancellation policies will apply.

What is the temperature in Torres del Paine National Park?

The temperature in Torres del Paine National Park is generally cool but can vary. In summer, the temperature during the day averages at around 11ºC (51ºF). Daytime temperatures range from 2 to24ºC (36 to 75ºF) and during the night it can range from -5 to -1°C (23 to 30°F).

Is it very cold at night?

As we mentioned above, nighttime temperatures during the summer in Torres del Paine National Park tend to range from -1°C to -5°C. Whatever the temperature is outside, you’ll be cozy in your dome.

What clothes should I wear?

Try to bring LAYERS that can be taken off and on easily to adapt to any change in the weather.

We recommend that you pack:

One day backpack (10 liters - to carry a camera, glasses, raincoat, etc)
Trekking or hiking boots (Waterproof)
Extra shoes for evenings or in case others get wet
Waterproof jacket
Two pairs of woolen socks
Fleece jacket or sweater
Trekking pants (waterproof ideally)
Sun protection (glasses, hat, lip balm and sunscreen)
Capilene underwear for the upper and lower body
Warm gloves and hat

We also recommend that you take a battery-operated torch (for when power is out or in case you find yourself trekking later than planned in the dark).

Prepare for all weather conditions and dress for the outdoors.

Where should I fly?

The two nearby airports are Punta Arena and Puerto Natales. Puerto Natales is only two hours from Torres del Paine, however, there are only a few flights offered each week.  Punta Arenas is about five hours from the Torres del Paine National Park, but there are more flights available. We offer two transfers per day, traveling from EcoCamp to Punta Arenas and passing through Puerto Natales.

If you come from Buenos Aires and think about visiting the Argentinian Patagonia as well, El Calafate is a good option. However, our regular transfer from there uses a public bus leaving early in the morning and therefore you would have to be there the previous day.

What time should I book my flights to be able to take the regular transfer in and out?

For the regular pick up from Punta Arenas airport, we always recommend taking the early flight arriving at Punta Arenas before 11 AM.

For the regular drop-off, we recommend booking a flight leaving Punta Arenas airport after 3 PM.

How far is EcoCamp Patagonia from the Torres del Paine Towers?

It is roughly 11 km/6.8 miles, which is around 4 hours of steady hiking (and then the same distance back on the same trail) and can vary depending on your pace. You can also easily see the Towers from EcoCamp itself!

Why should I stay at EcoCamp Patagonia?

EcoCamp is the perfect mix of adventure, environmental sustainability and comfort in the wilderness. We offer good quality food and wine in a friendly hospitable atmosphere, with innovative accommodation in the world’s first geodesic dome hotel. We have the utmost respect for the park’s fragile environment, using only green energy and a sophisticated waste recycling system. Our trekking guides are of the highest quality and are specialists in the park’s geography, geology and fauna. If eco-friendly accommodation with a community atmosphere, surrounded by unique nature, spectacular views and trekking routes sound like the ingredients of a perfect vacation then EcoCamp is for you!

Is there a strongbox or safe?

There are safes in all of EcoCamp's domes including Standard, Superior and Suite.

Should I bring a towel or are they provided?

Towels are provided for guests at EcoCamp Patagonia, so you don’t need to bring your own. 

If you are booking a multi-day trekking program, such as the W Trek or the Paine Circuit, you will need to bring a quick-dry towel. This towel will be used during your stay in the mountain huts along the trail.

How far are the bathrooms from the Standard Domes?

The shared bathroom facilities for the Standard Domes are very close. It’s no more than a 60-second walk from the furthest dome to the bathroom.

Do the Standard Domes have lights?

EcoCamp Patagonia aims to reduce electricity usage and domes make use of natural daylight instead of artificial lighting. The domes are fitted with ceiling windows to let in the maximum amount of natural light, which can last for up to 16 hours a day in summer. They’re also perfect for looking out at the stars at night as you lie in your cozy bed.

What is the temperature inside EcoCamp's Standard Domes?

EcoCamp’s Standard Domes are specifically designed to naturally absorb heat from the sun during the day and circulate it throughout the dome at night so there’s no need to resort to artificial heating. The temperature will vary depending on conditions outside and fleece blankets are supplied to make sure you’re completely snug at all times. Extra blankets are also available on request. 

If I get cold in a Standard Dome, what can I do about it?

EcoCamp’s Standard Domes are specifically designed to keep guests warm without the need for artificial heating. They are made with thick padded walls and there are fleece blankets available on the cozy beds. If you’re particularly sensitive to the cold and need an extra blanket, just ask for one from our friendly staff. They’ll be more than happy to help!

What are meals like at EcoCamp?

We've put a lot of effort into developing a menu of fresh, hearty meals that use ingredients from our very own organic garden or from nearby local producers.

Our all-inclusive programs include breakfast, box lunch and dinner.

Is it a problem if I'm a vegetarian or vegan?

Not at all! EcoCamp Patagonia is proud to be veggie and vegan-friendly, with a great alternative menu of filling and varied vegetarian meals. Just be sure to let them know about your specific dietary needs in advance.



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